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  1. Hey... Umm. Don't know an easy way to say this, but we look like a dodge team. Maybe worse?
  2. Well that's one hell of a mic drop... Well played
  3. I agree. But by rule... Forward pass. Out of pocket. Passed scrimmage... IDK. Rules get very fluid at that point. Ref had probably been bribed with "all he can eat" nuggets at chick file. No sauces though.
  4. I'm married with kids. This is a 2. Maybe 3 tops
  5. Perfectly fair point. I don't think any QB on our roster can answer that problem right now. I just saw upward trajectory and think maybe, somehow, it could work. But this is UNT. And you have to drink to survive a game. So maybe I was just watching golden girls and hallucinating
  6. This is also relying on how mind-numbingly bad Liberty was in the first half. Nothing exist in a vacuum (except my sons single missing lego piece). Yeah we were up. Really shouldn't have been
  7. That over the shoulder pass was such BS
  8. Again, I've never been an aune fan. Exact opposite. But he showed growth. A lot more accurate than before (still a low bar). A few good runs. Im not saying he's the second coming of Mason, just that our team has many problems to fix. Our WR is in need of some Playmakers
  9. How many of those are on the receiver corps? That's certainly who I put blame on. Can't do much throwing if your receivers can't even catch covid-delta
  10. For all its worth, Aune didn't lose us this game. Certainly a couple... Uh. Questionable plays. But he showed a LOT of growth
  11. Whelp.... We played well. But I think we all knew how this was gonna end.
  12. My favorite play of the game so far. Better yet... It worked
  13. 3 catches without an interception? This is such a weird game
  14. Is a direct result of our ball throwing. We are not a good passing team
  15. Our score is higher than theirs. Scoreboard malfunction?
  16. He was. He wasn't very good here.
  17. Don't knock it tell you've seen it. Watch some of the korean players on starcraft doing Taps per minute rotations and its an exceptionally honed skill. Yeah its not a muscle or sweat sport, but it takes 8+ hours a day and a pretty strong intellect to keep up with. I see esports easily joining physical sports soon given the level and depth of commitment.
  18. imagine the Rice - UNT Trophy... The Runt trophy Or better yet...Charlotte-UNT. I'll let you kids work that trophy out
  19. Looking forward to actually being able to have a competitive rivalry with Smu. And continue kicking University of KFCs rear
  20. I see what you did there. Stars are aligning, we have GOT to upscale to that splashy, proven, hire. We need a Herman, a Bill Clark, a (ugh... I can barely type this) a Briles to show how 100% serious UNT is at the AAC level. Better conference, bigger paycheck. Let's go poach some good coaches!
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