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  1. Where's the P6 patch on the jersey?
  2. Which is why we need to break up with mumbles now rather than later. Need a coach who can play the portal game before its emptied out
  3. So, you old enough to grow a sense of humor? My post was 107% jest. Obviously you missed your blood pressure meds old man...
  4. Stop talking bad about your conference. Must be a sunbelt spy P6 4 life!
  5. Best to ask is it any worse? Even if it becomes CUSA 2.0, the old CUSA 1.0 is circling the drain. Best to leap and hope for the best
  6. At any rate, I'll take the hope that AAC ends up not crumbling that way. I mean, the alternative is staying in CUSA, which is a no-brainer on jumping that shipwreck of a conference. ANYTHING is better, even if it's just hope.
  7. Hey... Today we are optimist. As a UNT fan I know it feels weird and unnatural. These are good symptoms. If they persist for more than 4 hours though, please consult your doctor
  8. So... AAC poaches Cusa. MWC is forced to poach sunbelt. Does MAC absorb the remainder or do old CUSA and sunbelt combine to round out the new G4 Crazy and exciting times
  9. Every point here can be boiled down to a single ingredient: Lack of leadership Mumbles may be a great offensive mind, but he does not put off a leadership vibe from any perspective that we fans can tell. QB: we keep playing the switch game on QB so no one is ever the leader of the team in the way that Mason was Offense/Defense coaches: No leaders here after Graham, and possibly Bennet. We'll see We have no identity because everything is so fluid that we can't find it.
  10. Is this where someone complains that Vito only reports negative news? I don't see how this can possibly be spun as positive.
  11. so whoever this guy is keeps making burner accounts to promote this disaster of a site... Just don't guys. It'll kill your eyes and a small part of your brain.
  12. Not going to lie, I legit thought that was Dan Mccarney in the second photo. That automatically triggers my “oh hell naw” reflex. he’s moving into has been territory. Only reason he’d come here is waiting out retirement…big no for me
  13. There's no FBS school looking at him as a good hire. FCS maybe. Or high school...
  14. Can we still beat ourselves up a little? Just because we aren't the worst doesn't mean we have anything to be optimistic about. We flat out stink. Our attendance stinks. My fart isn't as smelly as your fart. But we still laid a stinker.
  15. Recruiting no longer matters. You play the portal or you are behind in the game. It sucks, but that is our reality now
  16. I have always been a huge Wren supporter, I truly think he has a great vision and ability to execute it. Our marketing, facilities, basketball… all amazing. This Seth situation has me scratching my head and quickly losing that faith. If Seth is still here next year, Wren shouldn’t be. Football subsidizes those other programs. It’s exactly the opposite now.
  17. $100 to boot coach mumbles? Absolute steal in my opinion. I’d do it
  18. We are a f***ing joke of a team. This mess needs to end a few careers
  19. I was. Now I have to drink more. My liver is not a UNT fan.
  20. If you extend the game with infinite flags you can never actually lose. Of whatever. This is a nightmare
  21. That crowd... Ouch. I'd be here if I didn't have a kids sleepover. But that's a sign of the season.
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