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  1. Just because someone else is worse off doesn’t make us good. Just because we are better than someone else doesn’t make us good. there’s a lot of logical fallacies here. In the larger population, Seth is just not good no matter the paycheck or comparison.
  2. You think they wouldn't have restructured his buyout if he wasn't near the hot seat? His seat is hot. Another year of this and it will be flaming hot enough to get away with wearing skinny jeans in public.
  3. And excerpt from my new book "fifty shades of green" "...the quarterback slowly and delicately ran the ball 2 yards for a 3rd and 8th before being swallowed passionately by the rush defender. As he laid in this back, stars in this eyes and sweat dripping down his thick, red, kneck, he whispered to the coach 'lets do it again'. But the wide receiver looked deeply into his lit up eyes and reminded him it was his turn. 'I want you to hit me right in the chest. And it want you to watch me drop it'. " Stay tuned for more of the new York times next bestseller
  4. The shock is how much money we are paying to be in the exact same position as always
  5. How do you even go into a UNT season NOT expecting to get hurt? Some of us even thrive on it. Its "Fifty Shades of Green" around here. Which is now a book I should totally write.
  6. His job is already on the line. It's hail mary time for him so you stick with the plan and hope it works. Lets all be honest, this season is a write-off for most of us. Aune isn't going to step in and magically take us bowling. Its a development year. Both are passable QBs but you gotta pick one to be the future of this team for the next 2 years after. Get him the reps, the experience, and pray he wins the teams over.
  7. Got beer stashed and cooling in the toilet tank. Nachos in the towel cabinet. And faking a stomach flu for two days now. Lets do this. Best seat in the house during a kids sleepover.
  8. Was so about to post about this... Maybe lieu of lawsuit we book them to a home and home series?
  9. i think Dana scared off and ticked off a lot of players, and lost the team, with how he "wrote off" his first year and sat them. Now that could end up working out eventually, but it definitely impacted his perception and W/L record. All down hill after Tom left
  10. Daughters got 7 friends sleeping over for a birthday party on game night, which means I got the best seat in the house... ... Hiding in the bathroom watching the game from the toilet on my phone. Please don't tell my wife i'm not really that sick.
  11. It's practically an STD factory already from all the hookers. I can't imagine what the delta variant is doing to their pastime tradition
  12. honestly, I could barely tell much difference. I think Aune had the better arm for long throws and good accuracy. But I think Ruder may have some playmaker intangibles that didn't really shine during his first outing in a long long while. It's a coin toss but I'm just glad to see Seth sticking to the plan and letting it grow.
  13. Exactly! It's all just a game. Embrace the fun and enjoy then goofiness. And, if you could, just maybe beat the ever loving trust-fund out of SMU while we are at it
  14. Positive regression... Is that where we play so badly it stuns the other team allowing us to take advantage? Basically a car wreck you can't take yours eyes off of. While SMU keeps rubber necking to watch, we follow the ambulance to avoid traffic. Its genius!
  15. If you are looking to throw money away, I have venmo and Zell
  16. 1.7million dollars at work here! I'll be watching, and complaining, about every over-priced minute
  17. Interesting. Because, as Sr. Director of finance for a fortune 100 company in the area, I can attest 110% that the University degree between us is absolute bullshit. That prestigious SMU school of business degree smells just like a UNT one. The difference is ethic. More of my SMU hires end up entitled (no sh*t... Right?), while my small town college guys end up working their asses off to succeed. If anything, its not the guy from UNT or SMU who ends up in my resume stack. It's the guy who put himself through UTA, rather than the trust fund baby, I hire. Edit: so yeah, think before you spew made up BS. it just makes you look like an entitled idiot.
  18. Passing game definitely has me questioning the teams offensive viability against better teams. Not making excuses on dropped passes, but so much depends on that relationship between QB and WR. It just seemed they aren't in sync yet. Hopefully with Ruder solidifying the starter role they can start getting a much stronger feel for each others styles and strengths.
  19. Overall, not too bad. Defense was much improved but still soft in outside lanes. I liked how aggressive they got. offense… more of the same, except Torrey was MVP tonight
  20. Our WRs need to start putting honey on those gloves. Throws have been fine… those drops are really concerning…
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