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  1. Leader in the clubhouse. Not to mention very good friend of Mr Wren Baker. #fUeNTe
  2. I don't think it will be Grimes. I'm saying if he did go that route which I think is less than 5% chance.
  3. I don't think Wren will let his top target slip away. Even if we wanted Mcguire he was tech bound once they offered. I would wait and see who becomes available. I like the idea of a Harsin, Neal Brown or Scott Satterfield type. Ill add that wren is connected heavily to mack rhoades. So would not be surprised to have some interest in Jeff Grimes.
  4. He cares. it has been pretty well documented he will not fire in the season. not sure what he is supposed to come out and say at this point. "fans hang on just a few more weeks its almost over"? From every name I have heard I can almost guarantee that the next head coach will have head coaching experience
  5. one of my biggest gripes with Seth. With the Covid year and how over 90% of roster still has eligibility left. I have felt for several year they should have been going heavy on grad transfer with playing experience as opposed to worrying about guys with multi year eligibility. Go get some win now guys.
  6. I'm don't give a crap who the HC is sleeping with or what kind of vehicle he is driving. As long as the team is winning.
  7. we are young and undersized. I think this team has a ton of talent. But some huge holes as well. QB and DB come to mind.
  8. November 28th, 2022 about 10 am the announcement will be made. New coach announced by 12/6
  9. I think you look at guys that check multiple boxes. Head Coaching Record, Head Coaching Success, Local Ties and Energy. Look for Rodney Delong and Grant McCasland types.
  10. Agree to disagree. This roster is talented and deep. The problem is we are young across the board. And well above average in a couple key positions. QB and CB ring a bell.
  11. It’s time for change. I have always been the biggest Seth cheerleader since December 2015. But after seven year I believe it is more than enough of a sample size to pull the trigger. Disclaimer I don't think Wren will put that trigger until after the last game. But I think it has to and will be done after the season. The stats below are enough to old yeller Seth. Record in non-conference games 12-19 Record in post season 0-6 Combine that with the lack of energy, enthusiasm and charisma. It’s a recipe for disaster. Not to mention the difficulties he has had finding a DC and QB to off the most important positions on a football team. Now I do think Phil Bennett is one of the best DC in the country. I think this defense is just extremely young. Hell, this team as a whole is extremely young. I believe we have between 5 and 7 seniors starting each week. When you have teams like SMU and UTSA starting 18 plus. I think that makes a huge difference. I blame that on Seth roster management. The lack of aggression in the beginning of the portal days. To now you rarely see this team bring in an immediate impact starter that lacks multiple years of eligibility left. I think this staff and roster is the best we have seen at North Texas since probably 2013. But I think they need a new voice and captain leading the ship. I believe the team is as tired of hearing the same "at the end of the day" BS as the fans are. At the END OF THE DAY Seth Littrell teams have falling short in every game that matters. Dickey and Dodge had excuses. McCarthy had health issues. Seth has zero excuses. He has had more resources, budget and facilities than any other coach in CUSA since the day he arrived. And he hasn't converted that into success on the field. Now what will the post Seth era look like. I look at Wren most successful hires so far. Rodney Delong and Grant McCasland. What do they have in common? Head coaching experience, local ties, energy and winning record at multiple records. I don't want to hear that UNT is just a basketball school. We have all the resources to be able to be successful at both. The North Texas program has improved in many aspects in the last 7 years. It just time for change to take the program to the next level. GMG
  12. I discuss KD Davis making Butkus Watch List, breaking down CUSA watch list as well as preview Bleed Green tournament game tonight on ESPN. https://youtu.be/Ynh4HYkLIP4
  13. @Harry joins me in episode one of the roster preview series. Like, subscribe and let me know what you guys think.
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