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  1. TheReal_jayD

    Building a Winner with Wren Baker

    Been saying it since day 1 of Wren Baker tenure that CUSA was not the end goal or ceiling for North Texas. We have 200,000 + alumni just in DFW. Perfect location. Huge student body. The big 12 is going to dissolve it's a matter of time. There will be a ton of shuffling. President and Wren goal is to be in the best situation as an athletic department and school as a whole. The new big 12 will look drastically different, the AAC will look drastically different. The p5 could become a p6 who knows. But I can promise you we will be in better shape when that day comes than we have been in the last 50 years. The little private school in Dallas has stopped us before but they may not be able to this time around. If we have a football program bowling each year and sniffing top 25, a basketball program sniffing top 25 and having post season success. The rest of the athletic department rocking and rolling. A student body of 36,000 that is growing each year in numbers and athletic support. North Texas will be very very attractive to a conference. GMG
  2. TheReal_jayD

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    We still have an opening. He is still unemployed. I don't think Seth makes a RB hire until he makes sure Graham is returning. @ me next time. 😉
  3. TheReal_jayD

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Looks like source was spot on. Take a lap
  4. TheReal_jayD

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    Ekeler Brought us EJ, Hambone, Eric Jenkins and Baulkman.... I would be concerned also
  5. TheReal_jayD

    Potential New DB Coach Kerry Cooks

    It is looking like he not going to be retained by Grinch at OU. He did meet with Seth at the convention. I am thinking we are hoping to get Cooks as a one year bounce back guy with OU picking up most of the bill. But I am hearing he is drawing some P5 interest so it is not a for sure deal
  6. I can confirm that Kerry met with Seth and co at the convention this past week. It looks like things are heating up and pointing towards him being the next DB coach. It would be a nice addition to the defensive coaching staff and he is a heck of a recruiter. If there is no snags it looks like he will be the new addition.
  7. TheReal_jayD

    Matt Rhule Expected To Accept NY Jets Job

    Dino Babers to Baylor.
  8. TheReal_jayD


    I love Seth as much as anybody on this board. But idk how Dino Babers isn't the shoe in for the Baylor job when it becomes open
  9. TheReal_jayD

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    The off season has just started.
  10. TheReal_jayD

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    I will take solid as a sophomore. I think he will be an upgrade from Mayfield
  11. TheReal_jayD

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    The difference between senior Murray and Freshman was minimal. Brammer in 3 seasons is going to be an absolute stud.
  12. TheReal_jayD

    Brent Venables Resume

    Take* He isn't coming here now never said he was.
  13. TheReal_jayD

    Brent Venables Resume

    Agree to disagree. I'll talk Venables. You can take Deruyter and whoever else you recommended
  14. TheReal_jayD

    Brent Venables Resume

    We in the SEC?