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  1. I think you have to keep him 1000% at this point. Looking at his whole body of work he is a bad OL and DC hire away from being the next OU coach. I hear the bowl game argument. We had some horrible matchups. And I really think something clicked this season. Seth and co found identity. I know it year 6 but we are dealing with a first time head coach here. He made some bad hires but is learning. I think this team is super young. If we can get some key guys to return. Feel some gaps with transfer you are looking at a potential 10 win team next year and then we can worry about coach getting bigger job.
  2. Officially official. Worst kept secret in college football.
  3. If Seth doesn’t survive after Saturday would not be surprised if he ended up at TCU.
  4. Hearing this is a done deal. Sonny and samples to TCU. Rhett lashlee to smu. Dominoes are falling
  5. might as well add one for uniforms as well
  6. Ill admit. Carthal has been my favorite for a while. I think Keeler won't be exciting... but I think he would just win. And thats important
  7. And I say this not to start an argument or be a smart a$$. But who would move the needle?
  8. Well we have had two jump in the portal the last seven days.
  9. In Year 6 of a HC tenure..... the blame should not be placed on the 1st year qb coach....
  10. 1. Its year 6. 2. Its not just Reeder... There has been multiple horrible hires since the original staff. 3. Record vs FBS teams with winning records. 4. What has Seth done to pump up fan support since he got on campus? 5. Who says Fuente wouldn't be interested in keeping Bennett on as DC?
  11. Not to mention he just got a $10 million buyout. That is going to help off set Seths...
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