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  1. Yes this kid could enroll at any school in the country and nothing SHSU can do they would just be SOL. The staff is recruiting portal guys right now. I just wouldn't expect an announcement of them signing until they are on campus. I think if i am not mistaking there was never an official Jace Ruder or Tommy Bush sign from staff until they were on campus correct.
  2. For instance. This guy can still be recruited until he arrives on campus. Would be shocked if he makes it to SHSU.
  3. I don't think you understood what I was saying. I am saying say UNT goes out today and signs Caleb Williams the OU transfer QB. Well semester already started so he can't enroll. But since he signed you are using one of your signing class spots on him. Come summer time he changes mind and decides to go to USC he can enroll there and you just lost a spot. That why at this point to have to be sure who you are using your spots on as far as transfers go.
  4. No Benefit in signing a transfer now. They aren’t locked to you until they can get on campus. You could sign 9 transfer tonight. All could enroll at another school come fall. So I figure won’t see much action till after springs.
  5. I will agree we have signed several hs kids that if not for the portal I think they would have been P5
  6. WE have 9 Schollys left. I am going to see what they can real in from the portal. If they can find a couple Tommy Bushs and ENoch Jackson I am going to be pretty pleased.
  7. One more surprise to go to complete Lukes Thanos glove of 5 commits. someone that can photoshop please put seth face on thanos
  8. This is a big recruiting win for UNT. Beating out Tulsa head to head for Samora. Tulsa is a team we have struggled recruiting against for lineman in the past. Shout out to Bloesch and Co. for getting this big fish in the boat. Kid has an unbelievably high ceiling.
  9. Trieb and Roach excite me on the DL to go with what we are bringing back. Smith has a little Darden vibe to him. Think we see field pretty quickly
  10. Look to be adding 3 more tomorrow.
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