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  1. I also received my tickets from a Tech season ticket holder. Glad to know I won't be the only one over there.
  2. We are taking the travel trailer and staying at the KOA in Lubbock. If you don't mind bringing your own linens the cabins there are are an option.
  3. Loved watching Dre play for the Mean Green. He always represented the school well. Wish I could make this game and cheer him on, but I'll be out of town that weekend.
  4. I'm too lazy to look it up, so would someone please tell me our record in first games with new coach over the years? Thank you.
  5. Bought mine as soon as they went on sale through the school, got told where the seats were located on Monday, tickets in account on Tuesday.
  6. I have always bought through the bowl site in the past to make sure I get good seats. This year I bought through the school and still have no idea where I will be sitting. If I don't like my seats I will resorting back to my old ways for future bowl games.
  7. We sit in 205. They sit in the section that is to our left and down one, whatever that is, second row from back0 I've seen a couple of others get pics with her and she seems very nice about it.
  8. Sorry it's not country, but it does explain why anyone would be a mean green fan...
  9. And in limerick... There was an old team from North Texas Who thought they could shake all the hexes Why they won't throw no one can know Their adherence to the run does perplex us.
  10. Grizzly unless the gorilla is named Magilla.
  11. I heard that since Putin's invasion it has become difficult to get Mean Green gear from Ukraine
  12. If it sells they will continue to carry it. Never too early to start Christmas shopping.
  13. I was watching the game and thought the hit warranted a penalty. The defenders actions after the hit were embarrassing. He celebrated and seemed to be glad he injured the quarterback. To make matters worse, the game was pretty much decided at the time.
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