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  1. It’s a new era. Getting season tickets for the first time next season. Let’s keep this thing going and growing.
  2. Whatever group you’d like to add me to is up to you.
  3. I would agree it is that dumb. A sweet 16 is greater than any nit run could be. I love a good would you rather but that was one wasn’t balanced well. You’re welcome to come by and have a beer any time. Gmg
  4. If someone on Gomeangreen doesn’t make it to Nola are they suspended for a year?
  5. Data shows the tailgates hosted by people who think it’s ok for the students to say that bad word are 10x better than those who are against it.
  6. Was still saying it Saturday and won’t ever stop. #nevergraduate
  7. Student sections best night this century, hope the maniacs top it today. Pit crew memories were great.
  8. Lower bowl is pretty much full. Bought ten tickets today in section 111 and those were the best available. Pretty much nothing but general admission left now.
  9. There needs to be more concession stands open on 2/26 or it’s going to be very frustrating for people and they won’t want to come back.
  10. We are 3 point dogs. Any win will be great for the program and a last minute one would prob be better in terms of entertainment to an outsider.
  11. We are gonna try and get there at 9 and hopefully they don’t care on the 10:30 am gates opening thing.
  12. With another 2k going to be sold this week and 1k on Gameday. Yeah, I’ll take 16 thousand on a Tuesday at 2:30 2 days before Christmas.
  13. Count me in for 50 bucks annually
  14. Completely agree and yet there are those out there that think that way.
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