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  1. @UNTSportsFan

    New Men’s DBO

    Trili got an assistant gig with ACU. Good for him
  2. @UNTSportsFan

    New Men’s DBO

    Andy Schmitt. Was previously at NMSU
  3. https://twitter.com/jimthorpeaward/status/1054386841577766912?s=21
  4. @UNTSportsFan

    Abner Haynes signing autographs in Frisco 10/20

    son & I just got back ..what a great man.. full of stories & jokes
  5. @UNTSportsFan

    Abner Haynes signing autographs in Frisco 10/20

    Bump for anyone interested in going
  6. Big loss for the Owls
  7. @UNTSportsFan

    Starting to warm up to Jinks

    Fired today by Bowling Green
  8. @UNTSportsFan

    Coaches Poll

  9. @UNTSportsFan

    Coaches Poll

    North Texas received 3 votes , UAB also got a vote. Neither team received a vote in AP Poll
  10. @UNTSportsFan

    Wilson could get promoted for 49ers game vs GB on MNF

    Breida is doubtful for Monday night. They tried out a handful running backs this week & only signed 1 from the group , Matt Dayes , to the practice squad .. so if Brianna is out, it’s more of a process by elimination which would leave Wilson to be active. Hoping he finally gets a his chance
  11. @UNTSportsFan

    DRC: UNT releases nonconference hoops slate

    2019-20 We’re scheduled to have a big name opponent at the Super Pit
  12. @UNTSportsFan

    Streaming/Viewing Game Saturday?

    I’d highly recommend if you’re in Denton.
  13. @UNTSportsFan

    DRC: UNT releases nonconference hoops slate

    Next year’s home OOC schedule will be the best we’ve had in years.