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  1. The Adrian Awasom "Thank you Texas Lottery Quick Pick for the money I donated to have this facility named after me" Indoor Athletic Practice Facility, Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair.
  2. Nevermind all that stuff. I need this https://voertmans.textbooktech.com/products/open-sunset-tee-jard-3990-hohzmdfjly
  3. No I'm saying that Liberty, a university who most of their credits don't transfer to other schools because a lot of their programs are not accredited by many of the larger accrediting bodies that matter, is not legit. Add to that their abysmal graduation rate and their status as a perennial bottom feeder in the rankings of all universities in the US. Their religious convictions and ideology have nothing to do with my objection to them being in C-USA. Them being an East Coast version of University of Phoenix but with a football team is what make me object to them being our conference mate. The hiring of all the Baylor athletics folks who should have been persona non grata to the entirety of the NCAA is a cherry on top. That shows me that they care about nothing but winning at all costs, an ideology which only leads to trouble and something I don't want us to be associated with.
  4. Scheduling and funding may be legitimate but their degrees still ain't.
  5. Sweet baby Jesus please make the actual track surface green.
  6. Makin room for more windmills...
  7. Also, I bet nobody would care if you went and ran the stands at Fouts while it's still there. Just bring your tetanus shot records with you...
  8. Head down the ramp at the back where the busses go down next to the scoreboard or try the gate from the AC parking lot.
  9. Has it been long enough yet to do New Orleans Bowl throwback uniforms?
  10. Even if it doesn't win this poll (Which would be a travesty) don't forget that I made sure the Battle Flag is forever a part of the new Union.
  11. Seth isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's playing the long game. He's all but stated that his dream job is head coach at OU. What incentive would he have for going there now just for a coordinator job? If he went now and took an OC job, and The Sooners spend the next three years crapping the bed under Lincoln Riley, then SL will be let go just like the rest of the staff, and his chances of becoming head coach at OU are out the door. These school only move coordinators up if a coach gets poached or retires, not if they're relieved of their duties. (Yes I know it happens sometimes but that is the exception to the rule). Nobody, especially Power conference schools, hires head coaches who were their former coordinators from losing staffs that were let go. That'd be like us hiring Chico as the new head coach after SL leaves. Litrell has WAY WAY WAY more to lose by going to OU now as a coordinator than he does by busting his ass to win now as a smaller conference head coach and making his way up to bigger schools and waiting until it's his turn to be hired as head honcho at OU, having proven himself a successful head coach elsewhere and then returning home to take The Sooners to the promised land as the prodigal Son.
  12. Yeah... it's not like insane weather that causes construction delays or lowest-bidder public contract subcontractors who screw up work never ever happen. Public entity construction projects always happen on-time and under budget. Remember when y'all went to the August 2015 opening of the new Union and got to Denton in record time thanks to the new 35 Express toll lanes?
  13. I would. Their academic credibility (or lack thereof) is gonna come around to bite them in the ass the more they try to climb the ladder.
  14. I think you missed Aquila Verdis' point... His comment (I think) is about all of the people saying "Wow look at Liberty's facilities! Look at who they've scheduled!! Wow they're kicking our assess in the race to the top of college athletics!" Liberty is spending an assload of money on athletics because they don't spend squat on academics and they're going around hiring people like McCaw as AD. That action alone speaks volumes about the people, attitudes and culture in charge there. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2016/11/29/in-hiring-ian-mccaw-liberty-university-sends-a-chilling-message/?utm_term=.a31a29749599 Liberty is the poster child for "Win at any cost" and when I look at what they do, and see that the only way to rise to the levels they seem to be attaining at the pace they are going, I too think "Nope, not for me. Not for my UNT. I don't wanna sell my soul and give up all that makes my school important just to get up to the next level." I can't even begin to imagine the horrific crap we're gonna hear about in the next 5-10 years about the inner workings and goings-on within Liberty athletics. I'm gonna call it now and say that the NCAA will have to do some sort of death penalty or other major unprecedented program suspension or something similar. Now, that being said, we can discuss the ulterior motives of trying to legitimize Liberty as an institution by joining the higher levels of the NCAA. Getting your ass kicked by SEC schools doesn't make up for the fact that most of their degree programs are unaccredited nationally. Most of their credits won't transfer anywhere else: Liberty for the most part is on par with those for-profit "colleges" that got shut down over the past few years because they were issuing worthless degrees. I don't have a problem with Liberty because they are an ultra-conservative evangelical school. That's fine, you do you. Whatever floats your boat. People aren't forced to go there. What I have a problem with is them trying to masquerade as a normal D1 university.
  15. I still don't want to play for them, for any amount of money. Garbage school with garbage academics, trying to buy their way into D1 sports and hiring garbage people with no regard for consequences. As much as we all hate SMU, at least it's a real university with real academic credentials and issues real degrees.
  16. "Can I speak to your manager" Bowl brought to you by Yoga Pants.
  17. We still love you JJ. Hey Grant and Wren, can we get Nevada on the schedule ASAP?
  18. I was gonna say "Had to drive to Memphis to find cell signal to check the bank account."
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