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  1. This take is moronic. Do you realize that K-State has won every game since they lost their "star QB"?
  2. https://theathletic.com/3969294/2022/12/04/north-texas-fires-coach-seth-littrell/ EDIT: Well, I can't read it. Someone want to tell us the gist of what it says?
  3. I really thought this was going to end up with 2 SEC teams and 2 Big 10 teams. I do think conference champs alone would be more interesting.
  4. I assume the reduction in SL's buyout is the amount he would have to pay UNT if he took a head coaching job elsewhere.
  5. Herman will make FAU a force in the AAC. The expanded playoff becomes a possibility for them. Deion's a wild card. He'd bring buzz and a few great recruits to USF. Would he actually make them an AAC powerhouse? Not so sure. Dilfer might do better than Todd Dodge, but that doesn't change the fact that he is one of the worst FBS hires the past 5 years.
  6. 1. Fairly portly. 2. Fan of professional "wrestling." 3. From Oklahoma.
  7. When Bill Clark was hired, he was supposed to be the guy who buried UAB football for good. Things didn't work out that way, as he turned out to be a far better coach than anyone expected. Maybe Dilfer can go ahead and pick up where Garrick McGee left off?
  8. Exactly. And our players were very vocal about wanting to retain him. Lance Dunbar suggested he wouldn't return if Chico wasn't retained. I'm pretty sure all of us continued to cheer for all the players who wanted their voices to be heard, whether or not we personally agreed.
  9. Oh, absolutely. But that's a big "if." He'll have to pull them out of the gutter, and it will take more than a few star recruits to accomplish that in the American Conference.
  10. Rice's school of music is top-notch. Just as with ours, I'm not sure how well their marching band actually reflects it, but we might as well have two great music programs represented whenever we play each other.
  11. Agreed, for the most part. It's not a definite that he is able to match his success at Jackson State in a more difficult conference. That's why he may be better served to sit at Jackson State for another year or two until the right P5 gig comes calling.
  12. What kind of question is this? If you're going to stake everything on one single game, why do you pick this game against Rice?
  13. Dylan Hopkins is slated to start. https://www.al.com/uab/2022/11/a-good-call-patience-pays-off-as-dylan-hopkins-returns-to-lead-uab-offense.html
  14. True on the first, possibly on the second. But it seems those who aren't looking at this game through green-tinted goggles (which I admittedly am) are generally picking UAB to win.
  15. Plenty of optimism around here. UAB just took UTSA to double overtime, and they have yet to lose a game by more than 7 points. We can win this, but I have a hard time predicting a blowout win. NT 35 UAB 31
  16. Without Jim Leavitt, there is no way they are in the AAC, much less having that time they spent in the Big East when that was a respectable football conference.
  17. As of now, nobody wants out just to get out. They specifically want into the B1G. Cal, Oregon, Stanford, and Washington have met with B1G officials seeking an invitation, but none has been forthcoming as of yet. But if the invitations do come, they're gone. And if they do, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few teams (viz., the two Arizona teams and Colorado) looking to exit to the BXII.
  18. I'm not so sure. The PAC looks to be a sinking ship. USC and UCLA are already gone. If Oregon, Washington, Stanford, and maybe a couple of others join them in fleeing to the B1G, does BYU leave the BXII to join a conference with San Diego State and San Jose State? It doesn't make sense on any level.
  19. I understood @DeepGreen's point to be, not that Aune is better than Harris, but that in certain statistical categories Aune compares favorably with a QB we all would love to have.
  20. The point was evidently that we'll probably have to play a tough team that no one will understand how we could lose. Whereas, if we ended up playing a mediocre Wisconsin or Florida team in a bowl game, everyone would be happy if we were even competitive, and winning would create a huge buzz.
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