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  1. Not awful; but, assuming you mean the C-USA champ would play in this bowl game, that would rule out the chance of our best team playing a P5 team in a bowl game.
  2. Technically, a flag patch also violates flag code. "No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations." I don't think a football team qualifies.
  3. If they did take a MWC team or two, it would make the MWC less desirable.
  4. I don't know how I missed that SMU landed Jim Leavitt as DC. That D will be well-coached.
  5. It ought to be clear that there will be no more single P5 / G5 separation anymore. FBS will now be in tiers: Tier 1: SEC Tier 1.5: The "Alliance" - B1G, PAC, ACC Tier 2: Big 12 (or whatever they end up calling it) Tier 3: American Conference (if it still exists), MWC Tier 4: Sun Belt, MAC, C-USA
  6. Just like Ohio State won't actually say the name of "Michigan"...they will only call them "that team up north." Sure sounds like SMU sees this as a rivalry.
  7. My thoughts exactly. If Jace is the guy, and it looks like he is, I support him 100% and look forward to watching him improve through the season.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/gametracker/live/NCAAF_20210904_NWST@NTEXAS/
  9. 3rd quarter Rice 17 Arkansas 14 2nd quarter Marshall 21 Navy 0 1st quarter Central Michigan 7 Mizzou 7 2:28 1st quarter LaTech 0 Miss State 7 If Central Michigan pulls out a win against Mizzou, I'll expect our guys to do the same.
  10. You didn't read the question you supposedly answered. Everything you say is correct (and would similarly be true if UNT's and SMU's roles were reversed), but the question was asked as to whether SMU had veto power over decisions the rest of your about-to-be-decimated conference would make.
  11. Hey Billy, I clicked your link, but I'm just seeing the schedule. How do you get the matchup predictions?
  12. I would think Southern Miss and Marshall have a decent shot, in large part because of their history with the AAC teams. Marshall also has had a consistently good football team for a good while now. Other good possibilities would be Louisiana Tech and App State. I wouldn't completely rule us out, but with SMU in the AAC, it makes us more or less redundant.
  13. Not for the PAC. Their academics pretty much disqualify them. And there's really not that much attractive about them. The PAC considered them back when they were going to be part of a package deal to bring in OU and UT, but by themselves, they don't do much. The PAC has an identity; Okie State doesn't match it. And they may very well dilute the conference rather than adding to it.
  14. You're probably right, but there ain't much "C" in T. "C." U. Also, we may be reading too much into the PAC's reluctance to take on BYU, and they brought on a slew of issues that wouldn't be an issue with TCU. I don't really see the PAC in being interesting in any BXII leftovers, outside of maybe KU.
  15. Tulsa just lost to UC-Davis. I couldn't have told you that UC-Davis fielded a football team.
  16. Maybe...but it seems whatever coaching he received at NT put him in a good spot to step right in and compete for a starting job. Doubt he does that at KU right out of high school.
  17. Quinn Ewers, a freshman backup who has yet to take a snap, has just signed a $1.4 million NIL deal. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ohio-state-freshman-qb-quinn-ewers-signs-1-4-million-nil-deal-with-autograph-vendor-per-reports/ I have to wonder what that does psychologically to a 17-year-old kid--is his focus really on giving his best and doing all he can to help his team win? And what about the other players? There are at least 2 QBs ahead of him on the depth chart, and none of them has a comparable deal. I could easily see it being a bone of contention.
  18. I assume he's not talking about federal legality, but what the NFLPA would go along with.
  19. He's done this stuff before. He's playing coy. Don't you think Seth knew he was gonna pull Mason's redshirt before that first SMU game ever kicked off?
  20. I don't believe that at all, and based on comments you made like yesterday, I don't see how you do. Seth already knows who's going to start at SMU.
  21. I am hoping the D-line gets opposing offenses off the field before they have the chance to get three deep.
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