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  1. They scored on the next play. Big deal.
  2. I was being a little facetious when I posted... That said, I doubt anyone involved had any thought about a quarterback throwing the ball backwards when writing that rule about the arm moving forward.
  3. Is it? When deciding between a fumble and an incomplete pass, officials look at whether the QBs arm is moving forward. If not, it's a fumble. Honestly though, that was one of the most bizarre plays I've ever seen.
  4. We definitely have our issues, but anyone who would think that UTSA is a better conference add than NT is a sports idiot.
  5. This kind of reminds me of the groundbreaking for (what would later be named) Apogee Stadium. Todd Dodge was there, holding a shovel, but he was far from center stage. If anything, that told me everyone knew he would be gone soon. Just my opinion.
  6. Wren never said he would play at a neutral site. Somebody threw out that wacky idea, and Wren deliberately omitted that part from his response. He said he would love to "continue playing," which suggests to me that he wants to keep doing at as we have done...at Denton, at Ruston, rinse and repeat. And I don't see it as just offering help to LaTech. It's a good series for us.
  7. Not sure it works that way. Especially considering it should still be a fully functioning league at the time we leave. If it folds the week after we leave, that doesn't negate our exit fee.
  8. I think LaLa would join ULM in happily watching LaTech boil in a karma stew.
  9. Hard to imagine what makes people that hateful. Other than drinking deeply at the well of social media.
  10. The PAC's issues with BYU go beyond the fact that they're religious. But I imagine their issues with SMU would, too.
  11. MTSU--Nashville market, WKU just outside but MTSU's travel partner. Both of those also brought something else to the table. But ODU (Tidewater, VA area a top 50 market), Charlotte, and UTSA are prime examples--they brought TV markets and not much else. Now you see the American Conference picking Charlotte and FAU over LaTech, the primary reason obviously being TV markets. It's too bad the SEC never learned at the Britt Banowsky school of conference affiliation.
  12. By and large, they blew it back in 2013 when they chose TV markets as the end-all be-all of who they would invite. Curiously, this appears to be what the American Conference is doing now.
  13. If true, it's time for LaTech to swallow their ULL/ULM disdain and join them. It's a far better conference than what's left of C-USA.
  14. They won the Independence Bowl in 2019. Beat Miami, FL 14-0.
  15. To be clear, I'm not saying it's impossible. When we hired away Grant McCasland, that was arguably a lateral move; or even a move down, in terms of how North Texas basketball was doing vs. how Arkansas State basketball was doing. But that was indeed a coup, and hiring away Skip Holtz would require a similar coup. If anyone can do it, Wren can do it.
  16. "Better resources" involves more than money and facilities, IMO. Kansas and South Carolina have money and facilities, but they don't get their pick of up-and-coming coaches. There is a machinery of winning that gets built up. Right now, that's a resource that LaTech has and we don't. I imagine most coaches would view a move from LaTech to North Texas as lateral at best, regardless of salary. If I'm Skip, I'm waiting for a clear move up.
  17. All fair points...but if you were in Skip Holtz's shoes, would you leave what he has at LaTech to go to NT? We can all list the reasons why we're a sleeping giant, but it has yet to happen in my years of following. For every reason we could list why NT is a better place to be head football coach, you could list one or more why LaTech is better. One of the more obvious being that LaTech head coaches get hired away by P5s, North Texas head coaches don't.
  18. Question--does this game make anyone else less attracted to Skip Holtz as a potential next coach?
  19. That's terrible. Hopefully the perps get caught ASAP. If students, I hope they are expelled immediately; and regardless, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And then some. NORTH!!!
  20. University Drive is a pretty good ways away from Fouts Field. But Texas Pickup was around the Fouts parking lot. The place most famous for chicken tenders during my time on campus was State Club.
  21. Uh huh. And where are they now? How did things work out with that hire in the end? No offense, but your point stinks.
  22. I imagine we're going to be underdogs in every remaining game. Some surprising things will have to to happen to achieve any scenario calling for more wins (any option other than the first and last).
  23. Assume you're in the position of A.D., and you are making the decision whether or not to keep SL after this season. At this point, what does he have to do to keep his job?
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