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  1. I just don't see it happening. Barring unmitigated disaster, coaches for non-revenue sports at UNT get to coach out their contracts.
  2. How much is left on Jalie's contract?
  3. I'm pretty sure that information is dated. The reason the NCAA gave everyone one free transfer is so that wouldn't have to deal with all these individual waivers anymore.
  4. I'm pretty sure we got our name from having the nation's first vegan dining hall.
  5. Assistants typically only have one-year contracts; so no, there would be no buyout.
  6. Texan, you're normally pretty reasonable, but you are spouting nonsense here. You have no evidence that he was either a bad coach or a particularly good coach, but you're going with bad coach because you want him to be a bad coach. Passwaters' resume was at least comparable to these defensive position coaches Morris is hiring--it's just strange and inconsistent to drag any one of these hires through the mud while praising another to the moon. They all look mediocre on paper. You just have to hope that Morris and his DC have found some hidden gems.
  7. On what do you base this? Again, using your bizarre example of the Murphy twins, their production exploded their one year under Passwaters.
  8. Okay . . . then I fail to see how they provide the requested example. To be clear, I was somewhat skeptical of the Passwaters hire, but I never saw any actual evidence of incompetence.
  9. Where did you hear that they left because of Passwaters?
  10. It will hurt them, not sure how bad. He seemed to go slightly downhill throughout the season. And I imagine everyone there is ready to put Preston Stone out there now, anyway.
  11. The jury will definitely be out on this one. But for now I'll trust those whose job it is to know about these things, and welcome him to Mean Green Nation.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/pittsburgh-football-players-get-ride-from-utep-basketball-coach-to-sun-bowl-after-flight-delays/
  13. Looks like a great hire, but the thread title just about gave me a heart attack. I thought we were going to hire this Coach O as director of recruiting . . .
  14. Based on the above, 2023 would be his last year, eligibility-wise.
  15. He only played one year at Juco, right? If so, he should still have one year of eligibility remaining: 2018: Juco - Freshman 2019: Only played in 3 games - Redshirt year 2020: Free COVID year 2021: Redshirt Sophomore 2022: Redshirt Junior 2023: Redshirt Senior
  16. One of my heroes back in the day. A great player, and an even better man, according to those who knew him.
  17. He will get plenty of interest at the FBS level, including from P5's. Why do people say stuff like this? It's like challenging him to prove you wrong, which would force him to go somewhere else. There's still a chance he returns, like our highly esteemed defensive MVP. I suppose you're right, in a sense...he won't get an offer from anyone better, because there's no better school than UNT. But I'm biased. I can only hope he has acquired a similar bias in his time in Denton.
  18. Oh, there will be plenty out there for him. Our best hope is that he sees what Coach Morris is creating and building upon is an even better option.
  19. I'm guessing he ends up at Boise. He took an O.V. there last month.
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