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  1. Yes I think Hawaii is a good get but not great. Imagine us playing Hawaii, the average DFW fan wouldn’t care. GMG
  2. I’m just so tempered after Jace. I love all these kids and want them to succeed in Green but performance under pressure is a whole nuther ballgame. 🏈 And with college football games being so finite you don’t have time to learn on the job. Not with San Antonio soaring, SMU paying and Memphis, Tulsa, Navy and Tulane coming. Looking forward to day one results and steady growth. GMG
  3. Me too. I feel he is an excellent DC. His experience brings a steadiness to that side of the ball. His side will play a big part in this season’s celebration moments and how many of them we will have. GMG
  4. Positioning is everything. Get these kids to see the Long View. Get those Aggies Horns and Sooners who realize that while the NIL money is good but not there for them. They can cash in Witt playing time at the next level. I mean we need coaches or assistants who eat sleep and drink the process. Let the big dog coaches do what they do best. Prepare for Saturday implement and train to the game plan, praise and correct the execution. GMG
  5. Well that’s on us hiring or hanging onto the wrong coach for too long. Good times coming just need to make it through this year. show up, tailgate, celebrate, commiserate and always Go Mean green!!!!!
  6. That’s what late Saturday night is for. Pretty sure we will have a night game in the desert with casino resorts Roaring all night long. GMG
  7. Mens Volleyball 🏐 over lacrosse. Join the midwestern league that contains Loyola Chicago and Ohio state. Battle against UCLA USC BYU Hawaii Long Beach State Cal State Fullerton Nebraska and Penn State and become the premier volleyball destination for all big dudes in the Lone Star State. Stretch the Mean Green brand from coast to coast and watch Texas TCU and Baylor follow suit with programs in about a decade. Get the head start, compete with big brand programs and make some place in the rafters for some banners. GMG
  8. Love Golding Love Grant more. gonna be some awesome wars in the AAC. GMG
  9. I agree it was nice to get the traffic. Football doesn’t deserve it yet. Should be punished until august. Lol Love our Mean Green hoops more than ever! GMG
  10. I thought it was pretty cool having so many fans from a distant program to us see little ole awesome Denton and UNT. They bang bodies with the elite in college basketball and here they were in wonderful North Texas. Made me think about how much fun a series with them would be one day. They are battle tested and grew our endurance. Good luck the rest of the way Cavaliers. GMG
  11. Man, the crowd noise on that Perry 3 before OT made the roof shake. Such a fun run. Love these guys. gracius, GMG
  12. Yes this is one of those years we will reflect on with fondness: 1. UNT 1988 football 🏈 2. Mean Green win over MTSU followed by the 4 year run. 3. Miracle in the desert Kibbie Dome win for the Bowl Game. 4. Cincy Bowl Win 5. UNLV Bowl Win 6. Fine and the Catch year 7. Peter Pan and empty the SEC stadium year 8. Upset Purdue year 9. Beat top 25 and ruin UTSA’s perfect season 10. The last second drama, grit and wins of 2022! GMG
  13. Ha ha ha yea yawn. in the postgame interview Grant sounds like a coach hitting the recruiting trail manana. Get a good nights rest MG Nation. We have work to do this fall. GMG
  14. I wanted to leave when it looked bleak in the final 2, but these guys have given us so much joy this year. Plus this team like some of Fine’s teams would fight to end and surprise. We owe it to them to keep on flying on this magic carpet ride alongside them. And applaud them ferociously when we win or lose. No doubt about it, tonight I call The Great Escape. It was special after that feeling in Frisco on Friday. Next we get either the SEC or ACC in The Superpit. Saddle up MG Nation it will take us all to keep this season rolling! GMG
  15. I will say that it’s nice to be looking forward to basketball season more than football season in Texas. GMG
  16. I tell you what if we sneak in there will be nobody that wants to play a laser focused Mean Green. But if we NIT I am convinced that first round team will also feel the wrath. kind of like we came out and fried Rice. Let the chips fall. GMG
  17. I’m having trouble digesting four bids to the MWC. I think they should get 3 and CUSA 2. We have a media who like our coach. We pulled one of the best upsets of the season last year. I’ll be excited to keep on playing but I really want this team to get a chance at one of the 64. They would give a team fits much like la tech did to us yesterday. we’re gonna have fun period. GMG
  18. Build it Grant. You saw the possibilities this season. You can actually take UNT on a run to the Final Four. More Mean Green fun to come. GMG
  19. I love how this team fights until the end. Utep was very excited it had a couple of extra points laying around or it could have been a truly rocking comeback in the desert. I second that let’s take a chainsaw to Frisco and let it rip! GMG
  20. You could say the same about the MWC. They waited too long to expand and missed out on Texas programs us included. I feel the MWC and PAC 12 are locked in. Teams want to move east more than west. Leadership helped us get into a good landing spot. GMG
  21. Wait. Didn’t someone say losing would regain our focus? I don’t know. I am glad the guys played to the end, but we were due for an L. That defense will not get us through. Need to be frustrating on D☺️
  22. I’m so happy for BYU. Their new league is going to be amazing on the basketball front: Kansas, BYU, Okie State, Iowa State, TCU, Baylor, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, Houston. Kansas State and UCF may be the only dogs in that league. For football they automatically begin the Big Dog in the small pond, much like they conquered and dominated their way in the WAC and MWC. They will get the prestige to rival Utah out west and get away from Gonzaga. It’s all good for Cougar Nation. BYU GMG
  23. After the Bowl Game gave the blueberry vodka as a Christmas gift with a container of lemonade. Heard that is quite the spring summer mix for refreshment. Thank you Western Son for your support and generosity. GMG
  24. It eerily feels like football season in a season not so long ago. Bring it Mean Green! Crush UTSA. GMG
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