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  1. Bad things happen in the desert at night. Talent still needs coaching. UNT 13 UTEP 34 GMG
  2. Yikes. What a drama in auburn! I had no idea it had turned into such a carnival. Wow. Clark should take the auburn job and Harsin still has some goods in the right situation. GMG
  3. This situation breaks my heart. RIP Mr. Hickmon. Love and peace to the Family. GMG
  4. Ha ha ha ha If Seth wins our Bowl Game I’ll say “Thank you and all the best.” Beat UTEP Beat SMU. Never settle. GMG
  5. What about promotions. I mean we’re talking 6 Saturdays. Go the Texas Rangers route and get creative with 6 alluring promotions a season. They pop up promotions on the fly. Scan your ticket a second time for the free gift. First 15,000 get a Mason Fine bobble head! Tell me that wouldn’t sell out Apogee. Make it against UTSA 2023. How about a Safeway Bowl trophy against SMU. A cool commemorative tee against Rice that reads THE STAND with the players dressed as matrix style ninjas and the date. We stopped them every which way that night. Have a Cincy bowl win promotion. UNLV night. I mean even we have enough history to come up with 3 years of promos. And the top two: Mean Joe Green hard hat night. And of course a slick frame able Peter Pan poster in a sea of red. The stand still shot. The run up the sideline shot. Celebration in the end zone shot. Get creative and fill our dens with cool memorabilia. GMG
  6. When it gets boiled down into small logical sensory nuggets like the 12,000 at $500 a year, that makes total sense. There are a lot of closet alumni who love to be part of “The Club.” The way Dallas is SMU’s energy source. Size is UNT’s fuel. The sheer number of alumni who could be approached to contribute directly to the salary of a UNT student athlete and the pride that brings is Real. Our on the field competitors are in the AAC. Our neighborhood involves the Ponytails, Red Raiders, Cougars and Cowboys. Brain gears churning. GMG
  7. But back to the promo game. They have been pumping this game with laser focus for months. Not a peep about the SMU opener. Weird. If I’m only slightly interested well… Urgency. Precision. Never take a play or opportunity off. Never settle. Create. Innovate. Congregate. Upset. Also, $15 tickets for the Men in Green in the desert is another sweet option. Not having to break the bank after that fuel or flight bill. Excited to jump into their mad environment. Beat UTEP GMG
  8. Personalities like Cam. I think that is his name. I really enjoy his personalization and the way he weaves his story into some of the commentary. It’s not too much or cheesy most of the time. Beat UTEP GMG
  9. Ah yes that sound is so smooth. Same format 30 years later! I used to love the show musical star streams on Sunday nights - it was celestial. beat utep GMG
  10. They can have Sunday night jazz like 91.7 has Latin Hour on Sunday nights which is never enough. I love hearing the world beats. Good decision. There is one station in Denton like 91.7 you can only carry to buccees I swear. But it’s great. You literally need to be within the square, unt zone to listen to it. If it grabs this sound and blasts it beyond chuy’s, amazing! GMG
  11. Thank you for your passion commitment and drive to help us compete at great levels! Appreciate you. GMG
  12. Once San Antonio did what they did all comments bashing a 6-6 season have merit. Decide the sandbox you want to play in and compete. I choose the one with UAB UTSA SMU and FAU in it. Seth will be gone after this year. A program really needs to like it’s coach. That’s where the money and support on a holistic level come from. We are tolerating Seth. He has been tolerating us for years too. Let’s part ways on a happy note. GMG
  13. I was one of those students who really wanted our name to change to TSU. In hindsight I am glad we kept North prominently stated as part of our name. We do not have an identity crisis like I thought we did. Second hindsight revelation. I couldn’t stand the SOW when it first launched. So happy I was proven wrong on both accounts. Love UNT Love our diving Eagle. beat utep GMG
  14. Yeah I’m getting to the point where I am not crushed with a full collapse of the current system. There will be a reset. There will be college football. There will be tailgates and road games. There will be regional rivalries. The trying to keep up and daily changes are getting boring. beat utep GMG
  15. Ohhhhhhh California. My two favorite things about PAC 12 football are the Rose Bowl parade and Washington State flag on Gameday. Mess with the Wazzu flag and it’s wartime baby! GMG
  16. I love late night pac 12 games too. Awesome way to winde down the night. If they dissolve MWC will fill that slot. GMG
  17. Love it. Voertmans standing the test of time. GMG
  18. I think smu is as good as gone and good for them. They aren’t sitting idling by while the conference quakes rattle. This isn’t all bad for UNT. Become the premier team in the AAC with new foes and a regional reach. We’ll be fine. But kudos to SMU for their aggressiveness. If they land in a bigger conference it will have been earned/lobbied to success. In this new day and age that’s what it takes folks. Now win Seth or get out of the way. GMG
  19. Well if I’m the Big 10 I let Oregon in yesterday. They have as big a brand following as USC. I don’t get the love with Washington but if you need a second… I wonder if Riley knew this was going down. It feels the inside circles always know what’s going on. That woman’s coach at Baylor who left for LSU then poof Texas and Oklahoma defect. Then Riley bolts and boom big 10. Glad to see Lincoln have to earn it in the Big 10. He was set up to dominate the PAC like he did the 12. Now he will be challenged that’s a great thing. I think he was going to be toast in the SEC. GMG
  20. It was UTD night and the caps were freaking Sharp. I am confident the UNT will be eve n more impressive. slated for this fall. gmg
  21. We are onto something in 2021-2022. The big fan fest in Frisco for the bowl game was a huge success. The big turnout with the basketball pre party before La Tech was a blast too. It brought together the UNT community, was memorably sponsored by western sons vodka, food for all and good energy before filling the stands with some rowdy fans. Can we get 6 of these sponsored events for Sep- Nov? Get a few for rivalry games in The Superpit. Those highly scripted parties with a mission to bring the Mean Green fandom together worked well for special events. Can we make that happen for smu, homecoming, family day, thanksgiving weekend? i like the app idea about Mean Green bars, hotels, pre and post gatherings for road games in Vegas, Memphis, B-Ham,, UTSA and El Paso. organized cheers, organized parties, organized travel plan options. GMG
  22. Conferences lol. We’re all in the same conference now. Just football 🏈 baby. beat UTEP GMG
  23. They need to rip the bandaid off and kick out Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Missouri maybe. That makes room for Florida State, Clemson and Miami or Virginia Tech. From the North you kick out Minnesota, Purdue, Northwestern, Rutgers. That gets you Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal. Big 12 and ACC get to go shopping again. GMG
  24. It’s going to a high priced cocktail party. Eventually even the eye candy gets boring. As a college football fan I like the traditional rivalries. Those egg bowls are safe, but what about the civil war? The holy war happening in September was whack, but that game comes back into play if the utes and cougars end up in the big 12. Texas Texas A&M will be fun again. But the Apple Cup May go sideways too? it’s like change for the sake of change. Or for the sake of tv. Even these earthquake moves are losing luster. What college football needs to preserve is the perception of Access. In the English Premier League teams like Norwich City and Watford can work their way up to the top league with the perception of winning the EPL title. Reality is that City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Man United are going to routinely win this title. But they keep the towns supporting Stoke City, Fulham and Bournemouth filling the stadiums because of their perceived Access to the title. You don’t increase interest by deleting program’s access or perceived access. Why even have conferences anymore? We should be playing Baylor Texas Tech Okie State and TCU more often. Conferences are beginning to choke the energy out of college football and the elimination of perceived access will kill it as we know it, for the time being. Just keep on building and let the high priced cocktail party food fight carry on. GMG
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