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  1. How would anyone find the will to fight hard to win after your school just got left behind, stuck in CUSA while your friends, your conference mates move on to greener pastures. I’m mean, even Southern Miss is seen as moving up by joining the Belt, a conference that has banned your beloved school from membership.
  2. We’re always very young or whatever excuse we need.
  3. I have no issue with us paying Wren $700,000. Unlike others he did it the old fashion way, he earned it! Smith & Barney.
  4. SAD? Why? No conference championships. No bowl wins. Blow out losses. And yet he’s a multi-millionaire at our expense. Sad for Littrell? Really? I’m sad for the fans. The season ticket holders. I’m sad for the wasted years.
  5. Hope that translates into hiring the right football coach. Time is of the essence.
  6. You’re forgetting. We are North Texas where discernment is not a contributing factor when hiring head coaches or extending their contract with a pay increase.
  7. Gary is all used up. Move on.
  8. We can only hope, but I’m pretty sure them West Texas county folk are a little smarter than that.
  9. Seth looked really uneasy as if he was out of place and didn’t really belong here anymore. Almost as if he wasn’t family.
  10. Your pride is saturated with arrogance and your ignorance is amazing. The pride comes before the fall We were conference mates with Houston, Memphis, Tulsa, Louisville and Cincinnati long before smu. Old MVC schools that smu looked down on from their swc perch. Isn’t it ironic that 3 of these schools have past smu by. And wait, look even UCF a former D1AA school has left you guys in the dust. UNT won the MVC title in 1959 over Houston, Tulsa, Wichita St and Cincinnati. I can understand your fear. When you belittle, when you chastise, mock, ridicule, slander someone for years and then they move into the same neighborhood, right next door to you, it can eat you alive. The Pride truly does come before the Fall. God is not man that He should lie. Should the Big 12 hold off with expansion for a couple years it is conceivable that they might choose the school with 45,000 students I would check your pride at the door.
  11. Be very very careful. You might want to check your Pride at the door. We might just pull a UCF on you guys in the next year or two. Just saying. A little humility on our side would be appreciated as well.
  12. Be careful. The Pride comes before the Fall. It’s not official at least not yet.
  13. LOL. Had trouble even remembering who the third team was. Haha.
  14. That’s all irrelevant. You people for the most part have always belittled UNT. When we were in the MVC, arguably the best Basketball conference in the nation your school mocked it and put it down. Sure, you guys were in the SWC, arguably the best football conference in the country and football was king. Whats so ironic is that the original CUSA was made up of many old MVC schools. Louisville and Cincinnati have moved on to the P5. UNT with improved facilities and an enrollment of 42,000 may just...........
  15. But they don’t see UTSA, FAU, Charlotte, below them? No This is all about bad mouthing NTSU all these years with they’re rich Christian pride and now the unthinkable happens. They will have to compete with us on a level playing field. It’s like the people you have been looking down on thinking you were so much better just moved into your neighborhood in the house right next door. Best move the AAC could have made after losing Houston, UCF and Cincinnati.
  16. The truth comes out!! They are scared to death of having to compete with us on a level playing field.
  17. You’re absolutely correct. It’s the June Jones Curse. What Littrell did was sell his integrity for money. Never again could he refer to the team as family. Never again would he be trusted as one of us. He ruined a great opportunity for himself for lack of patience and greed. And he destroyed a program that not only reached out to him with open arms but at the most critical time of the program’s existence. SIX YEARS WASTED.
  18. Don’t be fooled. The AAC has been severely weakened or wounded. Memphis and SMU can not fill the shoes of UCF, Houston or Cincinnati.
  19. They do!! At Apogee the fans are right on top of the playing field. It’s almost like you can reach over and shake hands with the fans on the opposite side of the field. If we ever did put an upper deck on the student side it would almost seem like it is hovering over the field. Advantage Apogee.
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