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  1. Guess I should have been more specific concerning where the NIL funds come from. Also, if you think winning in the AAC will garner more TV time which will equate to more NIL donations from area businesses you haven’t been paying attention.
  2. It should be evident to all that UNT will not be able to compete in the NIL market. (Lack of money) Add to that an incompetent head coach and any forward progress made over the years with improved athletic facilities will quickly erode away. Just saying. Prove me wrong.
  3. So what happens if your 2 million dollar wide receiver drops a winning Touchdown Pass and cost your team a chance in the playoffs? Especially if he is making a lot more than most players on the team and the coaches as well.
  4. Inflation is going to wipe out the little guys. And yes, we are a little guy. As much as I love UNT I finally finally said no more.
  5. This is only ONE of the reasons, after more than 2 decades as a season ticket holder, I decided NOT to renew. Any purity that might have existed in college sports is gone. Furthermore I can no longer justify nor support the outlandish salaries paid to coaches and athletic staff especially for mediocrity at best. It was fun while it lasted but it’s over folks.
  6. Wonder how season ticket sales are going? With Littrell still around, the NIL, transfer portal, inflation, campus wokeness and wars and rumors of wars. Not an ideal situation for promoting college football
  7. A perfect example of doing it the Old Fashion Way. HE EARNED IT!! Congrats Coach McCasland.
  8. Please don’t misquote people. The “love” of money.
  9. Seriously? So disappointing.
  10. Well, nothing I can say but that’s a bad place to be in. If this is the worse thing that happens to all of us then we’re in good shape.
  11. You missed the point. Never mind.
  12. We have to hope and trust that Baker, the Board, Big donors and Administration have the wisdom, understanding and discretion needed to make the right decision. Or that they at least know where to go if they don’t.
  13. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Mac is not the only good BB coach out there. Don't think we’ll make the same mistake we made with the Benford hire. At least I hope not.
  14. DONE? WHY? Good grief There is NO guarantee that Mac will be successful at SMU and there is NO reason to believe that we can’t and won’t do better than Mac. Maybe it’s time for change? Everyone chill!!!
  15. Once again SMU turns to us in hope a improving their athletics. We should feel flattered. .........and look what they have to offer Mac for him to look pass their arrogance, ego and pride. Don’t panic. All is well!!
  16. Not necessarily. WHO’S TO SAY WE CAN’T DO BETTER!!
  17. Agree! LEARN FROM THE LITTRELL DISASTER AND THE BENFORD DUMPSTER FIRE. LET HIM GO TO SMU. WE WILL BE JUST FINE. JUST MAKE THE RIGHT HIRE AT THE RIGHT PAY. DON’T PANIC. TIME FOR CHANGE. SIDE NOTE: I felt Mac’s post game interview sounded more like a coach that knew he had coached his last game at UNT.
  18. Purdue will never forget who we are. VA will never forget who we are. There was a time no one knew who Gonzaga was. Keep it going! Don’t fall back!!
  19. Everyone of us who post on this forum love our teams and love the young men and woman who wear the Green and White. ( Sometimes gray and black...for Adler). Do we overreact at times? Yes. Will that ever change? Of course not. Why? Because we’re human. Everyone one of us are proud of our players and teams, win or lose. That’s why we keep coming back. Some of us over 50+years. We want to win as much for the players as for us and our University. So we act a little immature and childish on occasion. Hey, if that’s the worse thing that happens today we’re in good shape. ✌️ GREAT WIN PLAYERS AND COACHES. CONGRATS.
  20. What a pathetic, lifeless performance.
  21. I’m not 100% sure about this but I bet Grant has enough wisdom and understanding that he doesn’t want to be more than 1/4 tank of gas and 35-45 minutes from family.
  22. The coach might have done all he could do but did the AD really do all he could do?
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