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  1. I believe they only had 24,000 in attendance. Hardly Big 12 standards. Big 12 overreacted.
  2. 4) Change the coach and change the culture.
  3. He’s not trying to stay in our future. He doesn’t want to be here. He wanted out the first chance he had. K-St showed us that. But honestly where can someone make 1.8 million, not have to produce and not be held accountable. Too bad he didn’t recognize the blessing he was given at such a young age and instead of worrying about what his peers were doing he had buckled down and focused on winning Championships.
  4. Bowls in and of themselves mean NOTHING!! ITS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS. So many of you have been dumbed down. Cleverly seduced into accepting mediocrity.
  5. We don’t want to play with them……we want to beat them handily.
  6. Same ole pattern year after year after year. Littrell needs to be fired or he needs to resign regardless how the remainder of this season plays out.
  7. Stupidity in scheduling a football game at 11am in Texas in September.
  8. It’s the same old pattern of mediocrity year after year after year.
  9. Wren and company were caught totally off guard. They had extended and increased his contract and pay twice and felt secure. They were caught sleeping and panicked. They had no idea as to the true state of the football program, what was actually under the hood. One might even say they were hoodwinked. Any astute business man would have been keen to what was happening and stood pat with the last contract both parties agreed to. Take it or leave it. Instead they panicked, signed an incompetent individual to a new contract putting a financial burden on the program. Littrell is just as guilty. They all got rich while us loyal fans had to sit and watch our beloved school’s football program become an embarrassment. No! Wren is just as guilty and responsible.
  10. There’s that pride, that arrogance we all expect from the Methodist school. The pride comes before the fall. Never forget that.
  11. 🤔 So it’s ok for SMU to go after our most successful basketball coach but how dare TCU poach their football coach. The pride, arrogance and hypocrisy of that school is of Biblical proportions.
  12. For North Texas it’s the same ole pattern year after year after year. Nothing changes but the size of the bank accounts of those responsible for creating this mess.
  13. While Littrell has become a multi millionaire running our beloved football program into the ground for the last 6 years, App St. entertained a home crowd of 34,406 to a thrilling last second come from behind victory over Troy.
  14. We are always young and undersized. We are told that every year.
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