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  1. meangreenbob's post in **UNT Super Pit Facility Update 7.7.17** was marked as the answer   
    The other day I was watching a video on FB about Freshman Orientation. The Freshman were in the Super Pit.  From the angle of the camera you could see the backdrop or the wall behind the upper section. It looked to me that a section had been either painted or covered with a whitish or gray material. Don't know if they were in the process of changing out that awful looking darkish brown (or whatever color that is)  but I will say it made all the difference in the world. Made it look bright!  If that is indeed what they are doing the Super Pit will not look dank and dark next year. In fact, it will take on a whole new personality. We will feel like we are in a totally different arena. Hope that's what's happening.
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