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  1. From what I have heard Gaddie should play, he has been practicing. Mazin had a knee injury they thought was season ending at first, but he has been practicing some this week, he should be available but may be limited ( question is he more important now or next season healthy)
  2. I live just south of Birmingham. so we will be there. The surrounding area around the stadium is amazing like Colony said great restaurants and even a top golf one block over. The only down side is parking if you are not straying close to the stadium
  3. Like Backer said it looks that he will retire at the end of the year. Gush will become the DC and Bennett's son Sam will most likely become LB coach. But I would bet my new airplane that CPB will still be there in the shadows.
  4. I'll take the view of a parent who has a son redshirting this year, his is due to injury so it was not that he was not good enough to get on the field. But giving kids 5 years to play 4 is a great way to grow a kid in maturity and physically. My son is only a freshman but the 5 years to play four has already mapped out his Masters degree. So yes he will graduate in four years but with the ability to pay football for 4 years and get his Masters degree. It will help set him up after school and football ( He is a teenager and could screw up , lets hope not). Just my 2 cents from a parents side
  5. Here are my 2 cents on baseball and not being from Texas I don't even know if this is an option. Some states have the Hope scholarship which if you maintain a B average in school you earn a room and board scholarship. I do know that money comes from the lottery so is that a reasonable option for the state of Texas or would that possible make rich richer so they can split up other sports scholarships,. Just thoughts
  6. It worked last Week let's try again Optimistic- UNT 31 Mules-17 With last weeks balanced offense rolling again we get another 200/200 production and win the line of scrimmage all night. Pessimistic UNT 10 Mules 35 Last week was a outlier and we return to early city last year form Realistic UNT 28 Mules 24 They have a new coach and tons of new player that have not been in battle together. We have that first win under our belt. we actually blitz more this week and rattle the cages of SMU early and hang on to win late.
  7. I'll throw it out there. Punt return after first 3 and out by our D Burns to the house
  8. Did this on a board where I went to school. Just to give three points of view in your head. Optimistic- UNT 38 UTEP 14 Offense rushes for 250 and passes for 200 and no ints. Defense stands up and the season if off to a great start Pessimistic UNT 10 UTEP 38 Same song Same verse as Last year. Realistic UNT 27 UTEP 21
  9. I'm not sure about Nakwaassah starting at CB he had ACL surgery after spring. Hope he is back but not sure.
  10. From what heard from the defensive room is morale is still high and more they are happy for him. They know it is time to step up and follow Bennetts plan. But again I know it is just one day but internal team morale is still high. Could change but next man up
  11. Looks like KD is getting the full court press from Texas A&M.. maybe Saban was right as bad as I have to admit.
  12. From what I have heard from some people is that some of the players were told it would be best to enter the portal. Not sure if effort was not put forward or buy in was not there. But some of the players were told to look for other homes..
  13. It all comes down to QB play. If who ever starts (I'm going to guess Stone or Aune) can be serviceable, hit open receivers and not throw to the other team we will be in a good place. On Defense hearing Trieb is a dawg and Leota is playing the devil and looks good, along with Kropp
  14. On field is 9:30 to 12ish
  15. Yes sir next week. I have not heard who is participating Pro Day. I would guess any senior gradating or Jr leaving early. Let me see if i can find out for you
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