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  1. From what I have heard.. is as of last week he had Covid. Do not know the severity. But I guess depending on vaccinations and booster along with symptoms depends how long he would have to stay away from football operations
  2. Of these two. If you had to pick a lesser evil it would be the first one.. 75 min is a long time and full contact is very subjective you can have thud drills that are contact but not “full” contact.. The second proposal will make the game more dangerous as kids lose fundamental of tackling and contact..
  3. The green check mark most likely means that they are enrolled in school. Since school just started yesterday info may not be back to whoever updates portal info. That is my guess also
  4. He has a huge wing span for someone 6ft.normally that is around 74-76 inches.. that will make anybody look bigger than they are
  5. Hopefully this means there is a hire already to go. Will it good one who knows but jobs have to be posted. To make hiring look legitimate. Just my 2cents
  6. Looks to be a hammer in the secondary. This could really help get players back to true position that they were recruited for
  7. I Know news is slow out of Alabama, but little update on Jax Was selected for the AL/MS All star game 6 tackles and fumble recovery 2nd team All State 1st team All Birmingham Region
  8. I have no idea myself . But what are people hearing about players leaving in the transfer portal.
  9. The biggest reason to have early signing day, is to allow for early enrollees. A kid can graduate HS early and get on campus in January so he can start in the program and get a semester of school under their belt before football season starts. I am pretty sure all 3 high school kids are early enrollees so they will be ready for fall practice. Kids can get semester of weight room, nutrition and be adapted to school when the season comes around.
  10. Smallwood and Robertson both OV this weekend..
  11. Wayne Jones lll K State transfer Andre Sam McNeese State Transfer Jax Van Zandt Thompson High School Al. Hearing good things on Transfer making UNT home
  12. What you want and what you think?? Bahamas Bowl vs. MAC – New Mexico Bowl vs. Mountain West – Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl vs. BYU (2021 & 2025) – R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl vs. Sun Belt To be determined among the Group of Five conferences … – Cure Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl vs. Big 12, Pac-12 or Army – RoofClaim.com Boca Raton Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – SERVPRO First Responder Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army – Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl vs. Group of Five or Army Conference USA has an affiliation to fill-in if needed … – Camellia Bowl vs. MAC or Sun Belt – Fenway Bowl vs. ACC or American – TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl vs. American or SEC – Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl vs. ACC, American, SEC – Myrtle Beach Bowl vs. American, MAC or Sun Belt
  13. Best case we win worst case we lose.. anyone who is happy with a loss.. Either never played sports or don’t have kids that play. You may not like a coach, but the players need our support 100%.. I honestly feel like Wren has already made up his mind and we will know Sunday..
  14. After halftime he was on sideline in a walking boot no crutches. Not sure of injury, but he was back on sideline..
  15. How many players did we RS this last year and will they be able to come in and make an impact. Better question could we begin playing some of those players since with 4 games remaining they can keep the RS for next year.. If they have been practicing see what they can bring to the table. Just a Thought
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