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Brent Osborn better be on his death bed


Osborne was the #2 QB in spring training, right? Why isn't he in the game, rather than McNulty? Watching that last interception by TU, our guys have already given up.

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I hate to throw this out there, but since Vito won't dig around for a story to dispute it, this smells of favoritism.

What a horrible throw that was.

Don't think it takes too much digging.

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McNulty is young and is making crucial mistakes. He has some very bright moments though. If Mac and Canales think this is a guy they can develop to be something really special, I trust them.

Tulsa is making us look like fools. Why not at least try Osborne to see if he can get something going?

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Not any worse than a throw from McNulty. Something's not right about this and you'd have to be a blind man to not see it.

Thompson and Osborne both get pulled in critical moments of games in favor of McNulty, typically after they have put us in to scoring position, yet McNulty throws 2 pics that are returned for TD's, is obviously in over his head, but we still don't see Osborn. Hell, I'd rather see Chase Bain at this point.

I've got got nothing personal against McNulty, but he hasn't shown anything that points to him being ready to play at this level. They should have never burned his RS.

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Do you guys really think he is putting the possibility of hurting his friend's feelings ahead of the team and his career? I don't like the call either, but he has to see something in McNulty that made him put him in there. We aren't in practice to see what is happening. Maybe Osborne made him mad or maybe Mcnulty looks like superman in practice. Could be a lot of things.

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I don't think for a second, it is favoritism on McCarney fault. However, Osborne has clearly been superior in game action; no matter what practices may look like. I think they must like the more mobile QB, but there has to be results.

McNulty's performance was understandable being a true freshman but if you are going to play a freshman over more experienced players; he has to show more. I hope all those critics of Riley Dodge appreciate what he did for last year's team even usually injured. He had a feel for the game that none of this year's QB's have come close too.

I hope Thompson recovers quickly, I think he was getting better each week. However, Osborne with limited snaps has not make any major errors and has moved the ball. However, I don't like McCarney/Canales use of multiple QB's; three QB's still in the running for starter in the sixth game is not good.

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I think the problem is we don't have a college QB at this time. My opinion is 2 of the 3 could turn out as one, but the third one started this game.

I don't blame McCarney, Canales has had me scratching my head all year. He is continually putting these guys in situations where they can't succeed.

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