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  1. Eastwood Eagle

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    Am I on the minority of folks who looks back at Dajon and thinks "what could have been"?
  2. Eastwood Eagle

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    Go Mean Green! Awesome victory. Exciting that we got to watch meaningful games this late in the season. Sign of great things to come on the hoops front.
  3. Eastwood Eagle

    UNT - National Champs!

    But did we beat UCF?
  4. Eastwood Eagle

    Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    Or maybe its about getting an education at Vanderbilt (if that is where he is going).
  5. Eastwood Eagle

    NT Schedules Home/Home with Cal & Wyoming!

    Away game in Berkeley? Where do I sign up.
  6. Eastwood Eagle

    BTG: Rice Game

    Gotta imagine he will make the Mean Green Hall of Fame.
  7. Eastwood Eagle

    North Texas, Houston Adjust Date For Future Series

    I like our chances with Fine as a Senior against UH in Denton.
  8. Eastwood Eagle

    Graduation or New Orleans Bowl?

    Hard SKIP
  9. Eastwood Eagle

    Graduation or New Orleans Bowl?

    Are you going to grad school, med school, law school or any other post undergraduate program? If so, SKIP. If not, probably SKIP.
  10. Eastwood Eagle

    Conference Championship Biggest Game

    When we win this game, Ray shall be found.
  11. Eastwood Eagle

    DRC: Jeffery Wilson's UNT career appears to be over

    I was preparing for this news but it still sucks. He had a great career at UNT. I am glad he could go out a winner in his Senior season.
  12. Eastwood Eagle

    Conference Championship Questions

    I'm feeling good about our chances. This team has repeatedly shown that they can step up and be clutch. I do not see FAU handling us a second time around. I think it's a shootout, but in Mason Fine We Trust.
  13. Eastwood Eagle

    CUSA Championship Score Prediction Thread

    UNT - 41 FAU - 38
  14. Eastwood Eagle

    Let’s turn Houston Green!!!!!

    I live in Houston but have to go up to North Texas for Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Ugh.
  15. Eastwood Eagle

    Don't overlook Rice

    Hoping to see the big names out of the game by half time. Get a lot of reps for the 2's and 3's.