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  1. Eastwood Eagle

    Future Schedule. Baylor & Tulane

    Great move. Can't complain about a trip to NOLA.
  2. Eastwood Eagle

    Game On Live Stream

    I don't understand why CBSSports would not have over games since the preceding game is a blow out.M Make those fans have to log on to watch the game, not the two sets of fans about to watch a new game.
  3. Eastwood Eagle

    Rice Game Attendance

    My first game of year for me and I'm bringing a group of 6. Weather looks perfect, it's homecoming and we have a fun team. I think our attendance will be solid tomorrow.
  4. Eastwood Eagle

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT - 24 UAB - 23
  5. Eastwood Eagle

    Great performance by the defense!

    We gotta dominate on all three phases to dominate their A. Men.
  6. Eastwood Eagle

    This team deserved better

    I think they definitely will. Unless it rains...
  7. Eastwood Eagle

    DRC: Update on kickoff for UNT-Southern Miss

    Sunny and 75 degrees...
  8. Eastwood Eagle

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT 30 Southern Miss - 27
  9. Eastwood Eagle


    Wouldn't the UNT beatdown of Arkansas be considered a "non-competitive game" on paper?
  10. Eastwood Eagle

    Official UTEP Game Score Prediction Thread

    UNT 56 UTEP - 16 We mad.
  11. Eastwood Eagle

    John Williams getting the credit he deserves!

    Glad to have him on our side.
  12. Eastwood Eagle

    Will the La. Tech game be a sellout? (POLL)

    Digging the positive weather and jersey vibes today.
  13. Eastwood Eagle

    La Tech Game Throwbacks

    DOPE AF. Is it Saturday yet!?
  14. Eastwood Eagle

    What is the next level?

    I offered Houston as the example because they most resemble our situation. I think Houston's ceiling is our ceiling (i.e., if B12 doesn't want UH they certainly will not want a much improved UNT). I'm a fan of both UH (law) and UNT (undergrad). My dream scenario is both UH/UNT somehow land in a P6 next conference realignment. UNT is really starting to shape up well to be in the discussion.
  15. Eastwood Eagle

    What is the next level?

    I think the next realistic level for us would be being on par with University of Houston. Basically a P5 level school in a G5 conference. Consistent winning records, bowl games, big recruits, solid TV for games, attendance around 35K-42K, periodic moments of being ranked, big wins over highly ranked opponents, NY6 game, etc.. You get the point.