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  1. Anyone know if ESSC will be showing the Army game ?? Thanks
  2. We will be meeting at the popular Bottlecap Alley in Grapevine to watch the MG kick the *hit out of that junior college in SA. I have reserved a couple of tables, but can reserve more if needed...good food and cold beer and easy to see TV's I will be there between 10:30 and 10:45 am. ROLLCALL....are you going to the BOTTLECAP.....Hell Yes, hate UTSA......or ......No, having surgery on Sat and I am a crappy fan !
  3. WOW....----u really learned me good!!! U must b a genius and all,,,,,I hope you to, two,too calm down !! ok????
  4. Well guess I will be watching the game at Boomerjacks at Collins (157) and I-30...hope you can make it !!
  5. I'm guessing UTEP by about 17pts, could be more...Our defense played well last week, MiniMac did pretty well...our play calling and decisions were BAD...too many times we get 3 pts when we should be getting 7pts in the red zone....there is a lack of aggressiveness in our offense...don't see why we can't toss 5-6 yrd passes over the middle...why do we run the same running plays over and over again. Mac is just not agressive enough and this kills us when we get behind...when we get behind by a TD the alarm bells should go off and we should crank up the offense....think TCU., Baylor. etc...but NO, we puntz around until we are down by 14, then 21, then the bell rings in Mac's ear...too late !!
  6. In the article about UNT winning the Homecoming 31-10, they list the stats in the box...but what?? yea...your right...those are the stats for FAU....RV...are you at the buffet again or looking for the next Todd Dodge ???
  7. Well I was going to setup something at the Bottlecap in Grapevine but they close at 11PM...the game doesn't start until 9PM CT, so thats out....I'm thinking (and that hurts) we might try Peace Burger in Grapevine...good food, never been there that late, so I don't know about the crowd, etc...but they are open until 2am and they are almost in the same location. Any ideas folks...Bostons is close, but they are a smoking bar...me don't like that !! Lets get some ideas for a game watching location and then put something together...OK GMG
  8. Does anyone know if the Alumni Pavillion will be open for the Bonfire....if so, at what time?
  9. Perhaps RV needs to be concerned about all those expensive suites at Apogee stadium that were on 5 yr commitments that end at the end of next year...with the record DanMac is showing...will they renew?
  10. OK...Bottlecap in Grapevine has the game...UNT vs RICE. Some other games will be showing at the same time and they are easy to watch since the TV's are on a big wall.. 40% off Burgers....they make a good one Cold beer in Big frosted mugs --GREAT great wait staff Plan on being there to cheer the Meangreen to victory agains Rice U.....(yea right!!)....anyway...will be fun watching football !!!
  11. We do have a wonderful stadium, great place to play...loud !! and the tailgating is great...so much fun...its a party win or lose !! always fun ! So, this is what we get in year FOUR of DanMac ?..poor management at a minimum !! All the "hot air" from Mac last season and now this !!! "Just the Begining"...of what ...another Todd Dodge era !
  12. That is when I knew we would lose the game...I saw this same sh*t during Mac's first 2 years. It is very telling. Also, when we were down by 10 pts and 3 yrds short of a 1st, Mac decides to kick a field goal....then i knew we couldn't come back....a lot of this is bad coaching IMO.
  13. I talked with mgmt today about watch party at Bottlecap Alley in Grapevine....we can get some TV's and area reserved for the game, and if enough of us (vs others) might even be able to get the projection TV (100" screen?) since it will be after the Tx/OUgame. They have bottle beer buckets (6 to bucket) at $2 each for domestics, $3 imports, pitchers of PBR for $7, bud, etc for $9, imports for $10.50. Burgers and sandwiches are going to be 40% off I'm trying to get an idea of how many people would be interested...lots of TV's (most being the 42-48 inch), the food is good and beer is cold (also have mixed drinks). Service is good. So lets see if I can get an estimated headcount for Sat game We did a game last year and had about 40 people, all had a good time. Thanks,
  14. Yes...even the Big12 and SEC stats are boosted by playing low level teams !!!
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