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  1. UT's Warren Transferring

    TCU has a big man Sewo Olonaloa (too lazy to check spelling) 6'3 235, and he is a difference maker. He punishes people every play. Then their speed backs gash them. Just like a change up for a picture. It takes the other team out of their comfort zone. I am all for us having the thunder and lightning approach. Hell put Hambone back there ten runs a game. He would love it and it would be fun to watch!
  2. Athletic fee referendum results postponed again

    Yes or no. Be done with this shit.
  3. Flag before middle school should be enforced everywhere. There are some great pee wee coaches out but many of them a little big men who don't understand a damn thing about injury protocol. A program with in the school is a little more to a lor more reliable.
  4. Mason Fine Video

    Proud of our coaches for not going just off measurables alone. Also, who down votes that video? Jabroni
  5. Room for Disagreement

    Opinions are fine. I just think all of Ben Goodings are hogwash crap.

  7. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    Well for the first time ever... I am glad I am a small donor and not a large one.
  8. Why is the future bright?

    Hambone! He is my new favorite player. Lots of young talent. Get that ol, cbs, and lbs in line and we might be talking contenders... for something cool and shiny.
  9. Carthel

    It was a good game. Father wanted me to go there. If I would have listened, I could buy a sweet D2 championship shirt right now. So it goes...
  10. Eric Jenkins in the NFL?

    You really screwed his career with this thread.
  11. Fired UP yet? Watch This

    F yes! We are Sparta!!!!!!! Oh shit, I mean North Texas! We are North Texas. Great video, great team, and I hope for a great win tomorrow.
  12. Thinking about ordering this customized hoodie

    Worst thing ever
  13. Supposed SMU players mutiny over Dykes Hiring

    Holy shit! What a bunch of jackasses. That is so pathetic
  14. New Orleans Bowl Player Gift Vendors

    Make sure you see turnover titties before you hand it out.
  15. Hahaha

    That is pathetic! The bowl is in Frisco. Jesus those clowns can't drive 30 minutes down the road. How are we doing on our ticket sales?