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  1. North Texas Shep

    Darn The Ponies...

    Beat Smu! Beat the ponies! Beat Smoo! Beat those smug, daddy owns a dealership turds that go to that one private college in Dallas that aren't cool enough to run a mini hourse out before a game without getting ran over! One track mind right now... Sorry, not sorry. GMG!
  2. North Texas Shep

    DRC: Littrell -- English on course to make return

    I like
  3. North Texas Shep

    Fine New Youtube Video

    Damn that was great. We are lucky to have him playing and representing our university.
  4. North Texas Shep

    2018 Arkansas Preview

    I am going to grad school at Arkansas right now. So, me and mine will be at the game. UNT should have a good chance but Morris has some talent to work with. Hope Mean Green wins though.
  5. North Texas Shep

    Jason Bean

    Damn... That kid can move. We may have to find a way to get him on the field sooner than later. Looking forward to seeing how he does when he gets to campus.
  6. North Texas Shep

    Interested in UNT thoughts on this realignment

    I hate alignment... The worst. Wish we never had to deal with it again. Of course... IF we move up in conference I am happy as can be. As long as we have regional (Texas) teams to play... I will also be happy.
  7. North Texas Shep

    Spring football game

    My daughter wanted a pic with everyone. We had the best time. The team and the staff did a fantastic job creating a fun, exciting, and family friendly environment. Dilly Dilly!
  8. North Texas Shep

    Spring football game

    Me and mine will be there
  9. North Texas Shep

    Looks Like Alumni Pavilion Is Getting An Expansion

    Why so braggadocious?
  10. North Texas Shep

    UT's Warren Transferring

    TCU has a big man Sewo Olonaloa (too lazy to check spelling) 6'3 235, and he is a difference maker. He punishes people every play. Then their speed backs gash them. Just like a change up for a picture. It takes the other team out of their comfort zone. I am all for us having the thunder and lightning approach. Hell put Hambone back there ten runs a game. He would love it and it would be fun to watch!
  11. North Texas Shep

    Athletic fee referendum results postponed again

    Yes or no. Be done with this shit.
  12. Flag before middle school should be enforced everywhere. There are some great pee wee coaches out but many of them a little big men who don't understand a damn thing about injury protocol. A program with in the school is a little more to a lor more reliable.
  13. North Texas Shep

    Mason Fine Video

    Proud of our coaches for not going just off measurables alone. Also, who down votes that video? Jabroni