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  1. Rice Game Question

    Who all is out for that game as of now? Most likely Guyton. What about Wilson? I do not think they will sit folks for the game. No game can be taken lightly.
  2. Wow

    MONEY MOORE! Making it Rain field goals.
  3. Classless

    Then comes home buys a jacked up white truck, tries to get out of DWIs with his military ID, acts tougher than everyone else because he "Was in the Shit!", and then gets his ass kicked a lot. Well I can only hope... Screw this guy.
  4. These cheap SOBs!

    Who would have thought that the cheapest/dirtiest team our players faced all season would be Army!??!?? I mean they are supposed to be the finest of the finest. They will one day fight for our country... This does not sit well with me. Their coaches should be ashamed. Oh, and the refs and play review folks should all be fired for overturning that targeting call. GOOD WIN THOUGH! 6 - 0 at home! GMG!
  5. NMSU could decline a bowl if eligible

    Sounds like they don't need sports, if they can't give kids what they work so hard to achieve.
  6. Rico Bussey Jr.

    I see what you did there and I like it
  7. Texas A&M prepared to pursue Jimbo Fisher

    Aggies are annoying and college station is the armpit of Texas. No one established wants to go there, money or not. A coach looking to move from a small conference or a loser in a big conference is all they can get.
  8. Seth Littrell Bonuses

    Quality. He deserves it. So what does he make for this year with bonuses added in?
  9. Mean Green Football — 2017 CUSA Western Division Champions!

    Booyeah! I love this shit
  10. Georgio bowing up

    Austin quit trying so hard.
  11. Scrappy Koozies!!!

    OH shit! I got to get
  12. SMOO may kill some more hookers to keep Morris around
  13. Best Uniform of All Time?

  14. New helmet for Homecoming!

    If the battle flag is on a helmet I will be sporting a super sports boner.