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  1. Not good for anyone. Damn if this keeps up some poor kid is going to die. So worried about all this. Really want football also...
  2. Just F'n with ya! Ha! So glad we don't have to worry about this for another season. Go Fine!
  3. Ask the alumni association. I am sure they have a box. Google it and there should be a phone number.
  4. Bruce Hall but most my friends lived in Clark, so hung out there a lot. Then I rented a place from Jackson Chang realty, in cement city. It sucked. I left there after 3 months. Then moved into a random house for a few months. Spent a couple of years at the Gazebo. A couple at efficiencies by Skyview off Normal and one off Mulberry. Some older couple owned them. Lived some other places too. I was on the ten year plan for undergrad.
  5. This is what happens when you dedicate the proper resources to your programs. Quality transfers! Bring them on.
  6. Unroll it and dust it off! It is finally jersey time.
  7. I just dropped a Hundo on a replica nike jersey and I am wearing it to every damn game. Sorry white out
  8. I agree. The qb runs have a place in every offense. We just don't need to use them often. Coaches must use all the tools we have in this offense. Also, keeping Mason So Fine safe is top priority.
  9. Dave Campbell Magazine, you got some UT pubes in your teeth. If UT wins more than 5 games in a season they are all over that the next summer when the mag comes out.
  10. Ordered and happy about it. I took my complaints about this to anyone that would listen over the years. So, I had to put my money where my mouth is.
  11. It is like a cockroach (seen a few there). It will never die.
  12. We will be there. 3 people and no dogs. My dogs cant be trusted.
  13. Classy young man who always did all the extra things (signing up to visit local schools and hospitals) and seemed to enjoy his time at UNT. I only wish him the best.
  14. The team who plays the game and the coaches who coach them are at fault. We are neither. That is it.
  15. Your not on the team. One week at the time applies to them. Not us fans. Doesn't matter what game or possibly we talk about.
  16. Being bowl eligible will always be a big deal. Every year it happens it is a big deal. They may have bigger goals every season, but you have to get six wins before you get 7, 8, 9, and so on.
  17. Hell when I ran RGRS in the late aughts, I would still drink a Schlitz at times. PBR and Lonestar were my go toos, most the time. Drank cheap to keep my comp tab low.
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