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  1. Love you Wren! Will miss you guys so very much. Won't be the same place without you. 😢
  2. Is Aune deciding to come back set in stone? He is listed as a junior on the roster. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/austin-aune/5496
  3. Yes to baseball! My son played and it is a super fun sport to follow.
  4. I mean if this is happening like you say and I do believe you Wren really needs to step up here and get involved.
  5. God bless you Jim you have a way with words and you are one of my favorite posters because you can put into words what many of us are feeling.
  6. Hi daddy posted he was able to play against SMU on another post so we should be ok.
  7. Ashamed to admit I figured Austin Peay was in Austin! Learned something new on here 😂
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