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  1. I really do like baseball and if softball is any comparison it appears we could have a decent program quickly.
  2. Athletic center expansion would be my guess as well. It is a little too small for my liking.
  3. Agree 100% and thank you for all you do to support the college. I think we need to give Seth more of our support and show him that we care. We people or coaches get down you love em up and tell them that you believe in them. That is exactly what TCU did with Gary.
  4. Dude we aren’t in the CUSA anymore! We’re P6 AAC baby!
  5. Luke is a sweetheart and super good person to boot. He has done a great job along with Coach Bennett and Patrick.
  6. I think everyone needs to get behind Seth and show him our support. It does us no good to criticize him all the time. He kept the team together through a very difficult season. He deserves to continue coaching this program in my opinion. He has earned it.
  7. Who is your biggest rival? And hope you have safe travels to the game.
  8. So is your band for sure coming because Inwould enjoy seeing them.
  9. Seth is a very lucky person in general in my view. Very few can hope and dream to be as fortunate as Seth has been in his short time here on earth.
  10. It is showing this under football tickets indicating they are sold out.
  11. I spoke to the Toyota Center earlier today and they said the North Texas allotment had already sold out. They said typically they give the other team a deadline and then open up any left over tickets to the general pubic.
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