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  1. Always loved Phil and we should have kept him on. Love Eric too but me mussed this one up.
  2. We sit next to band parents and they told us they only allowed 1/3 of the band to be there because they were trying to be careful with the heat. They still sounded good to me just not as loud as normally. Also the Cal fans were super nice and cordial.
  3. We can’t watch anything on Spectrum tonight. They are saying it is due to Disney.
  4. This is super awesome. Hubby and I are there plus one. Will they sign my jersey? Do we need to bring anything? Thank you so much for doing this.
  5. We went and it was awesome! We already love Coach Eric and this was the first time we met with him in person. He just makes you excited about everything.
  6. We had a kid from our high school that should have been given a chance. I think the portal is taking away from HS players that would normally have gotten scholarship offer so that is not good.
  7. Is coach Morris doing that thingy where the wives can come out and learn about the game and the team etc? Seth did that a couple of times and it was fun.
  8. We always support the high schools. A lot of teachers at high schools graduated from UNT including me and hubby.
  9. Best friend lives in Mansfield so we are going to try and get to some games to watch him!
  10. I appreciate them taking the time and don't at all mean to damper their enthusiasm, but when I showed them to hubby he didn't see anything he felt like he had to have. Hoping they will try some more traditional stuff. He always remarks that he wishes he could get what the coaching staff and players wear.
  11. Are we supposed to be pulling for UAB or Vandy?
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