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  1. Yes but I hope the kids will understand. They are resilient.
  2. Who exactly do you want us to hire as coach? I respect your opinion.
  3. I need it make it very clear because there are some on this website that seem to think Wren is responsible for hiring Seth and he did not hire him! RV is to blame for hire. Please stop blaming Wren.
  4. Wren Baker did not hire Seth Littrell and I really wish you would stop making that assertion.
  5. Wren did not hire Seth! It was RV. Quit blaming Wren for a coach he inherited. Now Wren is guilty of redoing his contract however. That is not a hanging offense though IMHO.
  6. I apologize on behalf of our fans on this. No excuse people for drinking more than you can handle. Let's try and act more responsibly UNT. That said, I have to also say that the SMU fans next to us were also quite loud and one of them kept playing music videos on his giant phone. One of them had very long legs and would not move them when we needed to go to the bathroom. I felt like the SMU fans for the most part were ok.
  7. I’m so proud of thes guys playing so hard tonight ❤️
  8. Is SMU requiring some type of Covid policy on attendance? There appear to be a lot of empty seats.
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