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  1. How we ever had this many of our student athletes named Conference Player of the Week in one school year? I don't have the count off the top of my head, but I don't ever remember this many at this point in the year. Between football, soccer, volleyball and now both basketball teams, I would guess this is a record.
  2. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    These kids live in The Woodlands. They can afford Ivy League schools.
  3. ‘18 WR Andrew Nwachukwu (Wylie)

    MaxPreps has his stats as: 30 catches for 785 yards and 8 TD's. Like his film.
  4. OG Matt Groeschel

    It is located in Odessa, and as noted above, play in the Lone Star Conference with the likes of Angelo State, West TX A&M, Tarleton State, etc...
  5. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    This question is brought up almost every year, mostly by me, yet I don't recall a player switching sides of the ball in a long time, maybe ever.
  6. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    How many spots do we have left and where do you all think they would be best "spent?"
  7. DRC late night hoops rewind: UNT 85, Rice 78

    You mean, let him heat up and then pull him is not an effective strategy?

    That seating configuration seems really odd with the majority of the seats in the "end zone" area.
  9. Star Baylor running back transfers to UTSA

    What an amazing story. I will never be a fan of UTSA, but I will cheer for Johnny Jefferson in life.
  10. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Typical timeline for Denton street improvements...10 years too late.
  11. Guess you have trouble reading. I have contributed to UNT athletics.
  12. Mean Green Club Member and season ticket holder until last year for some reasons that had nothing to do with the program and are none of your business. My family is funding a scholarship in my father's memory at UNT and I have directed my resources to finish that out. Will rejoin the MGC this year and plan on getting season tickets again if my kid's schedules allow us to get to the games this year. My family has contributed to the university or athletic program or both since 1965. I am very comfortable with my level of commitment to UNT. You have no idea what my standards are and what I expect. I don't attack those that question me, in fact, I would bet we want the same end result. I just attack you for your tired old act. Again, I challenged you to state something positive and your response was to try and criticize me. You left on your own. Amazes me that you have to support your position by being hyper critical of everyone. You only show up to bitch and moan. What a sad, sad person. Challenge: post something positive.
  13. OG Matt Groeschel

    Commits to UT of the Permian Basin
  14. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    So, are we still in play for King out of Marshall and Carroll out of Midway?