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  1. This young man is a beast and needs to stay home.
  2. Interesting that this young man is walking on as a receiver. He has a nice high school video and, it appears, spent some time at Grambling before heading to a CA JUCO. http://www.hudl.com/profile/644990/jamie-king From the article, I read it to say this is where Pahinui would play, not that he is starting. I think Barr needs to step up considering he was pretty highly rated coming out of high school.
  3. UTA

    That picture tells you why they have survived without football.
  4. "...that freshman offensive linemen Manase Mose and Dakoda Newman give the blocking front some much needed bulk..." Sounds like a couple of freshmen are expected to contribute immediately.
  5. I know it isn't considered a 24 hour nutrition center, but isn't the cafeteria in Victory Hall, Champ's Cafe, the dining hall for all student athletes?
  6. It appears that he pulled his hamstring on that long pass against Katy a couple minutes in to the video. Anyway, nice looking ballplayer.
  7. Plus, we have an AD that has deep ties in the basketball community when/if we need to replace McCasland.
  8. And gets swept by FIU over the weekend.
  9. Thank you for the updates.
  10. Always. Never missed a game. That was my favorite era of UNT basketball.
  11. I like the Mean Green nickname but I always opposed RV wanting to totally do away with Eagles. Let's just be the Mean Green Eagles.
  12. Sounds like the relationship between Underwood and the OSU AD was strained.
  13. Start back up Wednesday.