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  1. Exactly. Beth Marie's, for example, aren't walking in and taking up prime vendor space at each game without paying.
  2. Our facilities are fine. I will jump on @SilverEagle's bandwagon and blame culture. Our overall culture for ever and a day needs to be changed. I think we are on the right track, but winning, continued support of the administration, treating this like a real program, etc... will move the ball in the right direction.
  3. Go to the 1:20 mark. How dare you all say the spin move won't work. Look what it did to Dr. Death!
  4. So, because you can't compare us to the toothless wonders at LSU, for example, you jump to the assumption that we are not a real fanbase or a real football program. Look, we get that you are upset, dissatisfied, or whatever you want to call it with your opinion of our recruiting. Great. Jumping on every thread about an offer or a young man that has decided to commit to our school and criticizing our staff, program and the young man indirectly is not helpful. This is the same hard headedness that 90 exhibited over and over and over that just wears on people. Every time you complain about young men committing that don't have other FBS offers at this time, I can respond with success stories of young men that didn't and ended up with great careers. We can always improve, always, but we also have to overcome years of neglect from the university and failure for the majority of the lifetime of the young men we are after. SL and staff are working to change this attitude, but it doesn't happen overnight, so I expect us to improve each year. You can say last year's class wasn't as good as SL's first, but we won't really know until these players start contributing and we can evaluate their careers when they are done. I think this all boils down to you have a negative impression of the recruiting efforts that not all of us share. We are open and fine with your point of view when it is not placed in a thread dedicated to a young man committing to North Texas. Share your thoughts in this thread or another one dedicated to criticizing recruiting.
  5. Another swing and a miss, but thanks again for playing. I was asking because I had been on Twitter earlier and had been noticing this. As was stated above, a simple question. Please show the BS rhetoric that required your corrections and "cleaning up?" That is right, you won't find any.
  6. Is that Darden?
  7. I didn't refer to anyone in particular but thanks for trying to project what I was thinking. Vito does this for every player that had an offer from us. I was honestly curious if this was a normal practice of beat writers. If this is a common practice, as you say, who does this?
  8. Correct. Wins and losses on the field mean much more to me, and, IMHO, is a much better barometer on how they are fairing against their peers.
  9. Nobody is asking you not to share your opinion on recruiting just not in a thread about a new commit.
  10. Once again, you miss the point entirely. Nobody ever said ignore it, just don't turn every thread about a new recruit in to a diatribe on your opinionmof the staff's recruiting failures. See, not ignoring just doing it elsewhere. Get it?
  11. Love this. Where is anyone asking you to ignore it?
  12. How many beat writers post on Twitter every time a high school player that was offered by the school they cover commits elsewhere? Do the UT writers do this when a kid commits to A&M or OU? Does a writer that covers OU do this when a kid commits to OSU, UT, Nebraska, etc..?
  13. Put the food trucks outside during tailgating.