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  1. Does the MWC care about having a place in the DFW market? They never really expressed an interest, plus it is way out of their geographic footprint.
  2. B-Ball History

    I hear you, but they said the same about their chances against UVA.
  3. B-Ball History

    Thry might get that chance.
  4. Honestly, considering she is entering the last year of her contract, she should be first in line.
  5. What was the MWC's best bowl? The New Orleans wasn't CUSA's, just where our team chose to play. The MWC dumped their television contract. How many MWC games did you watch this year? The MWC isn't the answer.
  6. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    Can't start these discussions until the off season begins and we have two pages of uniform talk.
  7. Mercer (3/19/18)

    I realize that, but I would argue that Mercer's conference was much stronger than SD's. I would assume Mercer's losses affected their RPI quite a bit. I honestly don't know how all of that works. Pure speculation. Either way, Mercer will be a tough game.
  8. Mercer (3/19/18)

    I thought so as well. To me, their overall competition appeared stronger than South Dakota's.
  9. So why put a picture of one of our golfers hacking out of the rough?
  10. A lot of unanswered questions. Not under construction, but erected in like 6 hours, which makes no sense. Somebody is about to pay big.
  11. Basketball and football are over

    Spring Football and March Madness CBI style.
  12. Question

    It was. Saved DD's job and started the streak. I had never heard of MUTS until that game. Between the Hicks 4 Heisman, their Coach Andy Mac and his pajama/warm up suit attire, the snot shooting mascot and their attitude during that game and when we went to the NOLA Bowl cemented my dislike of the Hillbilly Dogs.
  13. South Dakota Game MVP

    Oops, fixed. Guy came out of nowhere to really contribute. Solid game except for his FT shooting after not contributing much all year.
  14. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Lose and we hire JJ only to turn around and fire him immediately!