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  1. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    The excitement level of this thread is rivaled only by that one punt return we had.
  2. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    To be fair... your SMUG ass shoulda just drowned.
  3. Green P1

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Quit being logical and start threatening to burn your piece of paper. Did McCarney or Dodge ever give up a 28 pt lead? Ill I’ll hang up and listen.
  4. Green P1

    Homecoming Parking Situation

    Good question. WE NEED ANSWERS
  5. Green P1

    Homecoming Parking Situation

    Hate that this had to be an early game. Gonna be another home game I can’t make.
  6. Green P1

    Recipe to beat North Texas

    Now you want to talk about the weakness that you admonished other fans for worrying about after Incarnate Word and Liberty? If you think it’s just Jordan.... who you’re right is garbage... you’re in denial.
  7. Green P1

    All Hat No Cattle

    Jordan Murray is going to catch a lot of flack... and he’s not good... he’s really bad... but no one on that line plays at the CUSA level. We’re about to waste a generational talent if something doesn’t change.
  8. Green P1

    All Hat No Cattle

    Watching Mason run for his life against Incarnate Word should have told everyone all they needed to know. Without an offensive line this team is gonna be lots of fun but nothing more than a coin flip against the above average CUSA defenses. You can’t compete with what we’ve got up front. But it is a really nice Heisman quality hat.
  9. Green P1

    Things we need

    Waterless urinals, more super fans willing to chastise their lesser peers, a way less shitty Scrappy costume and maybe a smoking section in The Wing.
  10. Green P1

    La. Tech Game day weather report

    Pouring in Denia. This sucks
  11. Green P1

    John Williams getting the credit he deserves!

    Yea.... but how bout all them empty seats frum them last season????