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  1. Stop giving this clown/troll attention. He does it on purpose to rule people up
  2. Hopefully one of SL’s last ever pressers for North Texas
  3. Maybe you should look up the definition of cringey before commenting. Language comprehension isn't for everyone
  4. Totally agree. We have a ton of "be careful what you wish for because the grass isn't always greener" commenters out there but we know what we get with Littrell so it's worth a shot to look at breaking past his ceiling since many coaches have shown how far they can go in such a short time. Side note: I have no faith in Littrell getting it done in a rematch with UTSA in a Championship game if we do get that far given his record in big games.
  5. Unfortunately, this is very true. Hoisting an NIT banner in basketball is extremely cringey
  6. Traylor has done in 3 years what Littrell wishes he could do in 7
  7. Absolutely, to be in the drivers seat for a conference championship birth most of the season just to choke it away during yet another crucial stretch of the season is a fireable offense for a coach that has won nothing in 7 years
  8. Lmao, no. Once he’s fired, cut all ties with him
  9. No hate here. He did his job for us, got his degree, and is able to keep playing football and get a graduate degree from a great school. Respect to him
  10. You know what? You've convinced me. Forget the 0 bowl wins, 0 conference championships, .500 or below overall record, abysmal record against teams with a winning record, broken record of teams falling apart at crucial moments in the season, etc. We should just go ahead and fire up the extension tomorrow. Thank you for your wisdom. Why should we strive for more at Little Ole' UNT?
  11. Same sources as Stephen A Smith and Gabriela Miranda: https://www.washingtonpost.com/media/2022/06/16/usa-today-gabriela-miranda-retractions/
  12. I'm also with you on that. I think this fanbase needs the anti-Littrell to drum up interest and engagement again
  13. My thoughts exactly. I feel like either would be a great hire here
  14. We are literally currently dealing with the ramifications of that kind of hire. No thank you. Give me previous head coaching/program building experience.
  15. That’s Vito’s MO. Selectively cherry-pick stats to try and make his choices look good (Littrell, Aune, etc.) meanwhile, the results on the field tell a much different story.
  16. My two cents, the sample size is way too small for both of them for me to be fully on board with either. Wright does have some interim coaching experience at FAU for 4 games but otherwise, both are still in their first and second years as head coaches. Wright has more experience and seems the more ready to make an FBS jump but I would need to see more from him and his program building.
  17. He’s a UTSA fan saying he doesn’t want to play us in the CG…
  18. My prediction is that Aune throws another Pick 6 against Bye Week, our secondary let's Bye Week's QB throw for over 400 yards, and while we may keep it close in the first half, Bye Week will make second half adjustments when we don't and we get the doors blown off of us, making Bye Week look like a CFP contender.
  19. He first built Wisconsin-Whitewater into a DIII powerhouse winning 6 National Championships out of the 7 years he was there. I think that's what he was referring to. He was also well on his way towards turning Buffalo around until KU came calling. My two cents are that I agree with @p_phelps. Give me a known program builder that has been there, done that before and knows what works rather than a career coordinator trying to learn on the fly and experimenting every year trying to figure out what works.
  20. Another Bert sugarcoating article. UAB are not a good team and have an interim coach to boot. They lost to teams we blew out including everything else mentioned above yet you would think they were a Top 25 team the way we looked against them in the second half. I’m looking on the bright side though. The more evidence that we get showing Littrell isn’t it the guy, the easier the decision to can him at the end of the season will be
  21. And Littrell just got blown out by that interim coach. A trend becomes a pattern
  22. Yeah, thank you. Sounds like a pretty big red flag but who knows. Maybe he learned his lesson from that. He is still a pretty good coach regardless and at least worth kicking the tires on
  23. Lol, I remember going to the Aaron Jones UTEP game years back extremely confident because we just needed that win to become bowl eligible and UTEP was really not good that year. Well, we all know how that game ended and that game, coupled with a few bowl blowouts I saw in person have taught me the really hard lesson that if there is a way that Seth can screw up something so important, he'll find it.
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