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  1. Worked for me. Thanks. Just had to get through 10 porn ads but once I got it in full screen, been good.
  2. Yes we do. UTSA was just led by UTEP 24-0 yesterday. They ended up winning on a last second field goal, the only 3 points either team scored in the 4th quarter. They're not the team they were last year.
  3. If true, he'll be fired in less than 5 years and people will wonder what happened. Well, it took him 7 seasons to do better than a 7-win season at Tulane but it looks like he built a real winner. Most programs would have fired him last season when they went 2-10. Good coaches like him flop at the P5 because the AD/boosters aren't patient enough. That said, at 62, this is probably his last big pay-day. Good for him.
  4. I'd feel differently if we weren't currently sitting at 7-5. Getting 9 wins only sounds nice until you realize it took you 14 games to get there. In this era of college football, that just doesn't cut it. We'll see what happens if UNT pulls out a couple wins.
  5. If UNT beats UTSA and wins a bowl to finish 9-5, I think it's ok to say we're thankful for the time he spent here and raising the standard here in Denton but still move on. Personally, limping into a conference championship game at 7-5 speaks more to the weakness of CUSA than the strength of UNT. That's not a reason to keep him. Not even if they beat UTSA on Friday. Anything can happen in one game. I'll take the body of work instead.
  6. Kind of sad their basketball team goes by "The Beach." Not nearly as fun as their baseball team's name, the "Dirtbags." Anyways, glad Huntsberry had a good game. Couldn't watch it due to Flo. Hopefully we can pull out a finals win against UNC-W and improve to 5-1. The guys in green are heating up.
  7. Never understood the hype with him but I'm also not an AD or football savant. He's had two good seasons as a HC? And by good, I mean better than 8 wins. I'm sure he'll find his way to the Alabama school of coaching like many former P5 HCs these days and end up a formidable OC somewhere.
  8. They can and will. Just a bad game by Martinez and Rubin Jones is still being worked in. I think we'll see a couple guys capable of getting into double figures each game (thinking of Martinez and Jones or whoever Jones replaces in the starting lineup when he's back in form).
  9. Oh my came to say this. And it's not just the play calling but Aune, as a veteran QB, chose to throw that for a potential gain of 2 instead of tucking it and running left if at least just to make sure the clock keeps running. Football IQ has to be higher in those situations.
  10. Can't stop running the ball just because it ain't working yet. All it takes is 1 to break free to change the dynamics of the game.
  11. Throw Earle out there and run the damn ball. Run some option with Earle. It's pouring rain. Why does Aune have 27 pass attempts? He's gone entire games with less but now with rain pouring, we call passing play after passing play? Horrible.
  12. I'll say it. I hope we lose this game. I want Seth fired when the game is over. There's too many good coaches out there interviewing at this point with it being the last weekend of the regular season. Ready for a change.
  13. USF is also in play for Deion and I'd see him going there or staying at Jackson State before going to Colorado. Too much of an uphill battle. He can go to USF, dominate an easier conference than the Pac 12, and make the playoffs with less opposition. Based on his few coaching stops, he's more likely to go places where he has an advantage over his immediate competition. He won't have that at Colorado.
  14. Suddenly having games stream for free on Stadium doesn't seem so bad. Hashtag perspective
  15. Answered no way but now that I think about it, I think he could make UNT football really exciting. Will it translate to conference championships? I don't know. But putting up 50 ppg should put butts in seats and get the local recruits excited. My biggest thing is the local kids being excited though. Hey, kids! Check out the guy who found Baker Mayfield as a walk-on, who coached Patrick Mahomes his whole college career, and was the OC for Johnny Manziel during his Heisman campaign. He also coached the first Texas Tech unanimous All-American since Crabtree in Jace Amaro. I think he would bring a lot of local talent to Denton. I guess my thought is his floor is where we are now while his ceiling is higher. A big offense will get wins at the G5 level. Question is how many. Dykes and Kiffin were P5 retreads who are doing just fine after going the G5 route. Why not have Kingsbury do the same here? Why not UNT? Side note, he made it a point to have complete control over uniforms at Texas Tech. It was critical enough that it was in his contract. I don't care either way but thoughts?
  16. @gordo nationhave you considered modeling in front of the library? Beautifying the campus doesn't need to involve school administrators. Be the change you want to be.
  17. I sat at the dinner table alone but brought it up anyways. I've been obsessing over who's right and wrong about Covid ever since it started and have ended multiple family relationships because of it. My desires for somebody to be wrong completely depends on how much I like them on a personal level. I'll never be comfortable enough with my personal choices to just let others do as they please and move on being happy.
  18. Or a new staff can be a reason to stay. Every situation is different and there's no way to cater exactly to the needs of 100 college kids (plus Aune). You've got to do what's best for your program. Talent comes and goes and they're only here for 4 to 5 years tops anyways. A legit coach can change the future of a program.
  19. This what NT93 said. Got to stop being scared to lose players. They will do what they want regardless. TCU made a coaching change after having Patterson for 20+ years and they look better off.
  20. Man, UAB is going to mop the floor with us if we don't improve.
  21. I guess the alternative is to bring noise canceling headphones or bring headphones to listen to the radio broadcast.
  22. Do y'all not watch P5 football and high-major basketball games? There's music playing constantly. If you want light elevator music playing in the background so you can talk stocks, stay home. You want a big time atmosphere until you don't.
  23. This is what the Big 12 has been doing for a few years now. Enhances the strength of schedule due to limiting games against weak OOC opponents and creates the narrative of a true champion being crowned. Conferences with divisions have the question of whether or not the champion received a favorable cross-divisional draw. Not that it's helped smaller P5 programs such as TCU this year but that's the idea. I like it but ultimately none of it matters if the committees keep looking at brand name over record. If TCU was UT or OU, they'd be top 3 maybe top 2 with little questions asked.
  24. I'd reply to this but the forum isn't showing for me.
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