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  1. One outlier doesn't negate the whole sample. He throws some nice balls and had a good game by his standard. He's still generally inaccurate.
  2. This has been a conversation in other threads. If you fire SL today and plan to hire somebody soon for the sake of recruiting, aren't you limiting your pool of candidates considering the season is still very much alive for many potential candidates? You'd basically be resorting yourself to the unemployed list which isn't necessarily a bad list but still limits you. I realize plenty of coaches come to HC agreements during the season and take over at their new gig as soon as the season is over but that doesn't mean they'll be out recruiting for UNT today while they're still coaching elsewhere. Other than them penciling in their future coaching staff here in Denton, is there really much of a recruiting advantage in firing SL today?
  3. Per ESPN, he's 6/31 for 49 yards with 1 interception. Hopefully we can put this "what if" to rest.
  4. The guy's a motivator and has his players believing they belong. Lots of football left but they're taking it to the horns so far.
  5. Utsa scores a TD and recovers the ensuing onside kick. Wow. Just a few plays later, crazy TD in double coverage. 17-7 UTSA.
  6. 1st and goal from the 1 for UTSA and they ran it in for a TD on the first play. Y'all better grow some thick skin. This season is going to get ugly regardless of when he's fired.
  7. Yeah there's clearly no depth on that D-Line but to be fair, they're on the field far too much. We run too fast of a tempo on offense for how poor our depth is. Look at the drive breakdowns on ESPN. We ran a 12 play drive in 3:27. UNLV ran a 17 play drive in 8:07 right after. In the 3rd quarter, they ran 8 plays in 4:01, then us 9 plays in 2:43, back to them 15 plays in 6:43, followed by us going 9 plays in 2:18. Time of possession was 38:42 to 21:18 in their favor but we all knew it would be skewed from watching the game. We moved the ball well at times but our defense just got shredded to the point it really didn't matter what the offense did - UNLV was going to score nearly ever drive. After the first quarter, they punted twice. They gave their defense time to recover with long drives. Our offense really is built to control the clock but coach won't stray from what he knows, I guess. I feel like this team is better than a 30 point loss to UNLV. They just need to use the offense to help the defense.
  8. I thought Aune had a mostly good game. That defense was pathetic. Conditioning, angles, slow to react, I don't know but they made the QB look like Cam Newton.
  9. He's really just running the plays and, at least to me, is determined where he's going to pass at the time of the snap. He just doesn't MAKE plays happen unless it's already there. He's not a gamer.
  10. The announcers just called UNT a tough opponent. 🥲 wow. Bet Wren extends SL now that the opposing announcers recognize our greatness.
  11. I feel weird saying this but... I've never seen hands that small on a grown man. Maybe it's the angle.
  12. Just want to get in before the second half starts to say I've been pleased with Aune's play so far. Been a couple passes where placement could have been better. Hope he can keep it up overall.
  13. Well, WKU was the better team but the refs wouldn't let it happen. Refs called 4 penalties on the WKU defense (2 on Stout) on Indiana's game-tying drive, then another flag on the 2-point conversion attempt for good measure. WKU will be tough.
  14. UNT wins 30-21 forcing Wren to extend him for another year. With Tennessee extending their HC after starting his Vols tenure with an 8-7 record, Wren realizes he needs to do everything in his power to keep our own .500 HC in Denton. This forum lights up in flames but we still tune in to watch every week because we're mentally ill.
  15. I'm not saying they aren't prepared at all but unless they hired a defensive consultant to specifically gameplan for every single game on their schedule, there's no way they can be as prepares for the rest of their schedule as they were for Bama considering Patterson had no responsibilities other than prepping for last saturday for the past 3 months.
  16. While Texas' defense played an awesome game against Bama, I think their actual defense is being overhyped a bit. They had Patterson game-planning specifically for Bama for the past 3 months. Let me rephrase, they hired Patterson to watch hundreds of hours of Bama film to create the perfect gameplan. I'd say it worked. They won't have that benefit for the rest of their schedule. We'll see how they look after the physical and emotional beating they took last week. Logically, the talent gap should be great enough that it doesn't matter but we've seen enough upsets that I'd say a UTSA upset is possible.
  17. WKU @ Indiana North Texas @ UNLV Georgia Southern @ UAB - yes, GA So just beat a bad Nebraska team. No, it doesn't mean they've arrived. They were 3-9 last year. Their starting QB couldn't cut it at Buffalo. Back down to earth this week. Charlotte @ Georgia St Tennessee St. @ MTSU UCF @ FAU Louisiana @ Rice LA Tech @ Clemson UTSA @ Texas - both UT's top quarterbacks are hurt and uncertain to play although maybe they just don't want to show their hand. Regardless, both suffered injuries against Bama and neither will be 100% if they do play. UTEP @ New Mexico - 3-2 on a last second field goal.
  18. Yeah you bring up a good name in Fuente that I personally had forgotten about. The fact he got it done at Memphis, in the conference we're joining, gives him bonus points for me. Brown gets bonus points if he can bring Harrell as his OC. A familiar face to guide him through Denton and who's already recruited here would be great.
  19. Breaking news. Young alphamale athletes who know they're good have an ego. Take a look at the field around you. There's plenty of individualism going on, especially amongst the top players with all the NIL stuff going on. I'd understand if there was criminal activity going on but that's not the case. If you want top tier talent, you're going to have to deal with some egos. It's up to the coaches to learn how to address those egos and keep them focused on the field.
  20. Guess it depends on the coaches and their abilities to lead young men. They were going to play somewhere. Clearly the behavioral issues aren't as significant as we may believe if they're immediately starting at UCLA. If it was that bad, they wouldn't have gone up in conference.
  21. Zappe had 3800 yards, 35 TDs to 15 interceptions his junior year at Houston Baptist. Body had 2000 passing yards, 11 TDs and 4 Interceptions in 10 games last year. Not quite the same caliber of player. See above. Also, Aune made the preseason CUSA first team All-Conference at QB last year and we see how that's turned out. I'll take legitimate production over opinion-based rankings.
  22. Bittersweet is fine. My comments are more directed at those who seem to imply we're better without them because they got some dumb penalties. I've seen it mainly in previous threads but there's similar comments above as well. I understand "win at all costs" isn't hung up but damn, I'd sure take the 25+ tackles for loss, 16ish sacks they got us last year. We don't have anybody on our roster who appears capable of replacing their production although I do think we have some nice pieces. Time will tell if we're truly better without them but I doubt it.
  23. Yes, I'm sure we're happy with losing the number 3 ranked edge rusher on PFF out of all of college football's 399 teams. Great. Grayson is #27 in the Pac 12. Y'all can stop acting like losing our two best edge rushers is ok because you're bitter. Dumb penalties or not, we lost two incredibly talented guys who had real FBS size. You guys claim you want to win but then say you're happy we lost two of our best players.
  24. Teachable. Unlike 6ft3, 262 pounds of raw pass rushing talent.
  25. I watched their first game vs Pitt and I think we can do better. Stage got big at the end and the winning TD was a pick-6 he threw on what could have been a final game winning drive. Didn't watch the Kansas game, though. Plus he's transfered twice already so I believe he's going to finish at WVU. Fun fact, WVU and Pitt both started former USC quarterbacks. Pitt QB Slovis started for USC in 2020 against Grant Gunnell quarterbacked Arizona. Gunnell threw for 286 yards with a 67% completion percentage on 36 passes, 3 TDs and 1 Interception that game but USC got the game winning TD with 25 seconds left. Not like we don't have a talented former Pac 12 QB on our roster...
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