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  1. Meanwhile, MTSU throws it deep from their own endzone and hits the receiver in stride for a 99 yard TD. 38-17 MTSU at #25 Miami.
  2. I've never been an Aune fan. I'd rather give anybody else playing time.
  3. Is it just me or was Shorter open in the endzone on that last throw of the half? Felt like Aune panicked several times on that drive and we could have got 7. Honestly, the defense has let some big drives but is playing ok. We should be winning with better QB play. My biggest gripe is playcalling. On the drive where we turned it over on downs, we got a good 6 yard run on 1st and 10, then a deep pass to Shorter, then a 2 yard loss. Didn't understand the deep attempt. Running was doing well and we abandoned it. Seems they still haven't figured out how to lean on the run.
  4. It's about $7 per month and gets you plenty of college games, whether it be basketball, football, softball, baseball... it's one of the few steaming services I keep year-round.
  5. Clearly I don't know these guys by name. I never even knew SMU games were broadcast on the radio. I've been working Saturdays so I've been listening to their games while I drive around conducting my business. I'll say this, there's not much on the radio that beats the subtle hints of panic mixed in with the manufactured excitement required by calling play-by-play each time TCU gets chunk yards.
  6. Colorado didn't like what they had at QB so they're playing a true freshman against UCLA today. Guess if things aren't working, changes should be made. Wonder if we'll see something similar soon, maybe on a bigger scale.
  7. SMU's football commentators on 96.7 mocking Austin Aune as only the second oldest player SMU has faced this year. The TCU punter takes the cake. He's also 29 but slightly older than Aune who only recently turned 29. Laughs were aplenty on the Dallas radio station as they made sure to note 29-year-old Aune plays for North Texas.
  8. TCU. I have no reason to dislike them. SMU is the entitled bunch with little to show for. I hope they get humbled today.
  9. Very impressive and congratulations on your sobriety. I hope Sark remains sober and has developed better habits to deal with pressure. I'm rooting for him on that front.
  10. So we shouldn't panic yet about this high-school recruiting cycle and the portal will be more indicative of what's to come?
  11. Good job on the staff to adjust to their strengths. 54 carries to 11 passes. Controlled time of possession. Miners offense was on the field for over 40 minutes. Zero turnovers the entire game for both teams. Maybe SL was watching and decides to play to our strengths from here on out.
  12. Clearly they're not that worried about the bottle since they replaced Herman with Sarkisian. I understand people can clean up but they can fall right back into it as well.
  13. How far back are we in recruiting this cycle? Things have changed with early signing and I'm not the most knowledgeable, well in anything, but especially not college football recruiting timelines. Is this about the same as previous years? Feels like the most quiet recruiting cycle we've had since... well... the last coaching change.
  14. In that case, all 130ish FBS teams join conferences based on geography, then the winners play in regional tournaments and so on to eventually get to a final championship game between the two remaining teams. Call it a "playoff" or something. Wonder if something similar already exists.
  15. UCLA will throw some money at a non-profit and agree to host a yearly conference or host a study. "Caring" about climate change is just playing into what their community wants them to care about no different than the top celebrities "caring" about climate change while taking private jets and helicopters everywhere. All that really matters to the bosses at the end of the day is their wallets.
  16. Right. Much different saying "want to be my next coach? I might be firing my current one but he doesn't know yet." Kind of like marrying somebody who left their ex for you. You'll always be insecure about them leaving you for somebody else and hiding it. It's best for everything to be open in breakups which means Wren either fires SL and starts interviewing or he waits until SL is gone.
  17. Yes but the African-American community has a lot of pride for HBCUs. The same can't be said for the DFW area and UNT. Many of my co-workers went to HBCUs, a few played football at Southern, Mississippi Valley, one played basketball at Florida A&M, and even if they have an FBS favorite, there's always love for their HBCU. I've been around the Grambling/Prairie View festivities every year and really is something else. All that to say, the pride in building an HBCU to be a national power is much different than building UNT to be a national power. If a guy like Deion were to have success here using similar recruiting points, he'd probably have to go back to Leon King and Abner Haynes integrating Texas college football at North Texas and prop up our place in the history of integration of college sports. Other than that, it's not the same message.
  18. Didn't realize he was at USF. I'm sure he would have loved to stay in the area with son playing nearby.
  19. This. They've marketed themselves as the inclusive Dallas team and it's worked. For several years I've been seeing billboards highlighting their athletes and what South of 30 school the kids come from. Denton would be wise to hire some assistants from Collin County and Denton County and highlight their local players. Become the DFW college destination of choice for the northern counties. Fort worth has Tarrant County. SMU has Dallas and Ellis County. We should be able to take Denton, Collin, and add in Rockwall counties. Tap into Oklahoma due to proximity. We always say there's a ton of talent here and it's a recruiting goldmine. That doesn't mean we need to fight all over DFW for every recruit. Focus on being even more local.
  20. Getting smoked by UNLV was funny to me. Appreciate the optimism. Memphis 61 - UNT 20
  21. In all seriousness, I've seen all his plays here at UNT and nearly every offensive snap from his Arizona days. For whatever reason, there's a few YouTube pages that like to 25+ minutes videos of the Pac 12 football games so it's not just the highlights but the missed throws and sacks as well. I also watched some of his 10 minute long recruitment analysis videos, one I remember was from Rivals. His play here looks like he's lacking confidence. Could he be hurt? Sure? But why have a back-up QB who's hurt? So if your starter gets injured and can't return, you throw out another injured QB? Seems odd. I understand playing your starter even if he's a bit hobbled but I've never seen that with a back-up QB. I'll say this, Aune might have better arm strength but, at least in what I've seen, Gunnell generally has better ball placement. For example, tight sideline throws is something I've seen Gunnell complete and I don't think I've ever seen Aune make those throws but I may just be forgetting. We've all seen Aune make some wow throws but we've also seen far too many of the high/low/to the side misses. I think you'd get less of those from Gunnell but you may not get the occasional ball dropped in the basket with the receiver completely unaware it's there. Obviously, most college quarterbacks are still going to miss some throws. Shoot, I see NFL quarterbacks throw short 5 yard passes in the dirt. Jumping at Gunnell because he nervously threw his first UNT pass in the dirt is just looking for a reason to dismiss him. In my opinion, SL just feels safe with Aune and that's fine I guess but it's not doing much for us on the field. I think he gave up on Ruder too quickly. I think we're giving up on Gunnell too quickly as well.
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