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  1. Defense played fine overall. Like you said, it's it's turnovers. 2 interceptions, 2 fumbles (1 lost) against a bad team. The team has played very well these past few weeks but if there's an area to improve on offensively, it's ball security. Can't make those mistakes against UAB or UTSA if we play them again.
  2. Or the 3 yard shovel pass taken 45 yards to the house.
  3. I think UNT could have put up 73. Clearly took the foot off the gas. WKU appears to love running up the score considering their 59-7 win against Charlotte today. Kind of like SMU who has 63 on Houston with 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Wonder if Holgerson gets fired today after this performance. To the original point, I'm not too impressed with todays game because of the bad interceptions. They should have never scored 14. I'm probably being petty but it's irritating to give away points to a bad team.
  4. UAB came back from 2 scores down with about 5 minutes left to take it to OT. I was really surprised to see the game end the way it did.
  5. UAB with their own "the drive" to tie it with UTSA with 15 seconds left.
  6. Well dang. UAB had UTSA pinned at their half yard line and UTSA puts together a quick 99 yard TD drive. Started with a 3rd down conversion at 3rd and long from the UTSA 2 or 3.
  7. I'm not familiar with the analytics behind ESPN's match-up predictor but UAB has a 61.7% win probability today against UTSA. I know it's in Birmingham but still a big win probability. Hopefully ESPN is right!
  8. Per school's website, the students began calling it the flying worm when it was designed. Guess it's you older guys' fault! https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/9/17/general-visual-history-of-the-flying-worm
  9. The national press calls it that because UNT calls it that. Wonder if anybody within the department knows the original name?
  10. The Mountain West sure was hyped a bunch last year. We play one of the better Mountain West schools from last season in Fresno State. While they didn't fare too well in conference, they finished 23-13 after winning The Basketball Classic tournament. It's very important we beat Saint Mary's and/or Fresno State if we want a chance at an at-large bid should we not win our conference tournament. Grand Canyon also won 23 last year and lost their conference tourney to eventual conference champion New Mexico State. I remember reading a few years ago that Grand Canyon had invested a large amount of money in being successful in basketball. They want to be a power. The tournament in Nassau also looks to be winnable while gaining some quality victories. I'm very excited about this basketball season. Trying not to get ahead of myself but with our additions, our schedule, and McCasland, we have a chance at 27+ wins.
  11. It's easy for Houston fans to want to get rid of Holgerson, or whoever else they get next, when you've got a sports crazed billionaire signing the checks. It's also easy when it's not your money. I'm sure UNT has some fans with deep pockets but Fertitta is on another level. I read that Auburn is paying $36 million in head coach buyouts between Malzahn and this recently fired coach. That's a lot of coin being spent on a position that's currently vacant. Having a higher expectations comes at a cost. It's important to remember that.
  12. Measurables most definitely mean more than college stats against college competition, especially when 90% of the opposing competition is not NFL caliber. Every NFL team believes they can fix mechanics and coach through decision making. You can't teach size and strength. The below is career college stats of a current NFL starter. I'm not good with copy and paste on a phone but the order is completions, attempts, completion percentage, yards, yards per attempt, TDs, INTs. 365 649 56.2 5,066 7.8 44 21 The guy below recently retired after 16 years in the NFL and actually had nearly identical listed height and weight as Aune. These are the career college stats. 384 of 642; 59.9%; 5,234 yards; 39 TDs; 15 INT Neither of the two above played P5 football. One didn't even play FBS. Ultimately, I hope Aune gets a shot at the NFL. It would be great for him and UNT. I realize Weeden had a much more prolific college career but he was still drafted in the first round at 28 years old. I don't think age is as much of a deterent as people think. GMs, like coaches, are trying to win now to keep their jobs. They don't care about what goes down 10 years down the road. If they're losing, they won't make it to 10 years. If they're winning, they'll cross that bridge when they get there.
  13. More importantly, Tulane is staying in the AAC. If they continue to perform this year and next, especially if they land an NY6 bowl, it will keep the AAC at the top of the G5 food chain. Great stuff.
  14. Your post above makes me want to run through a wall. Not because of the SL stuff but everything that follows. The expectations, the job appeal, and everything else in there. Hopefully it's all true.
  15. I wonder if there was more press attention, he'd be a bit more energetic at press conferences. I'm not saying that's a valid excuse, I'm just thinking how dull it must be to go to press conferences and see same two faces every week. The players, including former, seem to really like him. There's a different side of SL we're not seeing.
  16. He'll get looks. The NFL is about winning. Yeah, they'd prefer a young QB they can have for the next 15 years but ultimately, if a guy helps them win that's all that matters. Where his age and experience with the Yankees helps him is you don't have to teach him how to be a pro either. Some of the young guys don't mature quickly enough and they end up not developing the way their team needs them to.
  17. For Comparison, Charlotte isn't propped up by the 14th best rushing attack in the nation by yards per game. Per ESPN, UNT averages 219.7 running yards per game. Charlotte is at 108.9 yards per game. Not that Charlotte has been much better with Reynolds, but they're 2-5 with him. Their original starter was benched after losing to William & Mary.
  18. You're right. It's a terrible message.
  19. He is... on a team that's bottom 5 in rushing yards per game. More importantly, they're 6th worst in yards per carry. Despite all the attention Hill/Waddle demand in the secondary, they aren't getting any kind of rushing attack. That's a problem as you get closer to the playoffs.
  20. They traded Chade Edmonds to Denver in the Bradley Chubb trade. Miles Gaskin hasn't seen much playing time this year. Seems they aren't happy with their RB production so far. I'm thinking when they sent Edmonds to Denver, they knew they were going to go after Jeff Wilson with the goal of trying him out at RB1.
  21. Haven't read that article yet from SI but I think this will be great for Wilson. McDaniel, the Dolphins HC, was the 49ers OC last year and the 49ers run game coordinator from 2017 to 2020. Clearly there's something he sees in Wilson to go out and get him. Hopefully he gets a bigger role in this offense.
  22. I'm a fairly recent graduate but "back in my day" (ha!) It was about bragging rights and a trophy. That's it. That was enough to get the Greek organizations involved. Sad it's not the same. Regarding the parade, I was planning to drive up across the few counties that separate my family from Denton for the parade. I was disappointed to find that it hasn't happened for a few years. Hopefully they bring it back next year. My kids are clamoring to go back to a UNT basketball game, though. Luckily that's right around the corner!
  23. As others have said, Brett Vito is a reporter. What you're looking for are bloggers. We have some, although not many, and they add more of the enthusiasm you're looking for.
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