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  1. Graham

    Rice Game Attendance

    I’ll be there with 13. Three all the way from Brooklyn. #GMG
  2. I’m coming all the way from NYC. The least these dummies could do is drive the 30 minutes from DFW.
  3. Graham

    Roster Update 7.30.18

    Someone go get me a 25-year-old Aussie rules kicker. Let’s get weird.
  4. I will 💯 buy one of these as soon as they’re available.
  5. Graham

    Television: So...

    CUSA TV is so hard to watch. I mean, there's not even a game clock, much less a play clock. Broadcast basics...
  6. Graham

    Zach Orr Officially Retires a Second Time

    Hire this man for a staff job immediately
  7. Graham

    Zach Orr is retiring

    You're hired, Mr. Orr.
  8. Graham

    A West Point/NYC Primer

    Glad to hear it man! And you're right – I totally need to add Eatly to that list. It's a sausage and carbohydrate wonderland. Good luck with the Dallas bagel hunt @meangreenhoops. Holler at me if find anything decent.
  9. Graham

    Early Army game roll call

    I'll be there +14.
  10. Graham

    A West Point/NYC Primer

    I would also highly recommend looking at AirBnB. NY hotels are crazy expensive, and most of the reasonable options are shitholes. There are tens of thousands of great apartments on AirBnB to choose from, usually $100 less/night than a sub par hotel. And don't forget Brooklyn. Neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, etc are beautiful and no more than one or two subway stops from Manhattan. I keep a good Google Doc of stuff to do/see/drink/stuff your face with too. Feel free to have a look here.
  11. Good to know. One more reason to on Rice foosball.
  12. @Travis I didn't have audio either, until about the last 5 min of the first half. Overall, is a pretty big bummer. I'm used to watching streaming games on ESPN3, but this stream is pretty basic. No audio, the feed stopped entirely for about 25 minutes – there isn't even a score or game clock on the screen. It's honestly a little shocking that they'd even go through the trouble of offering a streaming experience without checking a few of these extremely basic boxes. Yeesh.
  13. Graham

    Ferry to West Point

    Yessir. And I'm bringing another 15-20 folks. Looking forward to getting nautical with you fools.