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  1. “I don't worry that much about the players because they're young and healthy and with proper treatment could could be back in playing shape in a short period of time.” - Sorry, I’m not usually a very vocal member of this board, but this is an incredibly irresponsible point of view. Many, many thousands of young people have died from this disease. The fact that any of us would knowingly put these young men in harms way...it’s deplorable y’all.
  2. I’d be beyond shocked if there’s football this fall.
  3. I'm down in Oaxaca for a couple of months and wearing the mean green gear daily. It's a big hit in a country with mutual love for the águila (eagle).
  4. If we are banking on any version of a broadcast tv deal, we’re betting on the wrong horse. ESPN+ may not be the answer, but we’d be smart to lean into streaming platform deals. Like it or not, the cord is already cut for the largest, and only growing, segment of sports watchers. If we get the infrastructure in place early, get the right promotion tools figured out, and start thinking “digital-first” — meaning get clever with all the tools streaming viewers have to interact with us during the game and after — we’ll be in a great position when the old system comes crashing down. IM-v
  5. I’ll be there with 13. Three all the way from Brooklyn. #GMG
  6. I’m coming all the way from NYC. The least these dummies could do is drive the 30 minutes from DFW.
  7. Someone go get me a 25-year-old Aussie rules kicker. Let’s get weird.
  8. I will 💯 buy one of these as soon as they’re available.
  9. CUSA TV is so hard to watch. I mean, there's not even a game clock, much less a play clock. Broadcast basics...
  10. Glad to hear it man! And you're right – I totally need to add Eatly to that list. It's a sausage and carbohydrate wonderland. Good luck with the Dallas bagel hunt @meangreenhoops. Holler at me if find anything decent.
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