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  1. We all know the current situation Seth Littrell and the UNT Football team are in, currently sitting at 1-6 the Mean Green would have to win out to qualify for a bowl game. This puts UNT in a weird position, because Littrell's big contract, firing him means a 2 million dollar buyout. With a looming conference change, UNT is probably wanting a fresh start. Down below I've listed 3 strong candidates that UNT should go after to replace Littrell, to start the American Conference era on the right foot. Doc Hudson The Hudson Hornet knows one or two things about winning. Doc won the Piston Cup three times in his lengthy Racing Career, he also holds the most wins in a single season (16). My favorite thing about Doc is his leadership ability, in Lighting McQueen's 2015 final race for the Piston Cup he put together a group of cars with no experience. They almost won but McQueen opted for sportsmanship over winning the big race. Doc can bring a winning attitude to the athletic department and the Mean Green football team. His track record is flawless and reminds me a lot of Tom Landry. Jon Gruden I know you are probably thinking "why would we want a guy facing so many allegations" well two words.... Super Bowl. Imagine the next person to coach the Mean Green has won a Super Bowl. Bringing a NFL level coach to the American conference would give UNT such a great advantage. Gruden probably has no interest from any NFL or D1 athletic program, so this is our time to pounce. People will forget about what happened in the past month with Gruden by the time the season finishes. Ride Littrell out for the rest of the season then snag Gruden. George Dunham Former Mean Green play by play voice for 20 years and morning show host at the Ticket needs to make a change from the brodcast booth to down on the field. Dunham screams UNT, donors would have no problem paying him a contract like Littrell. The one thing that separates Dunham from the other two candidates on this post is his ability to keep a listener. With that ability he could change the culture and gravitate the players towards him. Dunham is a no brainer for this job.
  2. Moments after the men charged into his apartment, Caperton Humphrey remembered the baseball bat in his bedroom. If they came at him — and Humphrey believed he saw the imprint of a pistol in one man’s jogging pants — he needed a plan to fight back. For months, four of these men had been his teammates on the Kansas Jayhawks football team. Now they and about a half-dozen others were in Humphrey’s living room, threatening him, his father Jamie, and even Caperton’s 15-year-old brother. Seconds later, Jamie Humphrey dialed 911, putting his phone on speaker before setting it on a countertop. Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article252152528.html#storylink=cpy Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article252152528.html#storylink=cpy
  3. 112. North Texas After winning 18 games from 2017-18, the Mean Green have slipped to an 8-14 record over the last two years. Scoring points won’t be a problem for coach Seth Littrell’s team in ’21. However, the defense has to show marked improvement to get back to a bowl. Offensive Strength: The Mean Green led Conference USA in scoring (34.4 ppg), yards per play (6.6), and most gains of 40-plus yards (19) last season. Littrell has to sort out an intriguing quarterback battle between Austin Aune and former North Carolina signal-caller Jace Ruder, but this unit should be explosive once again. DeAndre Torrey and Oscar Adaway III lead a strong backfield, and four starters return from one of the top lines in the league. A healthy Jyaire Shorter at receiver will help replace the production left behind by Jaelon Darden. Offensive Concern: Can Aune or Ruder claim the job and play with enough consistency to keep the offense on track all year? Shorter’s return is huge, but North Texas needs a couple of other playmakers to emerge at receiver. The offense has to do a better job at managing turnovers after losing 15 in 2020. Defensive Strength: Littrell’s hire of veteran coordinator Phil Bennett was a strong move to get a struggling defense pointed in the right direction. Tackle Dion Novil and linebackers Tyreke Davis and KD Davis are three key players among nine returning defensive starters for North Texas in 2021. Defensive Concern: This unit allowed a whopping 42.8 points a game and surrendered 6.94 yards per play last season. Even with a new play-caller and help through the transfer portal, major improvement might be a year away. read more: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/college-football-top-130-team-rankings-2021
  4. HUNTINGTON — The good news is that North Texas’ offense was the best offense in Conference USA last season. The bad news that the North Texas defense was one of the worst defenses in FBS, if not THE worst. That porous defense led Seth Littell’s bunch to a losing record overall and even in Conference USA, which was not the expectation coming into a season in which they featured one of the nation’s best receivers in Jaelon Darden. Unfortunately for the Mean Green, Darden is gone to the NFL and the defensive problems still are present. Former SMU head coach Phil Bennett takes over the defense, which is a big step forward, but North Texas needs more than Bennett’s expertise to fix a defense that allowed an FBS-worst 43 points while also yielding 522 yards per game. The good news for Bennett is that, from a production standpoint, there are plenty of pieces returning who can help. Up front, All-Conference USA tackle Dion Novil returns and there is young talent at the end spots with Grayson and Gabriel Murphy, but defending the run and getting a more consistent pass rush are pivotal to improving the 2020 numbers. read more: https://www.herald-dispatch.com/sports/2021-marshall-football-opponents-north-texas-has-to-improve-defense/article_88448e57-cd3f-5230-9726-58e5c1f6a1be.html
  5. From The Athletic's Stewart Mandel: All strictly G5-assigned bowls will be maintained, but I would expect absolutely minimum latitude for there to be P5-G5 pairings of any kind this bowl season.
  6. I haven't been plugged into much news about this upcoming football season. Can someone point me to an existing thread or explain where UNT stands right now in terms of its schedule? I know A&M has cancelled all non-conference games this season but assuming C-USA doesn't shut down this season are we still expecting to play our non-conference opponents as it stands today? SMU, Houston, HBU? If we are still planning on playing everyone on schedule besides A&M, this season doesn't seem completely lost as I had once thought. As long as CUSA doesn't cancel, I feel pretty good about our success in the upcoming season.
  7. Better late than never. Compiled via http://cfbstats.com/. Top 10 Nationally underlined. O F F E N S E D E F E N S E Scoring Offense Scoring Defense UNT - 38th nationally at 33.2 ppg UNT - 115th at 34.4 ppg Rice - T 124th nationally at 16.5 ppg Rice - 70th at 28.1 ppg Rushing Offense Rushing Defense UNT - 78th nationally at 152.70 ypg, 8 TD UNT - 100th nationally at 193.80 ypg, 27 TD Rice - 119th nationally at 116 ypg, 9 TD Rice - 57tht nationally at 148.60 ypg, 17 TD Passing Offense Passing Defense UNT - 20th nationally at 296.9 ypg, 31 TD (6th nat), 9 INT UNT - T 76th nationally at 235.5 ypg, 14 TD, 4 INT Rice - 99th nationally at 167.1 ypg, 12 TD, 3 INT (5th nat) Rice - 99th nationally at 252.4 ypg, 17 TD, 5 INT Total Offense Total Defense UNT - 29th nationally at 449.6ypg UNT - 94th nationally at 429.3 ypg Rice - 127th nationally at 283.1 ypg Rice - 68th nationally at 401.0 ypg First Downs Opp First Downs UNT - T 40th nationally at 22.4 pg UNT - T 96th nationally at 22.2 pg Rice - 122nd nationally at 16.9 pg Rice - T 48th nationally at 19.7 pg 3rd Down Conversions Opp 3rd Down Conversions UNT - 85th nationally at 38.19% UNT - T 92nd nationally at 42.38% Rice - 99th nationally at 36.30% Rice - 123rd nationally at 47.41% 4th Down Conversions Opp 4th Down Conversions UNT - 57th at 56.00% UNT - 55th at 47.37% Rice - 103rd at 41.18% Rice - T 96th at 60.00% Red Zone Scoring Conversions Opp Red Zone Scoring Conversions UNT - T 59th at 85.00% UNT - T 124th at 92.11% Rice - T 117th at 72.41% Rice - T 97th at 86.67% Sacks Allowed Sacks UNT - T 36th nationally (16), 1.6 sacks pg UNT - T 44th nationally (24), 2.4 sacks pg Rice - T 113th nationally (30), 3 sacks pg Rice - T 122nd nationally (11), 1.1 sacks pg Tackles For Loss Allowed Tackles For Loss UNT - T 78th nationally (62), 6.2 TFLs pg UNT - T 69th nationally (59), 5.9 TFLs pg Rice - T 85th nationally (64), 6.4 TFLs pg Rice - T 84th nationally (55), 5.5 TFLs pg S P E C I A L • T E A M S Punt Returns Opp Punt Returns UNT - T 59th nationally at 8.27 avg ypr, 1 TD UNT - 94th nationally at 9.92 avg ypr, 1 TD Rice - T 45th nationally at 9.00 avg ypr, 0 TD Rice - 11th nationally at 2.17 avg ypr, 0 TD Kickoff Returns Opp Kickoff Returns UNT - 32nd nationally at 23.18 avg ypr, 1 TD UNT - 117th nationally at 24.54 avg ypr, 2 TD Rice - 62nd nationally at 20.71 avg ypr, 0 TD Rice - 107th nationally at 23.06 avg ypr, 1 TD Punting / Field Positioning Opp Punting / Field Positioning UNT - 49th nationally at 42.95 avg ypp UNT - 16th nationally at 39.45 avg ypp Rice - 43rd nationally at 43.18 avg ypp Rice - 27th nationally at 40.13 avg ypp Field Goals / PAT Kicking Opp Field Goals / PAT Kicking UNT - T 41st at 80%, 1.6 made pg / Tied 69th at 97.4%, 3.8 made pg UNT - T 106th at 84.6%, 1.1 made pg / 32nd at 94.6%, 3.5 made pg Rice - T 109th at 58.3%, 0.7 made pg / T 130th at 85.17%, 1.8 made pg Rice - T 81st at 76.19%, 1.0 made pg / T 86th at 100%, 3.3 made pg T E A M • S T A T S Turnover Margin Time of Possession UNT - T 103rd nationally, -0.50 margin pg UNT - 96th nationally, 28:41.20 pg Rice - T 84th nationally, -0.30 margin pg Rice - 33rd nationally, 31:12.70 pg Penalties Opp Penalties UNT - 74th nationally, 55.9 penalty ypg UNT - 127th nationally, 36.1 penalty ypg Rice - T 1st nationally, 30.3 penalty ypg Rice - T 24th nationally, 62.5 penalty ypg MASON FINE vs WILEY GREEN Completion Percentage QB Rating Fine - 49th nationally, 62.6% Fine - 32nd nationally, 148.92 Green - N/R, 52.8% Green - N/R, 105.82 Passing Yards Rushing Yards, Touchdowns Fine - 21st nationally, 2657 yards (265.7 ypg, 21st nat) Fine - N/R, -49 yards, 1 TDs Green - N/R, 787 yards (78.7 ypg, N/R) Green - N/R -29 yards, 0 TDs Yards Per Attempt Interceptions Fine - 53rd nationally, 7.6 ypa Fine - T 99th nationally, 6 INT (0.60 INT pg) Green - N/R, 5.5 ypa Green - T 15th nationally, 2 INT (0.2 INT pg) Passing Touchdowns Total Offense Fine - T 11th nationally, 27 TDs (2.7 TD pg) Fine - 40th nationally, 260.8 ypg Green - N/R, 4 TDs (0.4 TD pg) Green - N/R, 108.3 ypg
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