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  1. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Why NO Bowl Again??

    Don't know why folks are jumping all over you for this. You are correct. Losing to a SBC school in a SBC bowl probably isn't the best play if you're looking to distance from the SBC. Should have been anywhere else.
  2. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Bowl Projections

    ABQ got a Meth problem. That's for sure.
  3. ghost_of_darrell_dickey


    Says a lot about the conference :(
  4. ghost_of_darrell_dickey


    "come out to Apogee and see Old Dominion set all sorts of offensive records"!
  5. ghost_of_darrell_dickey


    You say shots?
  6. ghost_of_darrell_dickey


    Crimany, last time we let a DII team do this to us the McCarny got canned before the end of the game.
  7. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Brandin Byrd

    Talked to his folks a couple times at games back when he played. They seemed like good people. Hopefully it's just a stepping stone for Brandin.
  8. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Program Moniker

    Fighting Mongooses?
  9. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Pro [community] College Football

    Step 1. Start a football league aimed at colleges aged kids. Step 2. Pay said kids. Step 3. ??? Step 4. Profit!!!
  10. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    All-time best UNT FB player you ever witnessed

    I haven't been around for too long. Graduated in 2010. I am surprised at the lack of love in this thread for Zac Orr. That guy was a beast and playmaker on defense. He'd be my defensive pick for sure. Gotta go Dunbar on offence.
  11. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Gil Lebreton: "Sue The Dr. Peppers Out Of Them"

    But that's not what the powers that be want. They want the "committee" making the call on who's in. That way they can keep the same handful of teams playing for the ratings... Er... Championship. Regardless of team record. This year makes that abundantly clear by putting OSU in the playoff over the conference winner Penn State.
  12. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Took a trip to the surplus warehouse today.

    925 Precision Dr Denton TX 76207. Public sale is every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm.
  13. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Took a trip to the surplus warehouse today.

    Picked up this Jeffery Wilson jersey. Just thought it was cool and wanted to share with you guys
  14. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Ticket Question

    Thanks for the good info. I called and left Tricia a voice mail. I understand that they will be selling tickets day of so I think I'll head to the game and I can buy another ticket if mine isn't at will call. Perhaps pursue a refund for the original ticket on the backend. Also for the record I purchased my ticket directly from UNT's athletic department. So there's that. Thanks again, fellas.
  15. ghost_of_darrell_dickey

    Ticket Question

    Gents - A quick question: I ordered my ticket to the Bowl game on Dec. 20th. I specified FedEx for the delivery method. I received a confirmation email with a confirmation number after the transaction was complete. However, as of this afternoon I have not received the ticket or any other correspondence. I tried to contact the ticket office but they are closed for the holidays. Do y'all have any feel for if there was a cutoff for shipping tickets or anything like that. I want to believe that my ticket is just waiting for me at willcall but the thought of truckrolling out to Fair Park, dealing with parking and willcall just to find out they don't have it makes me feel ill. Any thoughts would be appreciated. GMG