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  1. I kind of think going for it on 4th right there was a pretty big sign of disrespect. I know it's only the 1st but there's no need to run up the score like that. Poor sportsmanship imo. Mostly /s
  2. The upside for this season is now we don't have to worry about SL going anywhere next year.
  3. Kind of expected this to be a joke thread and there be nothing here.
  4. Agreed. Can't do anything about Mason getting hurt. I feel like the three runaway touchdowns were preventable.
  5. I'm not sure we could do any better... We're one bad coach hire away from being back in the cellar. Remember 3 years removed from 1-11. I totally get the frustration though.
  6. Lot of defensive give up out there. My only criticism of Littrell is that his team's don't seem to show up for big games.
  7. At least we can say the Utah State is objectively a better team. Not like losing to a Sunbelt team.
  8. Kind of interesting. Talks about his recruitment and his time with the program. Good listening if you have time. https://soundcloud.com/fswo/week-4-preview-guest-picker-brandin-byrd
  9. People who complain about it on Twitter, obviously.
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