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  1. Great move for both! Leach tired of getting beat by Wash every year!
  2. Angles and gaps was poor, but once filled we were only able to bring down from the backside after 4-5 yards. I hope we stay with the 3 down, because of the recruitment challenge on DT. We have some young long LB, we need a few to be in the 235 range.
  3. They were a run first offense. They had the hogs! Don’t need to be as athletic as a pass first offense. Our DE and LB looked like high school players! Need bigger and we got at LB in the last class!
  4. So we had a dominate nose and a strong DE? Our linebacker play was terrible! We have to get bigger at that position. Congrats to the players on the recognition!
  5. When will Smart be back? If he can hit the 3’s again that would be sweet!
  6. I really like Kootz a lot! Would be a great hire! He will be a DC and head coach one day!
  7. What they are paying assistant coaches I could us paying our OC DC. $400 to $500,000 range.
  8. A few years ago Manny Diaz went to LaTech from UT. I would like to atleast one of the C with P5 experience. Maybe someone where the HC got let go, but their side of the ball had good stats.
  9. No doubt. Last year FAU was pick to win it and went 5/7. This year he is now a hot candidate! Turn it around Seth!
  10. Sounds like a La Tech transfer.
  11. Totally irrelevant! Look at Chad Morris! Wait he is available!!! Sarcasm!!
  12. 1,000%! As stated on another topic hire him as WRC, if you can!!!
  13. If this happens I would like to see us go after Frank Wilson as WRC or OC assit and put out him on the recruiting trail!
  14. Most people that bitch about donating usually aren’t donating. Most fans that do are very happy and excited to do so. Money doesn’t impact the product? BS! Tell that to Ok State ( T Boone) Oregon ( knight). I would like to see a P5 OC and DC that had good stats but the head coach got let go. We will have to be in the $500,000 range. GMG
  15. They need some one outside the box. Lane or the Pirate would be great hires. Florida St would be great for him, probably why Ark is already down there.
  16. Love it. I was afraid he would be here at-least another year! I bet we spend some $$$ on co ordinators!
  17. Nice to have time to go to a few practices and scrimmages. Just an uneducated opinion. GMG
  18. Austin throws the best deep ball, is athletic and has size. Would still be curious on the right grad transfer or JUCO with 2 years and reporting early. I hate that we are seeing Bucshle (?)again next year!
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