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  1. HOF first. I like all the above with Fine on the student side.
  2. Be stronger my friend and don’t drop your hands!GMG
  3. Or every other week! Oh wait we play Rice in 2 weeks!
  4. Would like to see him and Tre on the field together.
  5. I thought max on any of them was maybe 2 yrs? I think we are done.
  6. Does he have to run a 4 - 3 defense?
  7. You are going to replace him with players that have an outside shot and can shoot free throws. Wooly can play D, and a very quick to the hoop, but lacking in the other areas. He was a non factor at the end of close games because of his free throw %.
  8. They deserve it. Can they keep Sonny?
  9. When do we start playing them and not burn the redshirt?
  10. Recruiting is the key. Look at the classes then look at our last class (ranked ahead of La Tech) and the current class. No comparisons! I think Reff is a good coach. We really miss EJ, as far as pressure. goes.
  11. This reminds me of the Tony Mitchell season. So much hope with a thud! I hate this, but really hate it for Mason! Where are all our preseason all conf players? Sucks!
  12. Wag Tag

    Our DC

    That is absolutely pitiful! Time to man up and let the DC go! Now!
  13. IS it an improvement for UNT to be disappointed with a 7-5 record and a bowl bid? Sound like it to me!
  14. Terrible decision and then a terrible call. You take the points in a close game.
  15. It was more than 15 minutes maybe $15m in exposure. You are naive to think athletic success does not attract students. Alabama and LSU would be prime examples. Not exactly ivy league schools.
  16. UNT is a great value for higher education even with the fees.
  17. This statement has been made for decades. The Arkansas game created pub we would never be able to buy! Millions!. Ran into a student at the game that is from California, I thought that was cool.
  18. You establish salaries and facility expenditures not just based on what you currently have, but where you want to go! How do attract better players and better coaches to get to the next level? $$$$$
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