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  1. Advantages we have first he is very excited about UNT, he is a word is his bond kind of kid ( hard to believe they exist) and he wants to play a in front of his family.
  2. Could he be our first 4 star signee?
  3. This will be Cas’s best team. Finally some athletic size and some mid range jumpers. GMG
  4. Kansas hitting La hard. If LSU doesn’t want you come to Kansas? Will be interesting to see who sticks after a few winters and being that far from home.
  5. If we still want this kid we should stay on him. First commit and Bobo is on the hot seat!
  6. Put on 20-25lbs and you got little more beef on the D line. He definitely has a motor with a little quickness.
  7. F them! Big boys getting upset with Texas Tech BB?
  8. Have any commits gotten substantial offers from other schools after they committed to UNT?
  9. With the success I anticipate this year he could be one and done! P5 OC or a G head coach. He also fits the youth movement with head coaches!
  10. This is our season with a Conf MVP and the best talent around him since he has been here. An oversold Champ game at the Ap on Natl Tv would be huge on conf decisions! GMG
  11. hmmmm would this mean an East Champ game a West Champ game then a Conf Champ game? UGH PLAYOFFS?
  12. Travel is an issue. Would you rather travel to Shreveport or play Boise at home? Drive to UTSA or play CSU at home? Keep SMU and Houston on the schedule and you will have plenty of away games. You could keep UTSA as an out of conf game. Plus it is $600,000 more in TV. You take it in a heartbeat!
  13. Would we draw lager home crowds with the MWC? I believe so.
  14. Definitely part of the discussion, but this is only ranking Revenue.(which would involve student fees) Also part of the presentation would be facilities and expenditure on those facilities both existing and new. I have trouble understanding Ark St and Tx St being 20 spots ahead of us? The dickens are in the details. GMG
  15. I really really hope Hambone has a big break out year and becomes draft material. He shows what UNT player development can achieve.
  16. D line will be better which will make our linebackers better. If this a Champ game at the Ap sign me up! This is our year! GMG
  17. Like seeing C-USA schools upgrade athletic facility. They may not be able to keep up with us, but it definitely creates a gap between some other conferences.
  18. The bottom of the big 12 (KSU, ISU, TECH, Baylor, ) will end up joining the upper of the ACC Houston, Memphis, Cincy,Temple and maybe the Florida Schools. The ACC will be SMU's conf forever as it will for Tulsa and Tulane. It is time for UNT to stop being referred to as potential, we can blow by SMU.
  19. We need to win a C-USA Champ game at the Ap! An over sold stadium on national tv will make a big difference on opportunities! UCF was an unknown a few years ago!
  20. They can’t even sell half their stadium, the covered DFW argument doesn’t fly.
  21. Talk about travel expense and no local or area rivalries. BYU at UConn football game at UC in November? That’s attractive.
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