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  1. If you look at Ark signed classes the last 4 years and their rankings there is no excuse for some of the losses. This is what should be scary for the fans. His ace in the hole is his son’s commitment. This was a Jerry sign from their friendship developed at Highland Park.
  2. If you are an Old Miss , Tennesee, or Arkansas you better go after someone out of the Box! The Pirate.
  3. Houston Athletic Level should be our goal! GMG
  4. Don’t want to play Troy or App State. No upside.
  5. Buechele will play at the next level. Great deep ball!
  6. Should have first drawings of the AC sometime in October. Time to move on to the next project!
  7. Frisco Campus is going to BOOM! Great move.
  8. Now is the time for the real hurry up! GMG
  9. So they beat Wa and don’t get ranked? They beat us and get ranked? I want every team we played to win out! GMG
  10. The D came alive in the 2nd half. I still feel this could be Seth’s best D line. Shorter with reps will be a beast!
  11. Nope! Win the C-USA champ game at the Ap! GMG
  12. D played a shut down 2nd half. 3rd and longs are killers when they convert. Ask SMU!
  13. Fill the box on D! Do we now have a 2 dimensional offence? GMG
  14. What is the section next to their Band? What ever it is , make it a parking lot.
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