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  1. Hate to say but Marshall because of location and their history. GMG
  2. Big advantage we have over all these schools and others is LAND & Location! All athletic facilities in one location and exposure to the 35s can’t be beat!
  3. Norvil came at 6’4” 253, as a Jr he is 315lbs!!! He may the perfect example of developing DE to DT. This will be Seth’s biggest D line especially when you consider their length! GMG
  4. With Hambone on the other side! D could be awesome!
  5. Need to win the C-USA champ game at the Ap! This is the year.
  6. Stab wound in my thigh for a C-USA championship at the Ap! Have already survived a few daggers from my wife’s eyes!
  7. He is very close to his family and wants them to be able to see him play. Let’s hope he continues to feel that way.
  8. Would like to see a few grad transfers and transfers every class! Soar Higher! GMG
  9. Hillbilly! I have enjoyed the tournament with at a great facility with walking distance to bars and restaurants. I always thought ADs determine tournament locations along with the conference leadership.
  10. As I have said before! Blow this place up!!
  11. Out of the top 5 rated commits 4 play on the lines! GMG
  12. Awesome! Congrats! Now move EriiK Williams to the opposite DE! GMG
  13. I care about one thing this season. A sold out Championship game at the App. With our schedule and the talent on this team this year could be our best shot!
  14. Where the hell are our concerts???? Would like to get some one on one with MWC teams! Wish we would play one a year!
  15. I am really excited for Hambone this season. With his size and a better D line supporting cast I think he can have a dominating year. GMG
  16. I think Hambone could also be a possibility for the draft. GMG
  17. Small guards with a three pt shot could benefit from the move.
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