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  1. Really wants to play in front of family and share the experience.
  2. I really believe our O line has finally stabilized at a much higher level. When was the last time we had 2 OL picked as all conf players. The key for us is to be able to continuing to develop. Have some size with length and we will put the lbs on them.
  3. Dallas or Alb with the MWC.. I would not do New Orleans.
  4. WTF we are a Ninja! We are not in the top 1/2 or bottom 1/2! Who is this moron?
  5. Wt room just installed a multi screen video board! Could be cool to have a recruits highlights on there when he walks in! GmgGMG
  6. We win the Champ game at the Ap and I won’t be sad when he leaves. That would be a hell of a send off! GMG
  7. Will never forget Easly run over the Ark DB! One of my favorite memories! GMG
  8. Pictures do not do justice to the size of this building. It really is massive. The view from the 35's is going to be awesome.
  9. Biggest hurdle for LU will be the growth of Old D in Norfolk!
  10. They already have. Hope they do something with the courtside table and the black boxes in the seating area and the scoreboards up in the corners. Just take them out!
  11. This is the year! Champ game at the Ap! Have we ever had this much preseason pub. Preseason Conf at RB, OL, WR, DL, DB and Conf USA MVP!!! Needs to get done. GMG
  12. The news to me is Seth is still here and he is in the top 5 in G5 dollars .WOW! This not only shows our $$ commits to football, but will definitely attrack attention from other highly regarded coaches when the position opens up.
  13. Congrats to all! Now let's win a Champ game at the Ap this year! GMG
  14. Timing! No one will be a better student of the game than Mason. GMG
  15. Very exciting! This the year for the Champ game at the Ap!
  16. Geographic location comes more into play for G 5 schools. Who is Temples rivalry?
  17. How many fans are at away games and how many more fans would show up at the Ap for Boise or Air Force? Largest away turnout I have seen was Arkansas .
  18. Thought the conviction was overturned? GMG
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