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  1. Are Secret Shoppers allowed to take time off?
  2. I'm just gonna post this on this related thread. Miami gives up about 150 yards rushing a game or 3rd in the MAC. They played 7 teams with top 50 Rushing Offenses and their record was 2-5 against those teams. They are 0-2 against Top 25 Rushing Teams (Army and Kent State). We are currently ranked 3rd in Rushing Offense right behind Army.
  3. No way it was 21k. Lower levels were filled to the brim it looked like.
  4. More importantly why is there a picture of that doofus on the right?
  5. That site looks shady. Also I noticed that 50 yard line seats for the UTSA game in the frisco bowl are $50 instead of $65 through this site. You guys might want to hold off until an official bowl website appears or to at least see what package the AD has.
  6. That is because the deal negotiated on the fact that a bunch of no-name ex-Sunbelt schools took the place of teams that are now in heading to the Big-12 or are on the short list to get there. The Sunbelt only got that offer by ESPN to counter the influence of Stadium and other non-traditional sports media stations. I can't tell you the time I watched a Stadium broadcast and thought that ESPN3 or ESPN+ was better than that broadcast. I can definitely tell you that having an active FB account meant I could watch the games far easier on Stadium than having to deal with ESPN's verification process.
  7. $438,200. I already know why so many of you are so objecting to her being the CUSA Commissioner so I won't ask what your direct issues are with her being in her occupation as Conference Commissioner of a sub-par and fleeting conference GUTTED before her accepting of the job in 2015. But go ahead. Make fun of her clothes. I am sure you are dressed to the nines lol.
  8. With just two days before the game what did you expect we would pull in?
  9. Give me Wyoming any day. Their fans on the mwc forum gave zero respect to North Texas as a potential addition.
  10. Ah the school has adopted the ParkMobile App. Thanks for the info... makes it super easy to reserve a spot in advance!
  11. Quoner... me... and 10 or so are going. Also can you pay cash to park in the Blue Lots now?
  12. If that's what you want to call it lol. Most of them just post on the cusa forum. Like a lot of the other school's fans that have shitty message boards.
  13. They try but it's not always successful. They had yesterday's game up though
  14. Silver... You have to sign up for an ESPN profile and plug your cable credentials into it. Then you can watch ESPN3 on your phone, computer, Smart TV or whatever else.
  15. Dots in Deep Ellum always airs our games. Plenty of alumni and Dentonites there.
  16. Is there a preference for his replacement among your fanbase?
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