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  1. Ahhhh...the ability to be proud of your university.
  2. Just liberal lovers of free speech and different opinions doing their thing. It is what they do after all......
  3. Life has no “bulletproofs”. One of the challenges faced with this thing is that way way too many people think everything should be “bulletproof”. News flash...not happening.
  4. And, so it continues. Perfect “cover” found to pare down athletic budgets that have been getting harder and harder for many schools to maintain.
  5. Got ya. Looking forward to the days when six wins would be a big disappointment.
  6. You seem to be totally clueless..you do realize that the guy who posted that is a public school teacher, right? I am thinking he knows just a tad more than you about the situation. I have a ton of respect for him. You..well, you might be just a tad too woke for me.
  7. Define "surprise" please...surprise in what way?
  8. Perhaps using the Coronavirus thing as a cover to dump sports and budgets they have been looking to dump for some time just couldn't figure out a reason folks would believe. They now have that reason... Just a thought. And, I believe you will see other universities doing the exact same thing. Note, too, that Vanderbilt just cut the entire Athletic Dept SID budget...transferred it to the university's information office. You really think this wasn't a move Vandy had been wanting to make for some time? Coronavirus giving excellent cover for folks to do a lot of things...public schools, private schools, government agencies, pro sports, corporations, etc.
  9. Nah...I'll keep the one that is there right now for four more years. But, thanks for playing.
  10. Left wingers hate America, oppose the police and love to destroy other people's private property.....gee, we can all play this game. Generalize much????????
  11. Well, at least there would be a First Lady I could get "behind".
  12. Didn't she try to pet that alligator more than once? Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree if so. Like the idiots in Yellowstone feeding the bears and trying to take selfies with the elk...then wonder why they are injured..... Sorry for anyone getting hurt or even killed, but...….
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