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  1. NCAA tournament was just cancelled.
  2. Yes, but while Northwestern may be 8-11, 8 of those losses came against top 25 teams, 2 against teams that will probably break the top 25 soon, and one win was against the #5 team. They've had a killer schedule thus far.
  3. I just looked up the rankings today, expecting to see UNT in at #23 or so. No love from the voters. I think it's BS!! Beating the #5 and #6 teams, especially when that #6 team knocked off the #4 team, which is now the #1 team (per softballamerica.com) is enough to warrant a Top 25 ranking. Whew, that was a lot - here's the translation in plain English: UNT beat Louisiana UNT lost to Texas in Austin, but took it to 9 innings UNT beat OU at FREAKING OU (yes, I know we also lost) Louisiana beat Texas AND Florida Texas is 20-3, OU is 15-4, Louisiana is 14-5, UNT is 16-4 UNT deserves to be ranked. Moral of the story, don't lose to McNeese State and Northwestern. Texas can lose to Duke, but UNT doesn't get the respect Texas does.
  4. Outstanding win against the Sooners! I'll take 1-1 in Norman. I believe the Sooners have only lost 1 or 2 in Norman over the last few years. Thank you Rick for the updates.
  5. DeLong has done a great job with the team in a very short time. He's also really engaged the DFW softball community by the numerous camps UNT has hosted. I don't recall seeing any camps when Kee was coach. I help coach a 14U select team and the only negative I have is some feedback I heard from my players that attended a UNT camp. I was told coaches were laughing at some of the players' mistakes and one camper was actually in tears after a day of camp because she felt like the coaches didn't like her. I hope that was just a misunderstanding and/or an oversensitive girl, but that's not good to hear from potential future recruits that are paying $150+ for a UNT softball camp. I felt partially responsible because I encouraged the girls to attend the camp.
  6. I saw a few last night as well. They've been fortunate with the weather the last several years, but they may get a dose of North Dakota weather tomorrow.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. It was KRLD 1080 (I have a long commute and need their frequent traffic updates).
  8. I heard the news on the radio during my pm commute today. They even mentioned UNT. Congrats Emmitt!
  9. Whatever the reason may be, I disagree with the decision. Five seniors could have played a few more games together and winning the NIT would help prove the NCAA made a mistake by leaving us out. It takes years and years of winning for a mid-major to earn the attention and respect of a selection committee. Just look at Louisiana, where a 50-4 record and #8 national ranking doesn’t even warrant a top 16 seed in the regionals.
  10. ESPN did a nice segment on La Tech and the damage the tornado caused to their stadium but, in doing so, completely dismissed UNT as co-champions of the regular season in CUSA.
  11. And that's a wrap. Good season Mean Green, would have been a great season had we won the conference tournament.
  12. Come on ladies, let's not lose another 1-run game to Marshall.
  13. Nice! I had a 30-minute conference call and when I got off, the MUTS game was over and we're already in the bottom of the 2nd inning against Marshall.
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