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  1. Whatever the reason may be, I disagree with the decision. Five seniors could have played a few more games together and winning the NIT would help prove the NCAA made a mistake by leaving us out. It takes years and years of winning for a mid-major to earn the attention and respect of a selection committee. Just look at Louisiana, where a 50-4 record and #8 national ranking doesn’t even warrant a top 16 seed in the regionals.
  2. ESPN did a nice segment on La Tech and the damage the tornado caused to their stadium but, in doing so, completely dismissed UNT as co-champions of the regular season in CUSA.
  3. And that's a wrap. Good season Mean Green, would have been a great season had we won the conference tournament.
  4. Come on ladies, let's not lose another 1-run game to Marshall.
  5. Nice! I had a 30-minute conference call and when I got off, the MUTS game was over and we're already in the bottom of the 2nd inning against Marshall.
  6. Just hold on for 6 more outs and let's get that rematch with Marshall.
  7. 2-2 now. Hard to work and follow when the game times keep changing.
  8. La Tech won 10-0. We get to play MUTS again.
  9. I just now got out of a meeting and saw the score. It's disappointing, to say the least. Hope the team can bounce back and make it to the finals.
  10. Marshall is a hot team. They’ve won 9 of their last 10, 6 were by run rule.
  11. MUTS beat UTEP 4-3 in the other opening round game.
  12. UTSA defeats Southern Miss 4-2 in the opening game. Mean Green play the winner of the Marshall-UTSA game.
  13. I’m not going to fight you a whole lot on this, ULL has a great team and an elite pitcher, there’s no debating that. And I didn’t completely dismiss their wins over a good UTA club either. UTA lost to #1 UCLA 2-1, swept a 2-game series over Baylor and beat #13 Arkansas and #13 Okie State. They also had 1-run loses to Texas and Texas A&M (both unranked at the time). If UTA had a 46-4 record, I’d be much more impressed. I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if UTA won the SBC tournament. Still, if ULL takes care of business and wins the SBC tournament they deserve and should get awarded a regional. That is certainly no guarantee (last year’s hosts were all major schools (9 SEC, 5 PAC 12, 1 ACC and 1 Big 12). I stand firm in that I would rather go to a regional where we’ve already beaten the top seed than one with a top seed we haven’t even played this season. So, great win? Definitely, and the team knows they can beat them because they’ve already done it once. But, I’m getting way ahead of myself and don’t want to jinx things. We still need to win the CUSA tournament to even discuss potential regional host sites. I’m not at all confident in our chances of getting an at-large bid, although I do believe the team has earned one.
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