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  1. This has to be the Fake Jerry Jones, but how did Gordo get such a realistic-looking Jerry Jones costume?
  2. I'm guessing it's the amount for which he'll have to refund everyone that bought mattresses during his promotion. Hedge your bet...
  3. I'm not going to say anything negative about Siggers as he was one of favorite players to watch. That said, this quote from him in a Rivals article is painful to read. New RB grad transfer Tre Siggers: Playing for SMU 'was always like a dream' Good luck to you Tre.
  4. I won't be greedy. I'll be happy with any ONE of these three: 1. A top 20 ranking (with Coastal Carolina, LaLa and SJSU cracking the top 25, you'd think this was our year) 2. A future 1st round NFL draft pick (we've had 3, but the last one was 50 years ago) 3. A season like UCF's 2017 season (in which case I'd probably get all three) Sadly, over the last 25 years, I've been slowly beaten into submission that none of these will ever be a reality.
  5. I recorded the game and just finished watching the first half - 28-14...we've still got a chance. I looked up #52 on rivals to confirm he is the OK State transfer and accidentally saw the final. 🤢🤢🤮🤮 I may watch the 2nd half sometime next week, when I'm 1/2 drunk, no one else is home and there's nothing else to watch. But, I have much better things to do with time right now.
  6. I miss Mason Fine. I've never been a fan of rotating QBs and not having a #1 is just unstable. The team needs to know who their offensive leader is. Make a decision on a starter and stick with it. There is valuable experience to be gained by having to play your way through a bad game vs. watching it from the bench.
  7. I’m sure this won’t be a popular post, but I just wanted to provide a little perspective. The world is in the middle of the worst health crisis in our lifetime. Many businesses have gone under and many people have lost their jobs. Our kids that chose in person learning must wear face masks all day long. Many members of our government are now being hospitalized due to the virus. We can’t do routine shopping without wearing face masks. Even then, we still risk exposure to a virus that could be life-threatening. We were completely without live sports for almost 5 months. Some conferences still haven’t returned to the fields. Life as we knew it in 2019 is gone. As I sat in Apogee, watching HBU destroy our secondary, I was only mildly upset. It was eerie to watch a game in person....with no band, no cannon (my kids favorite part of going to a game) and a sporadically populated stadium. Yes, it was very strange but, no, I wasn’t upset. Quite the opposite. I was elated that my family and I were able to experience some sense of normalcy in a world that has changed beyond my wildest imaginations. Elated that, for a few hours, I could almost completely forget about what was happening in the world today. The following week I learned that a client I’d worked with for the last 20 years had contracted Covid and was hospitalized. I was also told a player on my kid’s basketball team had tested positive and the entire team would need to be quarantined for 2 weeks. We’ve had to forfeit 3 games as a result. Back to UNT football...do we have some issues? Of course we do. We’re trying to replace a four-year starter at QB, we have some serious concerns on defense and everyone...coaches, players and fans are trying to deal with issues far more important than UNT football right now. So, let’s cheer for our beloved Mean Green, let’s provide constructive criticism and let’s be invested in the team, but let’s not forget how fortunate we are to be able to have football this season. It’s still very possible it could all come to a screeching halt before we get to bowl season but, regardless, it will forever be marked with an asterisk due to Covid-19.
  8. Yes, but while Northwestern may be 8-11, 8 of those losses came against top 25 teams, 2 against teams that will probably break the top 25 soon, and one win was against the #5 team. They've had a killer schedule thus far.
  9. I just looked up the rankings today, expecting to see UNT in at #23 or so. No love from the voters. I think it's BS!! Beating the #5 and #6 teams, especially when that #6 team knocked off the #4 team, which is now the #1 team (per softballamerica.com) is enough to warrant a Top 25 ranking. Whew, that was a lot - here's the translation in plain English: UNT beat Louisiana UNT lost to Texas in Austin, but took it to 9 innings UNT beat OU at FREAKING OU (yes, I know we also lost) Louisiana beat Texas AND Florida Texas is 20-3, OU is 15-4, Louisiana is 14-5, UNT is 16-4 UNT deserves to be ranked. Moral of the story, don't lose to McNeese State and Northwestern. Texas can lose to Duke, but UNT doesn't get the respect Texas does.
  10. Outstanding win against the Sooners! I'll take 1-1 in Norman. I believe the Sooners have only lost 1 or 2 in Norman over the last few years. Thank you Rick for the updates.
  11. DeLong has done a great job with the team in a very short time. He's also really engaged the DFW softball community by the numerous camps UNT has hosted. I don't recall seeing any camps when Kee was coach. I help coach a 14U select team and the only negative I have is some feedback I heard from my players that attended a UNT camp. I was told coaches were laughing at some of the players' mistakes and one camper was actually in tears after a day of camp because she felt like the coaches didn't like her. I hope that was just a misunderstanding and/or an oversensitive girl, but that's not good to hear from potential future recruits that are paying $150+ for a UNT softball camp. I felt partially responsible because I encouraged the girls to attend the camp.
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