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  1. Nothing like not playing for 2 weeks in the middle of a conference race. I hope NT's seniors return next year, because going out on a season like this is tough.
  2. I don't think the portal is the problem, the decision to give everyone an extra year of eligibility is the main driver of the big increase in transfers. If a player is unhappy at his current school or been gently prodded by the coaching staff to move on, the transfer portal is a good tool.
  3. I keep reading on this broad how small NT players are compared to other teams. Baloney, size is not a problem, good is a problem. The thought that player x, who is recruited by multiple G5's, will develop into a bigger and stronger player on other teams compared to NT is silly. Based on what I have observed, NT strength and conditioning program plus nutrition emphasis is top drawer.
  4. Better response from Denton county would be great. However, I certainly don't think a primary rationale for lack of more Denton fans is that they don't feel they are part of NT. It is just the opposite, most don't want to be part of or care enough about NT to be a fan. They like most sports fans are into the pros and big highly publicized college programs (ie: Tx, A&M and the rest of the SEC, and other perennial top 20 ranked programs). NT also suffered because of area competition that are all in better conferences (ie: SMU, TCU, Baylor, OKlahoma, etc.) I have and I
  5. You know it would not hurt if you let the fanbase know what happened to the best player on the team. If she graduated and moved on, why not say so? I think NT will do fine without her. There is lots of depth returning and the newcomers look strong.
  6. I don't understand so many that seem to think losing Bean is no big deal or it even makes the team better. Too many QB's, so it is good to get rid of one of two experienced ones. More concerned with how he looked on the sideline or how he played in high school, than they are losing a very good QB. Aune and Beam QB's ratings were actually close, Aune 148.38, Ben 144.97 The difference is that Bean rushed for 346 yards at a 6.2 ypc versus Aune at 29 yards and 1.1 ypc Those that think Littrell wants a more stay in the pocket passer, might considered if that was the case why d
  7. Very bad news. I think Bean was the best QB NT had. Very few players anywhere and at any position have that kind of speed. Plus, Aune IMO is not the answer. He is a good backup, but if he is the best NT has; it is going to be a long year.
  8. Actually, I erred on that post, I meant to state athletic department instead of football. The scandal as far as I know was limited to the basketball team and AD oversight of that team. I just question why Bennett would have even hinted at any of this.
  9. Baylor was a cesspool and it was a stain on the school. I wish that Bennett would have left this out of the interview, instead of trying to defend the undefendable. This was a Baylor oriented broadcast, so I am not concerned about more of the discussion being about Baylor than NT. Plus he knows nothing about the NT players other than what Baker and Littrell told him. I would guess that NT defensive players listening to this, are more than a little apprehensive. Look for a lot of turnover on that side of the ball. Judging by this broadcast, the Bennett, Littrell combinat
  10. Who they had scheduled and not played is not pertinent. Based on the games played, I don't see why they are rating above NT. Being 30 teams better is ridiculous.
  11. A team can have up to 110 players on football scholarship next year. I don't think there is a limit on how many can be signed in a year. The issue is I don't think it has been announced what future limits will be. A return to old limits or a phase in period of higher numbers over years to get back to 25 a year and 85 total The financial burden and facilities will limit a lot of programs. Also the bigs ability to sign all these extra players will dilute the player pool for G5's.
  12. NT is defending champion and should be rated higher than this. UAB played probably as easy an oc schedule as possible and managed a loss to a mediocre Chattanooga team. Their conference record of 3-1 is the same as NT. They should not be rated as high as NT, much less 31 spots better. Apparently, these ranking put a high priority on wins versus the quality of the competition.
  13. I am not as concerned about the NT players transferring out as much as why isn't NT getting transfers to come to Denton. NT has a continuing increase in ship openings, just fill them with better players than they are losing.
  14. A&M game was cancelled, UAB was postponed I would guess that the league will look at all the conference postponed games and make a decision on which ones or if all will be played There are 10 days after the current CUSA schedule and the tournament Games could be played in that time frame or they could be scheduled as early week games during regular season My guess is the impact of those games on the final standings will be considered Those series could also be shortened to one game
  15. Other than when NT plays SMU, I doubt Siggers progress will mean much to most of the board next year It is off-season, and fans have two big events to digest, Bennett and Siggers The most important thing going on now is basketball and thus far both NT teams are doing well
  16. Consistent conference wins is far from winning a 14 team conference every year.
  17. Lot of speculation here. I will add some more, he may not need or want a scholarship If he was running away from competition,why would he walk on at a SEC school, seems just the opposite.
  18. I will add some stats, Siggers and NT's last two games; Siggers had missed with injury nearly all of 3 games before that. Against UTEP Adaway 97 yds 3.7 ypc Siggers 120 yds 7.1 ypc Against App. St. Adaway 67 yds 4.3 ypc Siggers 96 yds 6.3 ypc I hope that Adaway and others make NT fans forget Siggers, but Adaway in his freshman year was not better than a healthy Siggers. Everybody has opinions, but if Siggers was returning to NT; I believe most would consider him the best returning back.
  19. Why, it is about her kicking an American football?
  20. I appreciate your views, but I think your way off on this one. A lot of your comments were relative to the NT players that Bennett will inherent. Insinuating that a younger more energetic coach will be better equip to succeed. I think just the opposite is true. You listed all the successful DC jobs that Bennett has had, yet imply he will fail here. I do not get that logic at all. You stated that Littrell made the save hire, when he should be looking for the next Graham Harold. No, he should hire the most likely candidate to succeed, not some high risk coach.
  21. A bowl win is an objective, but there will be over thirty schools that do that. I think we overpraise Mc because of the bowl win over probably the weakest team in UNLV that got an invitation that year. Have a great regular season, and then worry about a bowl bid. Contemplating firing a coach that has won at least one USA championship in the last two years would be very extreme.
  22. NT may have not had any interest, with the number of defensive tackles they have already signed.
  23. I doubt that, he was the toughest runner NT had. This is based on observation not stats.
  24. If NT can just decrease the number of first downs allowed on third and long plays, it will be a great improvement.
  25. Siggers was the best rb on NT's team. I don't know why some want to sugar-coat this player loss. Adaway may develop into a better runner and has more size and speed. Luckedly, NT is deep at rb. If Siggers stayed and was injury-free, he would have got plenty of carries at NT. SMU wouldn't bother with him, if they fell he wouldn't help their team.
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