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  1. A coach that really enjoys recruiting would be very rare. Not sure what has changed in recruiting that "old timers" don't like. A verteren coach should be a great asset in recruiting. He will have several defensive coaches under his direction, he probably will be a recruiting closer; not someone who spends massive time on the road. Why would he need a booster shot into retirement? He had basically retired, now he obviously wants back in coaching. He is an assistant coach, his tenure at NT is tied to as long as Littrell is NT's hc. and the job he does. Yes, he m
  2. Dodge didn't hire himself at NT. I believe he may have actually succeeded, if he had hired experienced college assistant coaches. It was a bad "Hail Mary" by RV. RV wanted to make a splash hire within NT's paltry budget. It did raise interest in NT football until they actually had to play some games. NT's worse hire was not Dodge, it was RV.
  3. Will Bennett be the answer? For most G'5s, it is either hire someone that it is thought can grow into the job, or someone on a career downslide. If you had to characterize Bennett, it would definitely be someone on the downside. However that slide was from a hc position. I like this hire, it is much better than what most expected. He has the experience and has something to prove. I already thought the defense would be significantly better, just because it almost had to be and the recruits should be substantial upgrades. I now predict a substantially be
  4. Good ole SMU, the most penalized program in NCAA D1. Also a team that must count the pigeons to come close to their announced attendance numbers. Unfortunately, the most important by far factor in recruiting is conference affiliation. SMU has always had that advantage over NT. At a slow snail pace, NT is at least going upward in the NCAA hierarchy. SMU has been going the opposite direction.
  5. I don't think it is equal at all. It gives the inferior team a significantly better change to win. Stats thus far, seem to support this view. I don't think UTEP WBB beats NT in Denton this year without this format. It is equal in that every team has to play this format, but I think it gives an edge to the poorer team. The old formula for having a good conference season was to win at home and split on the road. The new formula is to win the Friday games and split the Saturday games.
  6. The women lost to UTEP 52-62 and looked very bad doing it. Again, this two games in two days is horrible. This game had some of the worst officiating I have ever seen. Not necessarily bias, but just bad. Most fouls were called as turnovers against the person who was fouled. Hard to stay stationary when you are pushed or hacked. I wonder were they got this crew? Noble was held to single digit scoring and Callegos of UTEP was the much better player in this game. Boyd kept NT from disaster, with 19 points. Hate NT to lose to a mediocre team because of this insan
  7. Didn't know Stiggers was from University Park. Moving down, IMO
  8. Yes, I am sure SMU had no contact with him before he went to the portal. I don't wish Stiggers luck with this decision.
  9. Certainly, didn't expect Noble or anyone else on the team to be as good as she is. If Jalee can keep this group of sophomores together, she should take NT women's basketball to a level that it has never been. Two more years of McDowell, Noble, Jackson and Boyd should be something spectacular. Add in Thompson another current sophomore who will probably redshirt and started last year and it looks even better. All this teams needs is the dominating 6'3 and up center and this team could be a top 25 type program.
  10. Hopefully, NT has learned something from their second day loss against UTSA. UTEP is not close to being as bad as they looked yesterday. Look for another NT win, NT is the much better team; but it will much more difficult than the first game.
  11. Probably the best basketball hc in NT MBB history, he can recruit. Osmane a current freshman looks pretty good to me and he already has signed a couple of freshmen for next year in Morgan and Stone. His background is juco and I expect a number to be signed for next year. Along with some 4 year school transfers. Littrell's recruiting I worry about, but not McCasland.
  12. Not sure why so many are downplaying the lost of Siggers. He was IMO the best running back on the NT team. He can and will be replaced, even perhaps with a better player; but his transfer will be a significant loss for the team.
  13. It may or may not be the nicest, but it does not belong to UAB. If it did, the stadium certainly wouldn't be build for about double their usual attendance. I like NT's football stadium situation better, but UAB will have access to what appears to be a great stadium.
  14. It is hard to win anything in EL Paso. This game was tougher than I thought, but the NT ladies prevailed. Tomorrow will be another battle. NT basically has only two threats on offense, Boyd and Noble. This will make it tougher to win 2 in 2 days.
  15. NT with 8 turnovers and 7 points at this point.
  16. Many were predicting a fruit basket turnover with an extra season and no wait for transfer. Just hope that by the end, NT has better transfers coming in than going out. Again, the big problem with this is not having players declare and wait for offers. It is the recruiting of players before they go to the transfer terminal. It makes it very easy for example, for a P5 program to poach G5 players through this process.
  17. My list of ten would be: NT is my school and I am going to support it. The QB race will be very interesting Always want to see the new players perform NT's offense could be even better than last year NT's defense will be better than last year, how much is the question The offensive line should be the best in a long time Littrell is coaching to keep his job NT IMO has the best situation to be successful in the league (ie; budget, facilities, location) Hopefully, the Virus will be enough in control, to allow full stadiums To see if CUSA football
  18. Only a guess, but NT probably won't renew his ship. He may have graduated by now. I have no reason to believe that the issue was anything other than injuries. Hopefully, he can find a place to contribute and maybe even be a star player.
  19. Apparently, about to announce the new DC. Not making him terminate coaches, that he doesn't want.
  20. Lets not, that was a mistake on my part; the AD and President can stay.
  21. Again, Littrell is not going anywhere next year. Why waste your time with I guess optimism that he is magically going to be gone. Even if NT had the buyout money, I don't think NT would make a change. The question is what will happen after next year when termination will still be very costly. My guess if he breaks even or better, there will be no consideration of making a change. Four or five wins and Littrell will certainly be on the hot seat. Less than that he probably will be gone. If NT wins 8 or over, as improbable has it seems, he could be hired away.
  22. Glad to see that Rhett Robinson was selected as pre-season all conference, but what happened to NT's best player Valarie Valerian?
  23. Not sure who is trying to defend him, few if any. Next year is going to be played and Littrell is going to be the coach. Therefore, I hope Littrell turns it around and has an unexpectedly good season. NT plays in CUSA not the SEC. Predictions mean next to nothing in this league and next year because of the coronavirus, even less. NT's offense will be fine, the question is can the defense approach mediocre. The one positive is IMO, the defense can't be worse.
  24. NT was not a good team, but even in normal years; a lot of sub-par teams get a bowl. In the virus year, NT barely did enough to get a bowl. They got offered a spot and were wise to accept it, although they were big underdogs. I will be glad when things get to normal, which looks like won't be for some time. This extra year of eligibility is going to greatly affect next year and probably a couple of more. As fans, we have to guess who is going to play at NT, transfer, or move on to the real world. Every year at least after WWII; it was easy to predict next year's lin
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