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  1. I believe that "either" denotes one or the other. You care to share the source of your information? I don't question the validity, just wonder how a fan would know. I have seen lots of times on the men team for example were it appears that a member of the team and McCasland had heated exchanges.
  2. Being she has not played all year, I am not sure how we can tell how good she is now. or how much NT has missed her on the court. As far as passed by better younger players, who? Her playing time was limited primarily because she played behind Townley in a 4 guard offense. Townley who is a senior may have decided to play the extra year, that would certainly cut into Shepard's playing time. Lampkin and McDowell seemingly her greatest competition for minutes after Townley, have not played that much. Lee who is also a junior, has been playing a lot lately, probably because Shepard is
  3. This is the way it is going to be, if you don't get minutes get out. Obviously, this will be exaggerated with a free year of eligibility. I really don't know how good Wise is, but his coach apparently doesn't think he is good enough to be in the normal rotation. It was telling when McCasland used a much shorter Murray to guard UTSA's Jackson versus Wise. McCasland better be recruiting because he is going to have possibly only one starter returning and a lot of spots to fill. The seniors will get another year if they want, but a lot of teams are going to be interested in Ha
  4. I noticed she had not been playing. IMO, a loss to the team; I think Mitchell did underuse her. She would have a great game, than be back on the bench. My guess would be they are no longer on the team once they announce. A coach doesn't want a player that has openly declared they would rather go elsewhere.
  5. The number 1 at a lot of college teams is awarded to the most deserving player in the eyes of the team and/or the coaches. The perceived prestige involved with in particular single digit numbers has become a deal in rewarding players and recruiting. It is generally not restricted to a position group.
  6. IMO, pro career should have nothing to do with college sports recognition. Kennedy for example was a great college football player, but didn't make it in the pros. There are others that were better at the pro level than in college like Brian Waters. It obviously does when honoring alumni based on their careers. However, NT put Dickey in the HOF; so there are few if any standards.
  7. I hope Bryce's NT career rises way above his family connection. Look for a redshirt year, a backup year, and hopefully starting after that. Although, the current co-starters could still be around his junior year with the extra year due to virus.
  8. No, you would be making the most coveted number unavailable He certainly deserves special recognition, NT just needs to find another way, maybe name recognition like Greene, Renfro, etc. on the stadium wall. Also, I think it is too soon; let his career mellow for at least 5 years.
  9. Yes, this is exactly like calling UNT, NTSU in 2021. Really, although I fail to get that upset over NTSU vs NT either. You are addressing someone who has seen over 90% of the games Hamlet has played and about all the home games in the last 3 decades. So I guess I will turn in my fan card, because obviously I can't be a true fan because on three different occasions I have typed Hamlin instead of Hamlet. It is none of your business, but I have known a Hamlin much longer than this particular Hamlet. Tell me one valid reason, anyone should be concerned about this topic. I t
  10. Did I ever deny using Hamlin instead of Hamlet? No, I just pointed out what a ridiculous point you were making. That using the wrong name for the team best player was such a sacrilege to this forum. This started out as a discussion on the year Hamlet/Hamlin was having. You overstepped on the ridiculous part, do you correct every post for spelling or getting a name wrong? BillySee85 must be a very busy person. Note, I miss named you on purpose. I hope not much harm was done. Just for you, it is obvious that I either misspelled or used the wrong
  11. For all we know, the coach may have already been hired or in contract negotiations. As long as he is here for spring training, what is the hurry? One possibility is that he could help with the remaining recruiting openings, but I doubt that is much of a motivation. If that was a priority, NT would already have a new DC.
  12. Guilty, I did not research every thread to uncover this major disaster or go back eight months. Why not do more research and compute what percentage of Hamlet, Hamlin usage? That certainly would be great entertainment. I am confident you can find similar errors with other names if you want to research my 18 years of posts. A better solution may be to ignore my posts and you will be saved from the wrong name phobia that you suffer.
  13. That is my other post in this thread. One time apparently makes a continuum in your world. OK, give me more examples of me making this dire error. Even if there were multiple examples and there are not; what difference does it make. You are now making stuff up and I have no idea what your objective is.
  14. Ridiculous not getting a name right on a message board. Wow, I hope you never make such a terrible mistake.
  15. By your post, you managed to figure out who I was referring to. Massive drop off in three percentage, but with only an average of 2 shoots a game; I don't think it that impactful I do wish he would shoot more, although he is a pass first PG. He is gold from the foul line. He is not where he was last year yet, but it is far from a normal season. He certainly is not playing at a MVP level, but he is still an elite player. Again I think this CUSA scheduling format is going to lead to a lot of upsets.
  16. You stated that Bell and Hamlin are shells of themselves. The numbers don't support that. You also need to consider that most teams defenses have containing Hamlin their top priority. Hamlin is only taking 2 three's a game, but has 5.4 assists per game. Bell is now a starter versus the super sub of last year. Do you not realize that the point guard on about any team is going to lead the team in turnovers. It has to do with time with the balls versus any other position. As far as living with 3 ball, that is what most teams now do. UTSA is a team that lives on long shots.
  17. Yes, Bell's Friday game of 17 pts, 5rbs and 3 blocks was just not up to par. Do you even watch the games? The shadow of Hamlet only had a team high 18 points today?
  18. Yes, according to some of you: NT just should give up because they don't have a chance. NT didn't play their best today, they let UTSA dictate the pace of the game. Getting Simmons out for a lot of the game is why this game was lost. This two games in two days favors the poorer team and splitting away is probably the key to a championship. Got to also give UTSA some credit, they hit of lot of big threes.
  19. Maybe because he does not believe any of the types you mention are better than what he already has. QB is not a big issue, just about the whole defense is.
  20. Why does the NT newspaper not use the basketball section if they want to post articles for women's basketball?
  21. How do you come up with that conclusion? Last year's team played the same type of oc schedule with about the same results. Hamlet is playing well, he is just the focus of every defense they face.
  22. The CUSA champ won't be this lowly rated. NT and WKU have both shown they can play with the better teams in the nation.
  23. Most are on the CUSA network. The UAB WBB were on CUSA network. This replay issue used to occur frequently because the feed is just the scoreboard screen replay, but it seldom happens anymore. CUSA needs to ban this practice. Again the first game was fine, but the second was very poor because you missed about a third of the game. They charge for these games, they should be watchable.
  24. Absolutely true, Gibson got his OU ship last year when NT played them. These no penalty transfers will just escalate the gap between the name teams vs everyone else.
  25. Haven't seen many threads about dancers poses. My response would be there just aren't too many poses available with two pom poms.
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