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  1. Why does the NT newspaper not use the basketball section if they want to post articles for women's basketball?
  2. How do you come up with that conclusion? Last year's team played the same type of oc schedule with about the same results. Hamlet is playing well, he is just the focus of every defense they face.
  3. The CUSA champ won't be this lowly rated. NT and WKU have both shown they can play with the better teams in the nation.
  4. Most are on the CUSA network. The UAB WBB were on CUSA network. This replay issue used to occur frequently because the feed is just the scoreboard screen replay, but it seldom happens anymore. CUSA needs to ban this practice. Again the first game was fine, but the second was very poor because you missed about a third of the game. They charge for these games, they should be watchable.
  5. Absolutely true, Gibson got his OU ship last year when NT played them. These no penalty transfers will just escalate the gap between the name teams vs everyone else.
  6. Haven't seen many threads about dancers poses. My response would be there just aren't too many poses available with two pom poms.
  7. NT should be much better this year. I think NT should have beat LoyChi, but they seldom lose at home and that Center is supposed to the best player in the MVC. Fact is that it is hard to get a good idea of the NT team. They play very tough away competition and poor competition at home. No, NT does not look better than last year after ooc, because they had a lot more games and were not dealing with the virus at this time last year. However, their record is about the same only last year they had a home oc loss to Eastern Michigan. McCasland style grates on fans abou
  8. I wonder if NT had virus issues, only played 8. The refereeing was horrid. NT got 6 free throws to their 17. Even more telling their slow center did not get called for any fouls. He is supposed to be the best player in their conference and was very good; but he pushed and hacked players all game. Mc schedules these games to get the team ready for conference. IMO, this LoyChi team was good, but I think NT beats them on a neutral site. It is easy to see why their home record is so good. They also played ranked Wisconsin tough in Wisconsin.
  9. NT just played awful tonight, poor shooting and turnovers every other time down the court. NT had the quicker and I think best guards, but Mac negated all that by playing his usual deliberate style. I think NT has a very good team that should contend for the CUSA title. I hope this constant beat down on the road doesn't do permanent damage to the team. NT plays a SWAC away schedule. They don't expect to win; they just collect paychecks.
  10. Nothing like a ball control team that can not hang on to the ball. Most of these turnovers are unforced, just poor ball handling.
  11. 20 turnovers for NT, not going to beat anyone if you can't hang onto the ball
  12. I do not understand giving Murray so much playing time.
  13. 11% from the three is not going to cut it. I am not sure if it is great defense by either as much as poor offense. NT just looked totally off their offensive game.
  14. Why in the hell, does UAB replay nearly every UAB play during game action. They did not do that yesterday. It is almost impossible to watch. Only see NT offense if UAB didn't score before.
  15. I don't understand what your first point is, as I stated NT got in because the old CUSA broke up. SMU was obviously a part of that breakup. Now instead of any real rationale of why Macleod is doing a bad job, you state most of CUSA aren't doing a good job either because they don't fire her. The problem is that there are not enough good football programs in CUSA. NT is certainly been a big part of the problem and not the solution. The only basis we have to judge Judy is on the conference results. On that basis, she has failed in football; but most other CUSA sports have d
  16. UAB had an one woman team, who scored I think 35 pts. Townley who always has a good defensive, rebound game, had a great offensive game. My bias view had NT as the much better team, they should win tomorrow. Noble had the numbers, but not a great shooting game. Boyd won the games with her drives to the basket, they could not stop her. NT also managed to handle UAB big girls that maybe hard to duplicate tomorrow.
  17. Rare to see someone have such insight into the inner working of CUSA. Yes, every aspect of the conference have regressed since UH, SMU and others bolted. NT is only in CUSA because those teams moved on. So I fail to see how you see the breakup of old CUSA was a problem for NT. I guess it would be if you really consider the SunBelt a better option for NT. It is not unless you want to base your evaluation only on recent football success. If Judy is not doing the job, than the league's administration can make a change. Apparently, they don't view her perf
  18. Yes, I would consider them a good team My memory not so good
  19. Because it is almost impossible to get a good team to play oc away. It is easy to get an away game with no return. Mccasland just doesn't seem to care what his oc record is. I like his attitude, but I do think it sells NT fans short. I can't even remember the last time, NT played a good oc team at home.
  20. It is easy to blame the commissioner of a down conference. However, she has nothing to do with the winning of oc football games. She in this case, just tries to sell the merits of the conference. Frankly, in football; she does not have much to tout. I thought it was a very bad decision to give her the job because of lack of experience. Could someone else do better? Sure if you find the right person, but that won't be easy. Again, what makes her a terrible commissioner?
  21. The answer to the always present question of the level of competition, is to examine the other factors of that competition. No one is going to argue that CUSA is close to the SEC. However, the team around Darden was not SEC quality either. In the case of NT not even high quality g5. Theoretical at least, Darden would have played behind a better line, had better other receivers to take the pressure off, had a better passer throwing to him and had better coaching in a P5 team. All that stuff evens out to some degree. However, there is always perception to deal with. Joe Greene
  22. Why does anyone really think Littrell was offered the KSU job? I think that is all agent spin. True or not, it has nothing to do with the current situation. Littrell is going nowhere until after next season at the earliest. So we can have at least another year, of moaning about how much he is paid versus his value. The only thing that can change this scenario is for NT to start to win. Last year was an anomaly because of the coronavirus. IMO and I believe most others, no one should be terminated because of performance issues. Add that it is highly unlikely that NT woul
  23. Apparently to some, one is too active and the other looks disinterested. I don't care how Bean or Martin look on the sideline. Martin has looked good based on the few plays he has had. Why not give him more opportunities. It is not like NT has been in a lot of close games. The coaching staff has a year to sort this out and find a number 1 QB. Bean and Aune will have an experience edge, but it still looks wide open. Bean and Aune are good athletes, if it is decided they are not the answer at QB; find another role for them. I could see Aune on the defensive side of the b
  24. I as I stated after watching every NT game, don't think either QB is all conference caliber. I couldn't care less what the PPF grades are. Apparently, the CUSA coaches who chose the all conference team, don't ether. Bean and Aune both had ok seasons. The closeness of their statistics suggests that NT has an offense that works. My guess if Martin played enough, he would generate similar numbers. I don't think finding another QB next year is a priority, but many have indicated that NT should recruit experienced QBs. Would that be the case, if either QB was viewed as all league q
  25. You can argue Bean vs Aune, but do you really believe either one played at an all conference level? Nether one was all conference or honorable mention all conference. If you believe those selections, than the best either one could be is the 4th best in the league. Based on what I saw and I watched all the games, Bean has the better arm and obvious the speed factor. Aune has a maturity factor that Bean doesn't. Both and every other QB has up and down games. Bean IMO just has a much greater upside. Bean can run, but his game doesn't really reflect that. He is pass
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