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  1. Well I have attended both, and frankly found the academics very similar. SMU is a much smaller student body obviously, and has a much larger donation base. Nether factor accounts for much to me. SMU definitely has the prestige factor if that is what you want to base your assumptions on. However, there are a lot of private universities that have them easily beat on that. Again, the big factor in football is conference affiliation. SMU is a huge step up in G5 conferences.
  2. The schools are definitely comparable, what are you talking about? I guess NT should stay away from playing other g5 schools like in AAC and WAC, because NT is a lower level of g5. NT should not play its closest rival, because they might get beat?
  3. You give them way too much credit. They out recruit NT because they are in a better conference. Not some great recruiting strategy. The biggest factor in recruiting is conference affiliation. SMU has always had that great advantage over NT.
  4. Baloney tickets sold are bolstered by some imaginary student tickets numbers Smu needs NT for attendance numbers, the several hundred of SMU fans that travel an hour to Denton are pathetic. SMU attendance is basically a function of who they can schedule that brings away fans
  5. Why does anyone believe Loftland if he loses weight will become a better player. His advantage is his size and mobility. The assumption that if he because a 220 lb forward, he would be much better is an possibility, but he could also be a lot less effective.
  6. No one has declared that Ruder is the answer, I wonder why some of you seem to be going to the opposite extreme. Looks to me like he is a fine commitment that may turn out to be a key signing. It is not like Aune can't be improved upon. Competition is key to team development.
  7. Why bring up Gibson, he was recruited by OU and left. Nothing NT could have done to kept him.
  8. Yes, I see a lot of resemblance in Fine's career at NT, and playing in a national championship game. Wonder how NT won any games with Fine with him running for his life all the time.
  9. This is a major disappointment. This has to be as unimpressive trio of hires that any school could make. Why would Wren ok this?
  10. Gibson went for the glamour and probably pay. Wise was a borderline player at best. I have no idea how you could question McCasland's recruiting. Losing 6 seniors will be tough, but NT has a lot of ships to give. NT is in the middle of title race, not going to worry about developing younger players.
  11. Questioning Stiggers ability is juvenile and accomplishes nothing. Why even bring him up if you really think he is no big loss.
  12. Those statues are very expensive, I don't see overcrowding as a problem. The Haynes/King story is much more important than any one NT player including Joe Greene. IMO, NT has not done enough to to tell the story of football integration which occurred almost ten years before the much more celebrated SMU recruitment of Levias.
  13. Those ratings are fun to look at during recruiting season, but obviously mean just about nothing.
  14. You have to play someone in non-conference. If SMU and Liberty scare NT, then they don't belong in D1. This schedule should prepare NT for the conference race. I don't care if NT only wins one, I doubt NT is going to be in the running for top 25 consideration. Being competitive is my NT oc goal, than win the conference.
  15. Williams was the highest recruit of that year, but at least according to the roster never got big enough to play in the ol and there was never any mention of him being moved to te or the dl were he had the size to play. Farroll has either been contacting by another team, or decided he is just not good enough to beat out his competition at NT. I wish both the players well, but don't think they are significant loses for NT.
  16. Similar reactions from some fans, but there were plenty of fans that quickly (after a couple years) knew that RV was unqualified. Baker has made a lot of mistakes, all AD's do. However, I don't get any comparison between RV and Baker. Other than both were better than their predecessors. In RV case, RV was only the second AD that was not a former NT coach or player. The other was Steve Tyler for a couple of years. Giving the AD title to a head football coach to give him more money was the norm. Anyway RV arrives after a series of interim AD's. I never understood how RV
  17. Wren Baker has been a successful AD and is going to get looks. Of course he has an agent that is going to want to get his name out there as much as possible. You realize there are 15 people on that supposed UCF look list. NT's recent years in football will be hard to sell. I agree with Tasty Greek, if he goes he goes. The UCF last AD made about 200k more a year than Baker. It may be more than a coincidence that Wren's name is being floated out there, and he has just promoted several of his staff.
  18. Now we have to worry about him taking the UCF job. You want to have employees that other schools want.
  19. Did I not say it was an overall reduction? As far as more work, are they now on a 60 hour work week versus 40? What I say and I may be wrong, is that the jobs look basically the same as they had before. Just more money for the same work.
  20. Has Zack Simmons ever won any accolades like all conference mention? He seems to me to be the most valuable player on the team. He doesn't get big numbers, but is consistent. I have seen him even get a lot of critism on this board. He seemed to me to be the one player on the team that is hardest to replace. Osmane does a good job for a freshman, but he has a way to go. Simmons doesn't have the stats and I think that is what most accolades are based on. Of course, in McCasland's ball control offense, it difficult to have big stats. Simmons is content to be a good
  21. You know how to lose employees, overcompensate them and than in a downturn have to cut the staff. Of course that is the business world, not one that is run primarily by student fees. Peck the fund raiser, I would want to keep. Losing him could be a gianatic lost. The other two look like basically they are in the same job and this reorganization gives them new titles for basically the same job.
  22. Nice way to get a raise in the middle of a pandemic. No fans, a tiny fraction of usual revenues; and NT gives out raises. It should not matter that due to the elimination of a position, that it is a net reduction in payroll. This could have waited till this crisis is over. A bad look to this fan.
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