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  1. We have a game tomorrow against the Cal Bears. OUR football team takes the field for the first time this season tomorrow. Can we, for the love of God, talk about North Texas football on this board and at the tailgates today and tomorrow? We can worry about who's leaving to join a conference that won't exist in five years when we actually play them.
  2. We celebrate the exact same way every ACC school will celebrate their game against you...we bring 80-90% of the fans and SMU is appreciative
  3. From they way they’re looking tonight, they may wish they were a Cal, Tech, Indiana type program
  4. I've seen these, and even considered buying, until I researched the company that is selling them. Order at your own risk.
  5. I assume there will be massive uproar since PoWdEr BlUe IsN't OnE oF ThE OfFiCiAl CoLoRs
  6. That front page when you click on the link is a beautiful sight to behold.
  7. Much like umbrellas, schools won't allow things like metal flasks or Yetis because they could be used as a projectile or striking object by a drunk and upset fan.
  8. This guy was 5'11" (if that) Tylor Perry - North Texas Mean Green Guard - ESPN Run...pass....and score
  9. Interesting paragraph from that UNT preview: ”New UNT head coach Eric Morris has made a point of letting the press know that he believes the weather will be to the Mean Green’s advantage and sources tell us that even after ESPN and Cal agreed to push the kickoff into the evening, Morris vetoed the idea.” Also, the preview calls Littrell possibly our most successful coach in history. 🙄
  10. What do you expect of people who have never been to college?
  11. I don’t care if you’re from Texas, or even a place hotter, unless you have been in this heat working out for the past month or so you are not ready for it
  12. I know (or hope) that everyone will be drinking lots of water to go with your other beverages. What else is everyone doing to make tailgating bearable? I am considering some of the bucket top misting fans, but don’t know enough about them to drop several hundred dollars if they won’t be an all-day solution.
  13. I am going to say it now (with our team sight unseen), we will win both of those games
  14. In “Week 0” CUSA has two conference games. UTEP vs Jacksonville State (JSU currently up 17-14) FIU vs La Tech No matter how this whole Pac4 thing shakes out, we are SO much better off outside of that league
  15. Third side: A week out from a game where you open against a name opponent you do everything you can to entice people to attend (especially when weather may be a factor)
  16. But if it does happen, hide all sharp objects from the folks in University Park 😆
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