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  1. So, in the first possession, Aune takes a sack and throws into the turf. Brilliant
  2. We found a way to avoid seeing Aune out there…just run the kickoff back ”All three phases”
  3. I would literally NEVER run against our defense…passing is just too easy
  4. North Texas has success running the ball early, and UNLV keeps pace by torching our secondary (this will be a trend all year). End of first half: 21-20, North Texas In the second half, UNLV commits 7 players to stopping the run and leaves our receivers in single coverage. Unfortunately, the air space above our receivers’ heads and the ground at their feet are not covered, and Aune decides to exploit this opening. Final score: 35-28, UNLV
  5. I'll listen to what these gentlemen have to say when they get to the quarterback like Mr(s). Murphy
  6. Notice that, even when the article talks about something App State is doing well, the author has to throw in this little disclaimer to let the P5's off the hook for the loss.
  7. Top 20? I assume you watch Aune only from a stat sheet then.
  8. Ever stop to think “Quarterbacks can START at other programs before transferring here, or can leave here to start at other programs, maybe it’s not the players who are ‘washed up’”?
  9. Hire Briles and attendance will grow to 40,000…people protesting just outside of Apogee’s gates
  10. Anyone ever consider that part of the problem is that Texas Southern had a better starting quarterback than we did? Don’t let the stats fool you, 80% of Aune’s passing yards were RAC. Texas Southern’s QB threw a better ball. Now we definitely need better safeties as well (or at least one of them).
  11. Our defensive backs cover about as well as a blanket with huge holes in it…and it’s also on fire
  12. I hope the big money donors and Wren are taking a good and LONG look at this stadium today and understand that not making the hard (but obvious) decisions has led to this. If you told me there are 11,000 people here, I’d be hard pressed to believe it.
  13. I gotta say, aside from the on-field product, I didn’t really have any issues Saturday. Just the same, I respect Wren for trying to increase the value of the fan experience by listening to those who did.
  14. Go look at the number of quarterbacks Seth Littrell has brought in during Aune's tenure here. IF (and that's a big IF because I've seen no other quarterback get real in game playing time) Aune is the best option then one of several things is categorically true. 1) SL can't evaluate quarterback talent. You don't offer scholarships to that many quarterbacks and have none of them more capable than Aune 2) SL can't coach quarterback talent. Jason Bean started the first nine games for Kansas (a team that beat Texas). Kason Martin just threw for 314 yards and 3 touchdowns with no INT's for Eastern New Mexico (you can argue the competition level, you can't argue the results). Grant Gunnell was the starter for Arizona in 2020 (including a 286 yard, 3 touchdown game against USC). So that's at least THREE quarterbacks that somebody thought had something to offer as a starter. That tells me that we are not getting the most out of QB talent. 3) SL knows he is on his way out and this is a big "F you" to the fans. I doubt this explanation, but nothing else explains to me watching your starter throw the ball into the dirt...unless we are so innovative that we're the only team to work on the shoestring catch in practice.
  15. Regarding the bolded part above, I honestly think the coaches know the same thing we all do...our current quarterback is incapable for making defenses pay for stacking the box against the run. Against bad teams our offensive line can open up some semblance of a hole regardless and our backs are talented enough to make something from nothing. Against teams like SMU (or UTSA, likely UNVL, or whomever we face in the Taco Bell Bowl) there will be no running lanes and we will stall out...again, because there is zero threat of us beating you deep.
  16. Are you really going back and forth with these guys? Last time I checked, football games were played on football fields and not on message boards...and I'm not sure we've told them they're allowed to stop holding our belt loop as we walk the yard yet. Otherwise, we should be paying the University of Phoenix-River Walk no attention.
  17. I think people greatly overestimated how good UTEP was prior to playing them and greatly overestimate SMU after we played them. Unless SMU faces other teams that get into the red zone and crap the bed twice, or has a perennial backup quarterback playing as their starter, or are coached by someone with Seth Littrell‘s special brand of ineptitude, you won’t see that kind of dominance from them again this year. My wife won’t even come to the games anymore…but she watched the game on tv and as soon as I got home Saturday she said “that was ugly…Austin Aune still isn’t good”
  18. Well, there you have it folks. Anyone that SMU would call despicable (and that is a HIGH moral bar to clear) we should steer clear of.
  19. Both. The answer to your question is both.
  20. I’m not seriously asking this question, but for some this is apparently where the bar is now.
  21. You know what fixes that problem…and likely puts at least 14 more points on the board last night? You don’t repeatedly ask your running back to go 6 yards to pick up 1 yard by being in shotgun inside the 10 yard line…you GET UNDER CENTER!! We’re not even trying ridiculous trick plays if we have punched it in by then. We also don’t have to throw to our tight end (and watch him have it knocked out for an interception) if we’ve punched it in on 1st or 2nd down by GETTING UNDER CENTER.
  22. Not to add salt to the wound, but I was right. We got our doors blown off by SMU…and UTSA took a #24 Houston team (that will beat SMU) to triple overtime. The community college in San Antonio is going to wipe the floor with Seth’s squad…and there will be no mercy because they remember last year.
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