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  1. She married an SMU grad. The woman has to get satisfied sometime…thus the North Texas caterer.
  2. From a crime prevention standpoint, always value quality of area over convenience…which is to say, since you spend most of your time AT your destinations (hotel, restaurants, etc), don’t let how you will move around between them be your biggest concern.
  3. Read the whole thing. It says “eligibility matter”
  4. I want to be wrong about him, I mean REALLY REALLY wrong. Still…
  5. Here's the good news. At the same time we're kicking off against SMU on September 3rd, #5 Notre Dame and #2 Ohio State are kicking off. If SL has us as prepared as I expect he will, you can go watch two top 5 teams play the last three quarters or so.
  6. Wait, you mean a practice report written by one of SMU's 10 fans is giving glowing reviews of their players and team?
  7. Kayleb Wagner broke Derrick Henry's rushing record. Can he get an FBS scholarship? (espn.com)
  8. Guys we need to buy up seats NOW so that we don’t get outnumbered by SMU fans. They might bring tens and tens of fans to Apogee
  9. Directly in the center of a city of 1.4 MILLION. Attendance of roughly 0.01% of that number
  10. First off, he has the tangibles as far as build. Second, his ball seemed to get out on time and he was hitting receivers where they are most comfortable making the catch. A lot was made last year about “drops” by receivers, but a part of that is the body position a receiver us in when he’s asked to make a catch. Last, after big plays he was going around to everyone on the offense, patting o-linemen on the head and celebrating with skill players (and this was on running touchdowns).
  11. All of them. It was a line issue, not the QB
  12. 1) Aune looked good, but no better than in years past. Gunnell just looks like his ceiling is higher…but whether he reaches it is another thing. 2) Unless it gets cleaned up, we will stop our own drives again this year on penalties. i watched for 20 minutes and I swear I saw 6-7 false starts. 3) In typical North Texas fashion, they invite fans to show up at 11am to watch the team…and finish practice at 11:20 4) Oscar Adaway looks good. 5) It appears we will be a run first offense again. I think we should change the motto to “hand it off low, and watch them go” 6) I think we will really miss Novil and Colvin in the middle
  13. So Minnesota, a team in a league that just added USC and UCLA and is one of two leagues that currently sits in the drivers seat (SEC and Big 10), is gonna leave for the Big 12, a league that might just get picked clean by others?
  14. Sure, as long as you don’t fall into the tired mindset of North Texas being so inferior that we accept career backup level quarterbacks being our starter for consecutive years.
  15. Now, now, you’re being a little unfair. We ALL know they’ll show up to the game; you have to show up to work when you’re getting a paycheck. They were undoubtedly confused by seeing that mythical creature, a “fan”, that they have only heard about in stories though.
  16. This year, yet…because someone took it to start 2020 and 2021
  17. I hear he just signed a $200 NIL deal with Dunkin Donuts
  18. Oh no, I will take no pleasure in a 5-6 win season...even if it proves I was right
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