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  1. Disagree. The “flying worm” was trendy 50 years ago, and a very nice piece of our history, but it isn’t our current logo. I believe that part of the reason we can’t establish brand recognition is that we keep switching logos/shades of green/catch phrases.
  2. Where does this game rank in terms of Western Civilization history?
  3. I really like that 2026 home slate (the home slate all the other years is better than anything we've seen in the Belt or CUSA too).
  4. everybody here treats you with a basic amount of decency because we’re pretty sure you’re Santa Claus. This is the best game of Mad Libs ever.
  5. If you read this article, it is painfully obvious that Brett reads this board. To recap: - North Texas is bowl eligible…that’s a real accomplishment for a program like lowly North Texas - SL lost bowl games because he magically drew the 1985 Bears in each one of them - Aune is unfairly compared to Mason Fine…and did I mention he’s thrown for a lot of yards and TD’s (with no mention of the INT’s)?
  6. Yeah, I saw that. The only way I know of a cat being “paws up” is if it’s lying dead on its back…
  7. Dolphins winning 35-25 right now* *To keep it North Texas related, Jeff Wilson is their leading rusher so far with 8 carries for 47 yards (also 3 catches for 20 yards and a TD)
  8. Austin Aune beat Florida international yesterday while throwing one of his two interceptions directly to their defender on a play that should have been a pick six. Jason Bean, meanwhile, beat the number 18 team in the country with no interceptions. I’m not sure what video you’d like to trot out to show the distinction between the two, but I will wait with bated breath on something compelling other than just I’m a “hater.”
  9. I just want people to do one thing, and be 100% honest. Take a look at this list and tell me who you put at QB if we are playing for the survival of our program. One game, winner take all…we lose and we shut the doors of Apogee. Somebody, anybody, just tell me that you’d take Aune and I’ll stop pointing out how silly it is to keep having these “he’s closing in on being an all-time great” discussions that Vito is trolling us with. 1. Fine 2. Ramsey 3. Maher 4. AUNE
  10. I like to think (hope) they’re celebrating one accomplishment at a time as they earn it. SL said something to the effect of “we know our goals for the season are still within reach.” I think that implies that the end game is bigger.
  11. He has been blessed with receivers who take 20 yard passes and turn them into 60 yard touchdowns. There is a LOT of YAC yardage in his numbers.
  12. I will never take a win for granted, and I think we played well today. Still, nobody should be getting overly confident based on today’s result over a very bad FIU team. In the last two years, we have outscored FIU by a combined 101-21.
  13. You would also expect his interceptions to double. And yards per attempt becomes irrelevant when you consider where he often throws the ball on the short, easy ones that you mention as part of Fine’s stats…at receivers’ feet. Here are the only questions that matter: If Mason Fine was Aune’s size, would you want him as our QB? If Aune was Mason Fine’s size, would you even want him on the field? We all know the answers to these questions because we have seen both play the game of football.
  14. Literally everything you just described is what Talons once was. I know this because I was the President. And we accomplished more BEFORE the university funded us than is being done now.
  15. If only there was a student organization whose purpose it was to maintain and spread the word about traditions. One that devoted their time to pushing back when those who aren't invested in North Texas (like those paid staffers you mentioned) tried to let things like lighting a tower, or taking care of the Model A, or promoting bonfire die. Now where would we find such a unique group of people? And what would we call them? It would obviously have to be something Eagle related, since that's our mascot. Maybe they could even draw money from student service fees to carry out their mission. But, alas, it's only a dream...
  16. Help me understand, what the hell does on-field performance have to do with letting the few traditions we have fall by the waist side?
  17. For his career at North Texas, here are his numbers. 6,116 yards, 54.2% completion percentage, 46 TD, 22 INT (2.09:1 ratio) Mason Fine's stats (didn't make it to the NFL) 12,505 yards, 62.8% completion percentage, 93 TD, 34 INT (2.74:1 ratio) You could argue that he has the "measurables" that Mason lacked, but the last I checked the job of an NFL quarterback was to throw the football and not to "be big"
  18. There is no good explanation for this. I managed to walk over to that tower for four years…even when we played on the road.
  19. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, all I can say is… FINS UP!!!
  20. If a train leaves Cleveland at 1:30 on the Tuesday before Christmas and a horse starts running north at dawn, how much was a bottle of Pepsi in 1982???
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