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  1. I look forward to getting tickets to that First Responders Bowl. I’ll enjoy attending with 20,000 Tech fans, 500 first responders, and 7 SMU fans
  2. And yet other programs, all over the country, have found a way to pull off the miracle of surviving moving on from a coach that isn’t performing
  3. I was there. It didn’t get less cold, nor did it stop raining, when we had the ball. And neither cold or rain makes a defense get pushed around while you run up 340 yards on the ground. Did it ever occur to you that the angle you’re missing isn’t that we were some juggernaut, but rather that UTSA was (and is) highly overrated and unworthy of that #19 ranking? They should have lost the game just prior to their trip to Denton against UAB and beat Western by a whopping 6 points last year.
  4. In tomorrow’s column, we will discuss how I’ve beaten my 8-year-old son in twenty straight arm wrestling matches. What is the secret???
  5. Ok, this back and forth has got to be the weakest I’ve seen in a while. This is WWE level theater.
  6. I stand corrected. That still leaves me worried about La Tech.
  7. The highlight of my morning was listening to 105.3 (The Fan) on the way to the gym. A great conversation about Duggan and Bean going back and forth like “one upping during a dunk contest”. After they were done talking about how Bean balled out, they threw in “and you know where he came from? North Texas.” Crazy thing is, at no point during their game recap did they mention players’ facial expressions on the sideline. 🤔 Lovely when local radio reminds everyone that guys who show out in a battle of undefeated P5’s weren’t worthy of our juggernaut of a program. 😂
  8. They get to the quarterback. We are exactly that much worse without them.
  9. If we had OU’s resources, your argument might be valid
  10. I’ll buy my season tickets AND yours when we can be that complimentary of Aune
  11. While we’re getting depressed over our defense’s performance some weeks…keep in mind we could be OU fans and have a defense that has given up 104 points in the last two weeks.* *By no means am I saying our defense is where we want it to be.
  12. That was a prettier ball than Aune has thrown in his career...Bean now with 4 TD's
  13. And, just like that, be pulls an Aune and throws to a wide open defender
  14. You may want to flip over to the Kansas game. That Jason Bean scrub is currently 6/7 for 99 yards and 2 touchdowns. 17-10 KU
  15. Here, I fixed the article. “North Texas has been historically bad in football. The school also had comically bad facilities, financial support, and expectations. Seth Littrell has experienced previously unseen success while enjoying previously unheard of resources and advantages that prior coaches never had. This season, and his tenure, should be judged on how much he got out of the new tools at his disposal”
  16. Austin Aune took a key step towards connecting with opposing team's cornerbacks this year.
  17. The currently 4-0 Kansas team that beat Texas last year? Where do I get my "North Texas Doormat" t-shirt at? Will Voertmans have it in the team store? And does the KU basketball team come with that deal? If so, you can change the official mascot from Scrappy to a doormat today.
  18. Since we perpetually do this dance of "this guy will be the one to finally wake the sleeping giant" when we hire a new coach, and then revert to "this guy couldn't coach pee wee flag football and might actually be the Zodiac Killer" when things go south, I want to know what success looks like to you. What do you honestly expect as the standard for a football coach at North Texas? Resist the urge to make some flippant comment like "better than Seth Littrell!" or "Not sucking." Take into account the facilities, resources, and history of North Texas and tell me what you think we should rationally expect a coach to bring here in the 2022 college football landscape. If a guy came in here and asked you what you expect in order to be avoid the message board angry mob, what would you answer?
  19. Offer this in a mini helmet and...
  20. A lot of those yards are going the other way in the hands of cornerbacks.
  21. Even the classes at SMU are crowded. Here’s a photo of a “sold out” lecture.
  22. Is this the part where I point out that he’s T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E and you tell me I’m blaming him when we have so many other issues?
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