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  1. Why? They’ve proven they want to do nothing to prevent it.
  2. I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong, but this SMU squad wins 5 games (including this one) all year. There is nothing special about this team that Littrell is getting curb stomped…again…by.
  3. That wasn’t an attempt at trash talk. I meant exactly what you perceived me to say
  4. That's called simulating scarcity. It's a sales trick where you make the consumer believe there is very little of a product left so their FOMO kicks in.
  5. Watching College Game Day and they talked about how overlooked UTSA is because they may make some noise this year. Yes, THAT UTSA. The junior college that no football fan even knew existed the last time we won a conference title. The team that won 11 straight before losing to us…but nobody mentions that because in their next game they won a conference title. The team who is hosting a ranked Houston squad…then playing Army…then Texas…and the Gameday analysts give them a punchers chance in all oc them. Meanwhile, we’re asking if a win over an unranked SMU team will redeem our coach’s tenure.
  6. It's illogical to compare attendance and ratings for current bowl games with a playoff format where the winner moves on and still has a legitimate (albeit unlikely) shot at playing for a national title. In your hypothetical above, no I am not watching if it's the Peach Bowl where the winner just gets a trophy....but it Tulsa is playing to move on in the playoff then I'm glued to the set.
  7. He must have gone to the same public speaking school as this guy…
  8. Even bolder prediction: The game is switched to FIFA rules, and North Texas wins 5-4 on penalty kicks
  9. Yep, we can officially close this thread now. It won't get any better than the OP.
  10. You're saying SL is gonna lose a hand? Or that he'll go into exile, and return only to train our true coach savior? Or that he has a sister he only learns about much later in life? Or that his father is the most powerful bad guy in the universe...will it be revealed that Seth is Nick Saban's son???
  11. That's odd, I hope we beat SMU for completely different reasons. 1) They're SMU, and I hope they lose their spring game every year 2) We would be 2-0 3) This would represent one of very few times a SL led team went into a game as a solid underdog and found a way to get the job done. I'd give him full credit for that. Now, a question for you. If/when SMU drops 30+ on us or wins by 20+, will you stop pretending that judging SL on his record here is somehow unreasonable or hyperbolic?
  12. When will we stop pretending that his success, or lack thereof, is supporting cast dependent? Sure, every quarterback looks better with a better supporting cast...but good quarterbacks maintain above average play with or without studs at the other positions. Mason Fine wasn't as spectacular when he didn't have Guyton, Bussey, or Lawrence...but he didn't start throwing off his back foot or hitting receivers in the shoe laces either. Aune is a gamer who has stuck with it. He is obviously committed to this team, and I commend him for it. But he still lacks a decent deep ball (teams like SMU will prey on this), and if the running game isn't clicking he's not exactly a threat to carve you up.
  13. That this is even up for debate tells me we are nowhere near where we should be in year EIGHT.
  14. So, either way you’re not putting it on Aune? It is the quarterback’s job to hand off or pull it. He pulled it…and then fumbled.
  15. Aune tried to pull the ball (it looked like a zone read) and never got a grip on it. That was what it looked like from the stands, and was confirmed on the in-stadium replay board.
  16. I agree. I’ll be immediately requesting that Wren give the players a designated safe space at Apogee. Some place where they are immune from having voices raised at them, and don’t have to worry about being told to perform better. I’m thinking the place could look like this…
  17. I give credit to Aune; he didn’t do anything to lose us the game (though that fumble in our red zone is 6 points for the opposition if he does it next week). It seemed clear that the offense was tailored to do what he is capable of…short throws, roll outs with a receiver coming across the field to take a short lob, no real deep shots. Against the majority of CUSA this will be just fine because the threat of the run keeps defenses from dropping 6-8 defenders into coverage. Where I am concerned is the games where you have to get vertical (beyond 15-20 yards) to have success. Also, he still threw several at people’s feet. Likely because he never got his feet settled, he appeared to be constantly throwing off his back foot trying to avoid any pressure of being hit. What made Mason special was the ability to stand in there and deliver.
  18. We win if... Aune shows a level of QB play that we haven't yet seen. Littrell coaches in a critical game in a way we haven't yet seen. We lose if... We get from Aune what history has shown us. We get from Littrell what history has shown us. I'm flying into El Paso on Saturday anyway.
  19. Well, since 2013 they have hosted Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Arizona, Baylor, Arizona State…and if you want to count OOC G5 teams that might move the needle, Army, UNLV, and Colorado State. If all of the teams you mention in your post actually make it to Apogee, we’ll be about even in the OOC department. I am FAR from a UTSA apologist, but let’s be 100% honest about the opponents we have each brought in since Apogee opened.
  20. Anybody know if the athletic department (or alumni association) has organized anything for the fans who are making the trip to see our team kick off the season?
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